ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD | Free Full Socio-Economic Documentary | Conspiracy Theory Collection

  • Published on: 12 January 2021
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    Watch the full documentary Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, from director Peter Joseph, that focuses on the very fabric of the social order: Monetary-Market Economics.

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    The majority of the world today have come to see basic flaws in the economic system we share. Large scale debt defaults, inflation, industrial pollution, resource depletion, rising cancer rates and other signposts have emerged to bring the concern into the realm of “public health”.

    The tendency is to demand reform in one area or another, avoiding the possibility that perhaps the entire system is intrinsically flawed at the foundational level.

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  • Runtime : 2:41:31
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  • Lisa Spikes
    Lisa Spikes   4 hours ago

    Capitalism could work if people weren’t so crooked. The way it is done now in the USA, it is not sustainable. I don’t think people realize that there are a limited amount of resources available to us. Profit cannot rise indefinitely. Eventually it will fall apart. And the distribution of wealth today is atrocious! Workers are paid the very least that is possible by the corporations. While the top gets paid more and more each year. At the expense of the workers. Those at the top are basically hoarders of money. And they are messing it up for everyone else. There are people who accumulate more money than they could spend in 200 lifetimes! Does that sound sane to anyone?People are starting to realize that it’s not worth it to sell your time to an employer for barely enough money to survive. You’re basically a slave in that scenario. Making barely enough to have a roof over your head and eat. But not enough to invest, or go to school to improve yourself, or train for a better job, or even go on a vacation every year. You’re surviving, but you’re not actually having a life.

  • Francois Fourie
    Francois Fourie   6 hours ago

    Bullshit communist propaganda designed to subjugate humanity.

  • ༗,¸¸,༗
    ༗,¸¸,༗   6 hours ago

    11:23 where can I find more info on this?

  • special kay
    special kay   7 hours ago

    funny how the native americans were doing this so long ago...no money only trading

  • truthhurts
    truthhurts   8 hours ago

    Wow, the majority of this can be dismissed just with an elementary understanding of economics, history, and facts. This fool just said innovation comes from the "more equal" aka everyone is poor, countries and not the USA and other 1st world nations. I need some of what he's smoking, what an imbecilic thing to state, as if every single thing he's using to create this video, the data behind the video, the programs that aggregated the data or displayed the data, the very mathematics and scientific principles that created the ability of all the aforementioned, was created by the 1st world nations of today. Please, tell me the last time the North Koreans invented something, they're very equal, so tell me, I'll wait for the answer. To those of you who actually believe more than the 15% truth in this video, you need to get your head into research and stop trusting wacko's who profit off your ignorance. Let me guess, it's part of the resistance to get the mRNA Drug too, gullible people watching this, thankfully there are at least 1.8k people with a modicum of intelligence.

  • Modern Witchery
    Modern Witchery   12 hours ago

    I gave it a listen. Just like when this idea first came about. I gave it a listen then too. Back then it seemed a bit fishy. Now that I've observed and learned a bit more about politics, this seems like communism.

  • john lumus
    john lumus   17 hours ago

    Horse shit. Rock and Roll is purely American. Texan as a matter of fact.Lubbock Texas. Or there would be no Beatles, Who, Stones, Zeppelin.It all would have never happened if it weren't for a tile layer and his Strat ✓

  • Donald Havasy
    Donald Havasy   21 hours ago

    Gotta say less than ten minutes in and the speakers are already getting so much wrong I’m struggling to continue…

  • boneman1960
    boneman1960   22 hours ago

    If we need to get back to some form of normality and sanity, we must get rid of GREED.......NEW ZEALAND.

  • M JK
    M JK   23 hours ago

    Last half speaks Socialism which leads to Communism! Your Resourced based Economy is ONLY sustainable in Theory!NEVER GOOD in practicality as long as the devil walks the Earth!

  • M JK
    M JK   23 hours ago

    @1:30You forgot to add: "No Demon-crats", ... I mean Democrats!

  • M JK
    M JK   23 hours ago

    This doesn't surprise me in the least.... we have been living in THEIR evil World, a backwards & satanic World led by the darker Spiritual forces....but alas! their time is short - they KNOW THIS- 👉 WE SHOULD! And SHOULD be paying more attention: that is why we are experiencing what is known to most as "The Quickening"!"For our fight is not in the physical but in the Spiritual..."it all boils down to THAT! "Nothing is manifest in the Physical that has not already been manifest in the Spirit World"READ YOUR BIBLE! Basic Instructions Before Leaving EarthGOD BLESS 🌿💕🌿

  • Tiffany Thomas
    Tiffany Thomas   1 days ago

    Thank you so much for your Great contribution to the Ascension of our souls in unity! Much love to everyone who put the hard work in to share this❤️

  • RW Wars
    RW Wars   1 days ago

    So much is wrong factually in this doc within the first 12 minutes . It’s all emotional reasoning based and complete false

  • THEODORE ritola
    THEODORE ritola   1 days ago

    A fool has said in his heart THEIR IS NO GOD . While The Lord sits in HEAVGEN AND LAUGHS, And says . I made your brain and your your blood cells and your lungs your blood pressure your Your DNA And your taste buds . I gave you your finger prints Witch no one else has the same as you out of the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS Of people dead in Heaven with me now And The ones in HADES And the Billions on Earth ,I even have your days of your life numbered.

  • Dina N
    Dina N   1 days ago

    Preventative medicine for violent tendencies = chemical lobotomy. Gee thanks fellas. This makes you such good and compassionate people. I remember when I was on board with you guys on all this but when your ideas are seriously thought out and looked at through the actual implementation, it ALL seems wonderful, kind and compassionate, but it is actually pretty cruel to go against our human nature, no matter how beastly we appear.

  • Eli Ivicevic
    Eli Ivicevic   1 days ago

    Who is the custodian of the world's gold, silver, diamonds, etc.?

  • John Moran
    John Moran   1 days ago

    Makers of this film: 'The world is about capitalism, greed, consumption- it has to end' (cuts to 3rd advert in after 5 minutes). Hypocrites. That's irony right there. Zeitgeist indeed. Ha.

  • Michael Quinn
    Michael Quinn   1 days ago

    We must revolt against the corporate controlled governments

  • freedom for all
    freedom for all   1 days ago

    Between 100000Hz and 300000Hz cures cancer discovered way back in the 1930s

  • Forward Paunganwa
    Forward Paunganwa   1 days ago

    Was fascinated by the beginning of the video, describing how humans develop from the womb through to childhood. I started asking questions when they started describing the economy, markets, monetary policy, etc. There's one solution to solve our problems on this planet... GIVE THE PEOPLE BACK THEIR POWER AND FREEDOMS! An empowered populace can solve its own problems. The Governments and corporate overlord cronies have encroached into the people's lives too far. They've been at it for decades now. It's these people, the ruling elites, who've caused the world unnecessary problems. The solutions offered here are the exact reasoning that invites authoritarianism, the exact opposite of personal freedoms.

  • Melba Toast
    Melba Toast   1 days ago

    oh look a long winded puff propaganda piece.

  • Whoever The Person
    Whoever The Person   1 days ago

    Funny how the film is about the destructive force of the global neoliberal economic order and there's been about 8 adverts in 8 minutes.

  • Paula Wynne
    Paula Wynne   1 days ago

    Freedom to them means freedom for them!

  • orions shoe
    orions shoe   2 days ago

    I’m curious, regarding the war in Iraq, what did they rebuild?

  • rayturnertile
    rayturnertile   2 days ago

    The George Carlin clip summed it up. We are owned

  • gothic pagan
    gothic pagan   2 days ago

    I would advocate a simpler life style.All a person needs is food , water and shelter. The one and only problem is greed. The only real answer is an other major war.Even if you live as I do, living off the land and driving a car that is 52 years old and is simple to repair, I realise that my life style is unsustainable.