Spicy Candy Showdown

  • Published on: 17 January 2018
  • Is Ghost Pepper Dust spicier than the Toe of Satan? We put our tongues to the test in the spiciest candy showdown ever! GMM #1255.1
    Watch Part 2: https://youtu.be/Ur-mKYp-WiE I Watch yesterday's episode: http://bit.ly/GMM1254

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  • Runtime : 13:4
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  • Barett Brandt
    Barett Brandt   9 hours ago

    Can we get a video clip of them just eating the chocolate? Lol

  • JustK
    JustK   1 days ago

    ah this is back when they did that weird 3 part thing

  • Domonick Saucedo
    Domonick Saucedo   1 weeks ago

    I like how the second candy they eat is 6 million scoviles

  • Robyn Blake
    Robyn Blake   1 weeks ago

    I come back to this episode all the time! One of my favorites 💚

  • Landen Ho
    Landen Ho   1 weeks ago

    Don’t touch your face CORONA

  • Mikaela Seabourne
    Mikaela Seabourne   1 weeks ago

    2020: don't touch your face, that's how you get sick! The advice we needed what feels like years ago (although may be only 9 months)

  • James Miller
    James Miller   2 weeks ago

    dont touch other peoples faces thats a good corona quote

  • Zimba Orto
    Zimba Orto   3 weeks ago

    I had that chocolate before, but it wasn't so bad for me, don't know how

  • Dragtheman
    Dragtheman   1 months ago

    3:54 just close your eyes for the next fifteen seconds

  • Matthew Criswell
    Matthew Criswell   1 months ago

    January the 17th is my youngest sisters bday and she loves your show that’s so cool

  • ES
    ES   1 months ago

    Lmao..this episode is full on Anxiety for link!

  • BRO_ xD
    BRO_ xD   1 months ago

    I got the hiccups just watching

  • Enrique Ramirez
    Enrique Ramirez   1 months ago

    Whatever they put in that chocolate I think it might be chili juice and grinded up chili seed.

  • Endrit Shaqiri
    Endrit Shaqiri   1 months ago

    they so underestimated tthe worlds hottest chocolade bar

  • Curtis Eisemann
    Curtis Eisemann   1 months ago

    Link: I Don’t Like Bananas Also Link: eats banana in intro

  • LivinOnTheEdge
    LivinOnTheEdge   1 months ago

    “That’s a great way to get sick. Just stop touching your face!” The episode that predicted the Coronavirus Pandemic..

  • bigman1182
    bigman1182   1 months ago

    "Thats really a great way to get sick. Dont touch your face. just stop touching your face." Oh boy.... If only they knew

  • Baked Pepperoni
    Baked Pepperoni   1 months ago

    Is it normal to treat this live a T.V show and go back and watch old seasons over again that you already watch or is that just me 🙃

  • uku
    uku   1 months ago

    5:33 To 5:44 is all you need to know to stay safe during these times..

  • Sharose h
    Sharose h   1 months ago

    Watching the old episodes to newer ones it was always link that reached for the milk first

  • Cody Simply
    Cody Simply   1 months ago

    Well 2020 has taught not to touch our face or anything else. 😂😅

  • ThePaul555
    ThePaul555   1 months ago

    Yall need to do johnny scovilles Tube of Terror