Sasquatch Walks Over Tall Fence Without Breaking Its Stride | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 09 January 2021
  • The team head to Mississippi to hear accounts from the many Sasquatch sighting witnesses that reside there. In one of these sightings, a woman sees a large creature walk over a fence without breaking its stride.

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  • Runtime : 8:29
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  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith   5 days ago

    "And how many of you here have ever seen a 6' foot tall lesbian?"

  • Sean M
    Sean M   6 days ago

    If the question was more specifically asked "how many have seen bigfoot in person" then very few people would've raised their hand.

  • Old Man Paxus YT
    Old Man Paxus YT   1 weeks ago

    2:43 THIS cheesy, cringe, nonsense HAS to stop. It's like those stupid ghost hunter shows or ppl that make hyped up ufo shows - You're making a mockery out of serious encounters and giving a bad name to all inviolved.

  • Telly Song
    Telly Song   1 weeks ago

    I'm going to invent a fictional animal and make a living getting overly excited by not finding specimens of said 'animal.'

  • wayne parkinson
    wayne parkinson   1 weeks ago

    Just watch your package trying to stride that fence BRO?

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks   1 weeks ago

    i got a squash on my trotline . he got off swam the river , climbed a tree and flu away

  • Joe Ruiz
    Joe Ruiz   2 weeks ago

    Sasquatch use bears wolves coyotes the way we use dogs... The Sasquatch are the Kings of the animal kingdom.

  • Bobby Stacks
    Bobby Stacks   3 weeks ago

    When I play my flute sometimes squatch howls to me

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers   4 weeks ago

    So do they ever find him ? This is the fourth one I have watched and they never seem to find him.

  • Peter Miller
    Peter Miller   1 months ago


  • brandon rembe
    brandon rembe   1 months ago

    You can fake goosebumps. I can think of scratching certain material and cause goosebumps

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy   1 months ago

    "Very Squatchy" Omg! this cast is so cringily annoying!!!

  • nic kerson
    nic kerson   1 months ago

    making big

  • Reservoir Dogs
    Reservoir Dogs   2 months ago

    All they do is talk about bigfoot with no proof of anything

  • Trevor Tagliabue
    Trevor Tagliabue   2 months ago

    Horse hockey...what utter delusional nonsense. Not one shred of proof...the next so-called big foot footprint should reveal DNA. But of course so far all we have is pathetic man-made plaster bones, no hair, no scats, no real sightings, no dead bodies, no hominid archeological nothin...that's all the proof l need.

  • Randy Keene
    Randy Keene   2 months ago

    Why dont you guys use infrared cameras?

  • Lil__ _Rinteaa
    Lil__ _Rinteaa   2 months ago

    Fact: There have been cases of people killing leopards, cougars, wolves, dogs, coyotes and bears with their bare hands.

  • Fizzix
    Fizzix   2 months ago

    Honestly I believe in Bigfoot but after all these tv programs,etc I’m starting to not believe. So until there’s hard evidence or I experience a Bigfoot I’m ganna say I do and dont believe

  • Patricia Slocum
    Patricia Slocum   2 months ago

    Have you guys Ever actually seen a bigfoot? Ranae has never heard, or seen something she can't explain by something else. I have never heard tgat your team has ever seen a bigfoot on your own, your evidence.

  • Gerald Latchman
    Gerald Latchman   2 months ago

    What kind of drugs do they take in that town? Is big foot the drug dealer?

  • Shelly
    Shelly   2 months ago

    Looks like that horse needs to eat something pretty skinny

  • Christo Mac
    Christo Mac   2 months ago

    3:00 is EXACTLY why you can't TRUST any of these people, this Woman wants to be special and FAMOUS!

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg   2 months ago

    "We're thrilled to be in Mississippi!" Might be the 1st person in history to ever say that! 😆

  • Michael Halstead
    Michael Halstead   2 months ago

    Its 2022 it takes more then a story to convince. And you guys dont cut it . Your obviously doing something very wrong. But seem to keep repeating your method. Makes you guys look exceptionally unprofessional

  • mars doe
    mars doe   2 months ago

    I skipped to the end.... and still no big foot 🦶

  • Charlie Thompson
    Charlie Thompson   3 months ago

    I saw a Bigfoot I think three years ago on my way to work driving up the road it was taller then any man I had ever seen it was brown and hairy and he was so fast it was not a bear we don't have bears this happened in Marengo Indiana anyway when he rain in front of me and cross the street I got to where he rain to he was gone he rain in open field he was so fast I did not see where he went I told my Dad he thought I was crazy but I no what I saw I told my uncle Larry he said he believed me because he saw one at the same place

  • Itza Velez
    Itza Velez   3 months ago

    Hi guys come to milwaukee wisconsing we do have bigfoots here

    ANDY BT   3 months ago

    Not Finding Bigfoot because its garbage! No such thing!

  • Sasquatch Ontario
    Sasquatch Ontario   3 months ago

    Some authentic direct verbal communication with the Sasquatch and some shared encounters. This is what the REAL stuff is about...

  • Lynn Leigha
    Lynn Leigha   3 months ago

    So dumb, I think I'm losing brain cells just watching this

  • Keegan Baker
    Keegan Baker   3 months ago

    Get Renee off the damn series she brings it down hell the the kids don't even watch it no more because of her tell her old man that's still part of the I don't know what he does but everybody knows it's because of him she's there get her off it needs to be fun now it's like the first thing the kids do is she on there we got to record it first it did the kids see her date they don't walk off

  • rené
    rené   3 months ago

    A lots of accounts, many may be but no sasquatch.