Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge

  • Published on: 28 June 2020
  • Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge with @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay @Cizzorz @FaZe Nikan and @TeaWap

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  • Runtime : 7:58
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  • xcee
    xcee   18 minuts ago

    Wait.... why does he have fortnite installed on his setup???? 7:39 it shows that he has 440 arena points on his setup, so he must of have been playing before.

  • MKT
    MKT   52 minuts ago

    whoever subs to me will become a TRILLINAIRE

  • Deborah Willis
    Deborah Willis   1 hours ago

    Bro y'all should definitely get someone to clean the lake out

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin   2 hours ago

    Faze clan slowly dropping down people ita sad over the years seeing them now just depressing its not the same no more

  • Greifers Crew
    Greifers Crew   2 hours ago

    Glad you guys got one to two million dollar loan for small businesses when you spend about 4k on liquor for your get-togethers. Really nice of you guys. I'm glad no other small businesses needed that money.

  • Ty On 60Fps
    Ty On 60Fps   3 hours ago

    5:48 when Nikan said “why me I didn’t do it “ me when I get beat up with a whip and I sais I didn’t do it lol

  • scorpionkiller0
    scorpionkiller0   4 hours ago

    Tommy sprays banks *Banks takes Gus and sprays the dog*😭😭

  • Helen Bell
    Helen Bell   4 hours ago

    You took money from the federal program set up to help struggling companies in the pandemic. You should return that money.

  • Nightmare Clan
    Nightmare Clan   4 hours ago

    Didn’t anyone see a picture ZooMaa at the end of the video in the Outro, I thought he left FaZe

  • Serpentine Fire
    Serpentine Fire   5 hours ago

    Hows that 2 million dollars you got in federal loan for the coronavirus pandemic that you didn't need? Scumbags

  • xel tuna
    xel tuna   6 hours ago

    That’s why it’s bad to be in faze

  • X_ V3NOM
    X_ V3NOM   7 hours ago

    Im commenting random shit

  • Sequan
    Sequan   7 hours ago

    I don’t Think he Really banned

  • kenusu
    kenusu   8 hours ago

    FaZe clan really has changed😭

  • JhayFN
    JhayFN   8 hours ago

    Faze clan: owns a river front million dollar mansionAlso faze clan: “is full of poo”

  • Shaun O'Connell
    Shaun O'Connell   8 hours ago

    No wonder everyone picked cizzorz he tortured all of us with his deathruns

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni   9 hours ago

    No one: Actually no one: *Me to my girl*: 1:10

  • Leon Dinh
    Leon Dinh   11 hours ago

    Let’s compare Faze to Vat19. They basically drink ass blaster and eat bugs on the daily.Faze: dies when wats hot sauce and spits out bugs.

  • Caizah-X
    Caizah-X   11 hours ago

    Jarvis still plays fortnite lol

  • giovy4ever 1
    giovy4ever 1   12 hours ago

    I am Italian and I love your videos you make me laugh out loud

  • WirelessPluto
    WirelessPluto   13 hours ago

    I don't know why but whenever I see that Jarvis' crying pic, it makes me laugh so hard.

  • Brett Kitelinger
    Brett Kitelinger   13 hours ago

    Ok but if u think about Jarvis wasn’t banned from playing forntite only his account

    MOHAMMED ISHAQ   13 hours ago

    Lol i felt bad for teeqo on insta so i voted ciccors.he kept pointing to teeqo