Seafood Boil with Kayla from Nicole TV

  • Published on: 12 January 2020
  • Join me and special guest Kayla from Nicole TV. Y'all she is hilarious! We had a great time gettin' down on some seafood. Check out Kayla and follow her here:
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    Artwork by Paris L. Wilson
  • Runtime : 30:56
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  • Your self
    Your self   1 weeks ago

    I love how they both agreed that that zucchini is a cucumber

  • Shocka Lit
    Shocka Lit   1 weeks ago

    She really can act cuz she confused blove when she said “im 30”🤣🤣

  • Semaj Island
    Semaj Island   1 weeks ago

    Kayla funny and love y’all so much ❤️❤️😂

  • Ira Lewis
    Ira Lewis   2 weeks ago

    I wish that I could eat that so bad 🤣

  • Keira Lara
    Keira Lara   2 weeks ago

    Wow she’s actually eating without her water bottle

  • Raven Dalayne
    Raven Dalayne   2 weeks ago

    How do people go straight for a cucumber or egg first my first option would be one a dem crab legs or tails😂😍😭🤤🦀🦞

  • GameGyrl
    GameGyrl   2 weeks ago

    Follow me to see me eat food

  • Leah Henry
    Leah Henry   3 weeks ago

    17:25 the way she ate the cucumber 💀

  • Iamthereal_queen Roblox

    When Kayla was eating her seafood and while she was eating bloves kept asking her questions and Kayla tried not to get mad 😭

  • Alvin Jordan
    Alvin Jordan   3 weeks ago

    Kayla Nicole tv so funny 😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ItsJulisa
    ItsJulisa   3 weeks ago

    “Why you throw me in the locker “ 😂😂😂😂

  • Mich Camino
    Mich Camino   4 weeks ago

    We love that girl Nicole ! be strong keep doing you, tune out the people talking smack just a bunch of kids with daddy issues..... faxxxxx

  • Kenadiii
    Kenadiii   4 weeks ago

    13:25 Nicole Chin was Greasy😂

  • Julia Murphy
    Julia Murphy   4 weeks ago

    Why does blove look like Nicki minaj in this video lol?

  • Vy
    Vy   4 weeks ago

    Difference between a fan and a follower 💯

  • Mikeisha Garibaldi
    Mikeisha Garibaldi   1 months ago

    my name is faith smith I do hair my ig is @pyt_fay all of my hairstyles are on the if you can give me a shout out

  • debby rozenblad
    debby rozenblad   1 months ago

    Hey love your channel do you have a the number of Kayla Nicole ?? Can you inbox me AM huge big fan of here

  • Bethany Barbosa
    Bethany Barbosa   1 months ago

    When she said she’s so talented she didn’t say thank you no hate love your vids