BFB TikTok Compilation

  • Published on: 09 October 2020
  • Runtime : 14:26
  • bfdi animated show long videos battle for dream island battle for bfdi bfb bfdia idfb


  • Kerry Cawley
    Kerry Cawley   2 days ago

    3:21 bfb 21 is not who stole donuts diary? Its let's raid the warehouse.

  • JohnnyTV
    JohnnyTV   5 days ago

    OK gelatean is 6 years old and im 7 years old

  • Hello_BarbiePhone
    Hello_BarbiePhone   6 days ago


  • Someone
    Someone   1 weeks ago

    i now have turbo aids

  • Farah Gonzalez
    Farah Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    When he pulled 2 and donut I thought he was going to make 420

  • chanfam_ metasaver
    chanfam_ metasaver   1 weeks ago

    I like when bubble was grabbing it on the plate it looked lol like bfdi version

  • Florence Davis
    Florence Davis   1 weeks ago


  • Bread Pog
    Bread Pog   1 weeks ago

    7:43 blocky said dab it, my boy

  • X Bravery
    X Bravery   1 weeks ago

    7:40 to 7:42 woody when he killed someone and no one found the body in among us

  • Aron Jimenez
    Aron Jimenez   1 weeks ago

    In BFB 21 gelatin has committed cannibalism

  • Zac Smith
    Zac Smith   1 weeks ago

    if you like four then dislike this

  • Minecraft Shorts
    Minecraft Shorts   2 weeks ago

    There has only been 2 (or 3 not sure about announcer) that have arms but no legs lightning and stapey