ASMR Winter Spa Treatment

  • Published on: 06 December 2019
  • Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes fireplace sounds, face massage, face attention, spa sounds, personal attention, closeup whispers, the short intro is soft spoken...and lots of sounds!
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  • Runtime : 49:50
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  • Listening to Earth
    Listening to Earth   2 weeks ago

    I must have watched this one 100times. Could you do a French spa part 2!? 😄

  • Dodo cats
    Dodo cats   2 months ago

    OK,I need to stop scrolling in the comments and start paying attention if I want to fall asleep

  • Lavanna Luxxx
    Lavanna Luxxx   3 months ago

    The comments are always full of fellow insomniacs & weirdos....& love it lol

  • Aidan Peterson
    Aidan Peterson   4 months ago

    Éspoire est un plât bien trop vite consomméÀ sauter les repas, je suis habituéUn voleur, solitaire, est triste à nourrirÀ nous, je suis amer,Je veux réussirCar rien n'est gratuit dans la vieJamais on ne redira

  • EnHa
    EnHa   4 months ago

    this one deserves way more views! i often come back to it cause it has some of the best face touching of all your videos.

  • Chloe Marie Baker
    Chloe Marie Baker   4 months ago

    Her: my name is RoseMe, in translation mode: ok so her name is Pink

  • Brittany Palmer
    Brittany Palmer   4 months ago

    Why aren't there more views on this video? This is my favorite glow video and I have watched nearly all of them.

  • Taylor E
    Taylor E   5 months ago

    I love the heavier accent in this video! ❤

  • Nero Archangel
    Nero Archangel   5 months ago

    Even most beautiful of people when accidentally randomly stopped can look like they suffer from some disorder

  • irene cole
    irene cole   6 months ago

    am i the only one but is the spotify version of this layered as heck? it's so good, i could melt. 💗

  • irene cole
    irene cole   6 months ago

    am i the only one but is the spotify version of this layered as heck? it's so good, i could melt. 💗

  • Aspen Cosplays
    Aspen Cosplays   7 months ago

    First same video I ever watched on my birth day when I had strep throat about 2 years ago subscribed very same second

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K   7 months ago


  • Sebaschan706
    Sebaschan706   8 months ago

    I want to watch the video but my eyes need to be closed if I want to sleep...What do I do 💀💀

  • gamerlegacy
    gamerlegacy   8 months ago

    Yes, love the accent. More of this please!

  • Isabella Matossi
    Isabella Matossi   8 months ago

    This voice/accent/whisper volume is so cozy and relaxiiiiiing, more in this style maybe? :)

  • taylor
    taylor   8 months ago

    I watch this video RELIGIOUSLY every night on Tingles, i’d love it you could do another video with the french accent!

  • Hailey Howson
    Hailey Howson   9 months ago

    I think Sharon is literally the prettiest woman I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

  • Ne o
    Ne o   9 months ago

    French accent rlly is the best accent in my opinion

  • Ally Cook
    Ally Cook   9 months ago

    One of your best videos lately! The whispers, the layered sounds, the triggers, the binaural audio and even the green screen, all amazing. Thank you!

  • -GhostR9 -
    -GhostR9 -   9 months ago

    Her:Are you alergic to anythingMe:nopeHer:ok good we don't have anything like thatMe:🤨🤔🤔

  • Um
    Um   9 months ago

    She’s like a French Charli D’amelio

  • Chelci Gearhiser
    Chelci Gearhiser   9 months ago

    Good to know it’s not just me that noticed she sounds more French than usual.

  • Brittany Palmer
    Brittany Palmer   9 months ago

    This video has become my bedtime ritual. All new asmr videos have to be better than this in the first 2 minutes or I just keep coming back to this one. So so good.

  • serega gray
    serega gray   10 months ago

    18:53 wow, I got goosebumps from you

  • Georgie Turner
    Georgie Turner   10 months ago

    Okay I have an idea hear me out :A spa, but instead of spa music you’re allowed headphones that play ASMR triggers.

  • toes
    toes   10 months ago

    ahkk its sUCH a good video but i just need more calming colors to enjoy it ;-;

  • Somestoner0717 -
    Somestoner0717 -   10 months ago

    Someday I will finish this video, long term goals are important

  • Gianna Lally Simoes
    Gianna Lally Simoes   10 months ago

    Who else is trying to decide whether to or not to fall asleep during these videos