A Tour of Earth's Ancient Supercontinents

  • Published on: 26 June 2021
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    Written & Researched by Leila Battison. Check out her channel:-
    Video edited by Pete Kelly. Check out his channel:-
    Narration by David Kelly. Check out his channel:-

    Thumbnail Art by Ettore Mazza
    Artwork by Khail Kupsky

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    Image credits:-

    Daderot - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Glossopteris_sp.,_seed_ferns,_Permian_-_Triassic_-_Houston_Museum_of_Natural_Science_-_DSC01765.JPG
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  • Simon Ruszczak
    Simon Ruszczak   7 hours ago

    Earth Expansion theory, the Earth was about the size of Mars and expanded.Tectonic subduction has never been proven.The Earth's surface gravity has doubled since the reign of the dinosaurs.

  • Adolph Dooley
    Adolph Dooley   14 hours ago

    It’s very well done, but it’s still all hypothetical guess work. There are far too many questions totally ignored that had an affect on shaping the Earth surface, like the thousands of super large space rocks that changes the questions, and the answers to the questions after they hit the earth, and sent hundreds of billions of tons of earth debris everywhere? Where did Earths waters come from? The answer would change all of the questions, and the answers, because of waters ability to erode and change everything it touches, removing the evidence we’d need, to come up with an informed good answer. Fissures could open in the earth and send trillions upon trillions of gallons of water into the earth, revealing land that’s been under water for eons? It’s all hypothetical.

  • Jeff Cotton
    Jeff Cotton   17 hours ago

    It very much looks to me that Hudson Bay was the main site that was struck by a large meteor impact. That caused Northern North America to fracture into many parts, including separating Greenland from North America. This may have been the impact that cracked apart Pangea, along with another meteor that fell with it & landed to create The Gulf of Mexico. That was moving Northwest, then turned West On impact, as or after the meteor that made Hudson Bay was also moving NW, then turned North On impact. This should be the reverberating pressure wave that broke Pangea apart, and created the Atlantic Ridge. And sent North America adrift NorthWesterly, with broken pieces that kept moving After the Mainland of North America stopped moving & started to settle. While the broken parts kept moving until coming to a stop also. It also looks to me that the Eastern Japan Continental Shelf, use to be attached to the NorthWestern United States at Oregon & Washington States. Then The Continental Shelf South of Japan fits the West Coast outward bow of The United States very Well. As the rest of the Eastern Asian Continental Shelf North And South, mostly fits into the rest of the current shape of the entire West Coast of North America. As the trail of the Aleutian Islands shows the path that some of the lands there took to combine & settle where they are.. As the Pacific Ocean Floor shows the travel Path that the Old Western Parts of current North America took across the Pacific, to become the Eastern part & new outter Continental Shelf of Eastern Asia. The old West Coast of Pangea, which was the bulk of Central North America, must have drifted slightly NorthWesterly at a high rate of speed & momentum force for a large Land mass. Then crashed into another large & loose from the Mantle Surface Land Mass. That was located to the West of the loosened North American Craton in the Northern Hemisphere, after breaking off of Pangea. Then caused that Western Land Mass to break off a large long portion of its’ Western Parts, And cue ball the rest of the broken Large Western Parts adrift across the Pacific, to combine with the Old Eastern Asian Coast. The large broken Eastern Parts of the old Large Western Land the North American Craton crashed into. Is the Lands West of the Eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, All the way to Alaska, West of the Current North American Craton, and down into Central Mexico as far as the Central Americas. The Broken And now Western Parts of North America West of the Rockies & Yukon, And most of the Now Eastern Continental Shelf & dry Islands of Eastern Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. Was the Continent that was called Lemuria, which was separate from Pangea, and on this Planetary Surface at the same time. The Meteor impact Event that broke apart Pangea, & sent the North American Craton and broken previously attached Northern Lands Crashing into Lemuria, was NOT Survivable to most of the inhabitants of this Planet. And almost completely Cracked this Planet in Half, as Evident By the Atlantic Ridge, but it held together, evidently. As Tremendous Amounts of Magma rose to the Surface to Begin repairing with Welds of Lava, to mend the Large Cracks, Tears & broken Parts on the Mantle Surface & broken lands. This must have been an Event that was related to the binary pair of Suns in this Solar System, with the smaller one of them on an Elliptical orbit, called the Nubiru System. Which did completely crash into a Planet that was between Mars & Jupiter, and Now is the Asteroid Belt. As Asteroids trailing this System May have been the source of the Asteroids that Crashed into this Planet, and created Hudson Bay, The Gulf of Mexico & Other impact sites. As was a recorded Event set into Stone says, by some previous inhabitants, called the Samaritans. And there are Large portions of Lands West of Chile that use to be Parts of South America, & were broken off when South America was settling at its new location, as Admiral Byrd told of. By reading the Pacific Ocean Floor, we can see that a large Part of the continent of Lemuria, broke off all the way from Southern Alaska, down to what is Now the Central Americas, & also South America. The Southern Part appears to be the submerged Continent that New Zealand peaks on, from & is supported by. That drifted from the curvature remains of the Central Americas & long land placements that ran down to where most of South America is Now. Then moved West across the Pacific To turn southwest & embrace on the remains that Part of Antarctica drifted from, next to the Australian Continent. Australia use to lay North & South there the way it lays East & West now, attached to the east side of Papua New Guinea, And was bent into its’ current position, which is also moving SW. Then from the Northern parts of that submerged land mass near Australia, we can see the traces of previously attached to lands of Lemuria. Then can see where the rest of the broken parts of Western Lemuria drifted to across the Pacific to form the Philippine Islands, Taiwan, Japan & the Islands & attachments that merged into & outside of the Northeastern Coast of Asia & Japan. With the old land lines they were attached to, forming a secondary Continental Shelf to their East, submerged underwater. As these underwater lands broke apart & were displaced from parts of Lemuria scattering on the Ocean Floor from snag breakaways, as they drifted across the Pacific & loosened & further broke apart from parts of Lemuria. That drifted from the Americas current positions, to lay where they were left on the Pacific Ocean Floor. As they drifted across the Pacific, they ran over the Hawaiian Islands And separated at the Big Hawaiian Island without running over that one, to drift further West & Southwest of There. To embrace where supported, & join into the height levels of the Eastern Asian Continental Shelf, Australian, and other supporting Ocean Floor Structures. The Philippines actually look to have fallen at the Mariana Trench, then drifted further SW & West to where they are now. After originally being attached to Baja California. Lemuria was the long Continent West of the current North American Craton, West of the Rockies, including Alaska, most of Central to Western Mexico. With bulk Southern Lands attached that were West of the Central Americas, and ran down as long to where most of the Western side of South America is today. Then was broken and displaced when the current North American Craton & South America moved into & crashed into that area after breaking off of the African Coast of Old Pangea. The Southern curvature of South America use to wrap around the Southern tip of Africa. Then India does look to have moved from the southeast side of Africa to where it is now, as Madagascar must have broken off then also. Knowable By the scrapping marks & tracings left on the Indian Ocean Floor. I bet that the Philippine Lands are a complete match to Baja California Lands, and the Japanese Lands match the western United States of The Americas Lands. And the Islands NorthEast And NorthWest of Japan, matches the Western Coast of Canada in sequence. As the larger attached land by the southwest side of the Bering Sea North of those Islands, matches SouthWestern Alaska. The Ocean Floors shows multiple tracings & movements of other land masses previously also...

  • C Rains
    C Rains   21 hours ago

    Still using this lie to sell this bogus theory I see. Guess their will always be people with low intelligence that believe this stupidity.

  • sawajiri100
    sawajiri100   2 days ago

    By Far on... National Geographic Channel is the best.This docu vid is very sleepy 😴

  • Genie Master
    Genie Master   3 days ago

    Since long time am in a search of the Earth history. Seen many footage. Was amazed how this single video was several levels above any other I've seen. Thanks you guys. This has really enlightened me.

  • Jax Are back
    Jax Are back   4 days ago

    Absolutely top shelf....never exposed us to this standard when I was in School...

  • Glen Brisebois
    Glen Brisebois   5 days ago

    Whether you're a 1000 miles from the coast, or 10,000 miles makes no difference. Zero coastal effect is zero coastal effect. So central pangea was no worse than Edmonton or Moscow.

  • Ron Palmer
    Ron Palmer   5 days ago

    Oh yeah, Evolve two eyes for depth proception, ears for hearing in quad. The human body is far too complicated to even consider evolution. All living things have DNA which is a complex chemical program and has life and reproduction. No way did we evolve. One altered DNA sequence can have major consequences. It takes infinite intelligence to know the end result from the DNA programming.

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown   6 days ago

    Great documentary. Very informative and went into details I didn't know before.

  • Laverne Wilson
    Laverne Wilson   6 days ago

    The sparkling room consecutively save because bracket interstingly bounce before a actually ping. rare, null oyster

  • Jackie Park
    Jackie Park   6 days ago

    They don't even know whats at the bottom of the ocean today but they can tell you what the earth looked like a billion years ago. What a joke give me a break fake news!

  • Sushi Juice
    Sushi Juice   1 weeks ago

    The idea of Pangaea is akin to flat earth theory. This idea that all the land mass above water was concentrated into one huge supercontinent is dumb.

  • Alexis Despland
    Alexis Despland   1 weeks ago

    are there going to be more supercontinents in the future.

  • Andrew Taggart
    Andrew Taggart   1 weeks ago

    Great video. I marvel at the vast timescales that each of these super continents represent. When I go to the beach and grab a handful of sand that represents the end product of each mountain chain.

  • John Dodson
    John Dodson   1 weeks ago

    Uh, you do know that the continents don't float on water. There's crust under the water. Stupid-assed evolutionists.

  • kenneth stewart
    kenneth stewart   1 weeks ago


  • Observe Reserve
    Observe Reserve   1 weeks ago

    I never knew this much detail, particularly before Rodina. Fascinating, humbling and surely a warning to those "chicken littles" predicting doom from our carbon footprint, cows farting, and human activity in general. A more grounded global assessment warns that humans have discovered how to damage themselves much more than this large and stable planet whose changes span millions of years and hundreds of millions of years. Science has to return to the integrity of the "age of discovery" and tone down the hysteria and doomsday projections.When humans deal with their own "pre-historical" or primitive class society, when humanity can emerge from the dark ages of brutal exploitation and nihilism and war industries scheming military "full spectrum dominance." Only then can a perspective of dealing with such massive challenges as adjusting to a changing planet and eventually finding other habitable planets really become a viable prospect. This will begin the second ERA of human discovery, one that promises almost infinite prospects and delights!

  • Notmai Reelneim
    Notmai Reelneim   1 weeks ago

    That'd be right. We used to be able to get to Europe for free. Now we have to pay for a plane ticket at an exorbitant price. Stupid tectonic plates.

  • Moffitt Atomics
    Moffitt Atomics   1 weeks ago

    I cant help but think dudes who get into flat earth theory cut their teeth on pangea.

  • johnny alanis
    johnny alanis   1 weeks ago

    I happened to stumble by this video, and I must say it’s incredibly well edited, and voiced. I was fully intrigued until the very end!

  • Moronvideos1940
    Moronvideos1940   2 weeks ago

    Hey YouTube.............Shove the youtube adblock ad.....

    FOUR ACES   2 weeks ago

    Underrated maybe but I came to watch about super continents on earth but apparently the title didn't mean a dam thing. I'm seeing some crap about Venus just what the hell does that have to do with continental drift? It is filler will give you that but I'm leaving and blocking this excuse of a channel.

  • David Grech
    David Grech   2 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing your insights and I hope you know how much I appreciate your channel 👍

  • Leroy Scharfenberg
    Leroy Scharfenberg   2 weeks ago

    I think it's great that there is this: Ur, hypothetical first continent,and Ur, the city of Abraham's birth.Kinda reassuring...somehow? The ruins of the city of Ur fascinated me when I was a kid.

  • Hamlett Mutandadzi
    Hamlett Mutandadzi   2 weeks ago

    The narration and graphics are excellent. I have subscribed just because of that.

  • Cary Hewitt
    Cary Hewitt   2 weeks ago

    Wow! That was a VERY INTERESTING documentary! I really enjoyed watching it.

  • James Russell
    James Russell   3 weeks ago

    Brilliant! Compared to the epochal timescale of the continental dance, we are as ephemeral as the mayfly.

  • Mark Garin
    Mark Garin   3 weeks ago

    Banana is a palm. Had his maps been more accurate, the supercontinent concept might have been derived earlier.