Hidden Camera Captures A Young Sasquatch! | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 04 March 2021
  • The team goes to Virginia in order to investigate if a hunter has captured a young sasquatch with his hidden camera.

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  • Runtime : 8:51
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  • John Coffey
    John Coffey   19 hours ago

    it's a bear ,probably was in a fire, not a sas-squach

  • Nido17
    Nido17   1 days ago

    They say "bigfoots" like, plural, as if we've seen hundreds and they're just everywhere lmao. Never even discovered one, but they know what they eat, hunt, climb, swim etc. Its a joke lol

  • Colter
    Colter   2 days ago

    That's a dogman, not a sasquatch.

  • Jon Beck
    Jon Beck   2 days ago

    No one noticed if you look close at the end of its right arm you can see a hand with fingers kind of cupped upwards

  • Andre Mobile
    Andre Mobile   4 days ago

    that kinda looks like a orangutan is there any orangutan in that area?

  • rticle15
    rticle15   4 days ago

    I couldnt see it. Was the bigfoot behind the bear?

  • Enigmatic
    Enigmatic   4 days ago

    Its a bear. You'd need to be a moron to think otherwise.

  • Steven Lloyd
    Steven Lloyd   4 days ago

    Odd how you never see how it enters the frame.

  • zeek wolfe
    zeek wolfe   5 days ago

    Thank you for being in full compliance with bigfoot video law and regulations. As you know, clear photos of bigfoot, young or old, are prohibited. Regulations do allow for endless discussions of bigfoot on the scene or in automobiles with burly bigfoot believers dramatically stating the 'fact' of bigfoot existence. Brief snippets of of night vision cameras showing little or nothing are also permitted. Law abiding citizens are encouraged to continue bigfoot research even though clear bigfoot photos since Gimlin/Patterson are non-existent in keeping with bigfoot video law.

  • Dupee's Fashion Consultant

    I know the psychopaths who believe in this shit and those who exploit them for monetary gain are getting incredibly desperate for fake proof.....but are they seriously trying to say that's a photo of a sasquatch?!?!? Of course everything in the photo is lit beautifully and is bright and vibrant...crystal clear and able to see the individual leaves on the bushes....except the bigfoot is just a black blob in the middle......smh. show me a single shred of evidence and I'll believe. In centuries there has never been a single shred of physical evidence that these things are real

  • D Dover
    D Dover   1 weeks ago

    Anybody should be able to see that's a bear. The Finding Bigfoot crew are disingenuous in hyping this as a possible sasquatch. Look at the short bear foot, and those legs are too proportionately short for a sasquatch. You can see that when they compare the photo of the man bent over with the sasquatch photo, but Moneymaker disingenuously notes the curve of the back of the man is like the photo.

  • Keith Bender
    Keith Bender   1 weeks ago

    Kinda long front arm in relation to hind leg for a bear though.

  • Thessaly Meteora
    Thessaly Meteora   1 weeks ago

    My daughter and I saw a pushed over sapling near a stream trail at Santiago Oaks Regional park in Orange County, CA yesterday evening. We also saw a small rock tower built with three big rocks stacked vertically on top of each other. We thought the water around that area was stinky but when we went on the other side of the river it didn’t stink. We didn’t physically see a Sasquatch but I think they are here. I don’t think a person could have pushed down this sapling. It was sizable and not all the way broken at the bottom. We also saw a similar rock tower at Irvine Regional Park a couple weeks ago. Yes, it could have been made by a human but I think it’s also possible a squatch could have done it. I didn’t start putting the pieces together until late last night. These two parks connect between 18 miles of trails apparently. I really think they might be here.

  • Yogi Demis
    Yogi Demis   1 weeks ago

    I'm not claiming to be a professional on anything but just looking at that photo I came to a conclusion that could be a malnourished Bear with potential of having Mange or another type of skin or hair disease/disorder! By looking at the back legs, spine and body and matching it up with other photos of Bear it looks like a good match. Plus one would think that Sasquatch would have much longer legs and not stubby that is much shorter than the whole body area.

  • Snow Creek
    Snow Creek   1 weeks ago

    They really picked a winner w/ the non believer, dude biologist. Lack of personality and all else.

  • Maxwell Oakes
    Maxwell Oakes   1 weeks ago

    I think Bobo shouldn’t be considered a expert anything, maybe bong hitter…

  • Donnan Huggler
    Donnan Huggler   1 weeks ago

    At least aliens have spaceships, high tech gadgets and other planets to play hide and seek with.Poor Bigfoot has to hide behind a tree

    POPSM0KE   1 weeks ago

    That's a bare bear..also ,wouldn't that be a fun job to get to travel around, talk to different people and run around and play all the time

  • Mech Engineer
    Mech Engineer   1 weeks ago

    Odd that the camera owner didn't provide images before and after.

  • John A. Zoidberg
    John A. Zoidberg   1 weeks ago

    I would love a similar documentary in search of an intelligent American. Surprisingly many people believe they may exist. I myself am on the verge. I'm not convinced but I'm not ruling out the possibility. You know, much like sasquatch.

  • Daryl's fan
    Daryl's fan   1 weeks ago

    I looks more like a werewolf than a Bigfoot or a bear.

  • YouTube are Snowflakes

    The people looking for "Bigfoot" appear more primal than the animals in the forest.

  • SpecterMimick
    SpecterMimick   2 weeks ago

    Looks like an ill young black bear with some hair loss.

  • KY greenskeeper
    KY greenskeeper   2 weeks ago

    It's a black bear... Right front arm is wet, makes it look longer..

  • kim files
    kim files   2 weeks ago

    It’s not a black bear look at the legs

  • Ace Rimmer
    Ace Rimmer   2 weeks ago

    What a load of BS, it's no different than the flat earth people I guess, shouldn't be surprised.