Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs

  • Published on: 17 May 2021
  • Bill Whitaker reports on the regular sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, that have spurred a report due to Congress next month.

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  • Runtime : 13:48
  • Unidentified flying object united states military 60 Minutes CBS News


  • Michal Zhoraluk
    Michal Zhoraluk   3 hours ago

    Dude! This is what matters now the most. Stay on the track folks.

  • Paul Burgess
    Paul Burgess   14 hours ago

    Could be un manned flying objects like a mote control plane but shaped in a weird way that its hard to be identified like the Stealth's shape for being invisible to radar.

  • Tiera Davis
    Tiera Davis   18 hours ago

    If everyone around the world were invested in, instead of exploited, with human capital, technology would have advanced close to their level.

  • Sweet Music
    Sweet Music   18 hours ago

    Why Neil degrasse Tyson isn’t interested is beyond me. Is he embarrassed cuz he’s been wrong

  • coral bayvi
    coral bayvi   20 hours ago

    how can anyone trust someone from an oxymoron, military intelligence.

  • coral bayvi
    coral bayvi   20 hours ago

    lol, ufos have been renamed. the liberal woke thought that ufo might be offensive way way way too funny

  • Curtis J
    Curtis J   1 days ago

    Angels aliens have been to this planet since the beginning of time.. stop bullshittn the people of the world. .

  • philip gray
    philip gray   1 days ago

    so now that it has been fully confirmed by the pentagon that earth is indeed under surveillance by Extraterrestrial beings. the next question should be whom are they and what do they want. obviously we are no match against their technology which leaves us with only one option which is to invite these beings to our table to converse openly and publicly with our greatest minds, we have no other option. ignoring them or fighting them is ridiculous.. what our governments and military should be concentrating on is a open dialog with these beings.

  • Christopher Sullivan

    I watched another segment about this and they showed the 3 videos and the official they were interviewing said that these 3 videos are nothing compared to other videos he has seen that the military has on record

  • Agila Lawin
    Agila Lawin   1 days ago

    Its funny that in we sent Vogager in space with details about us humans and location for extraterrestial to know where we are then debunk witnesses' accounts and label them nuts when they see ET crafts. Then its only in 2017 that the US govt admitted of their presence as facts. It corroborates Bob Lazar's accounts whose chsracter have been maligned for 3 decades

  • Bill Jenkins
    Bill Jenkins   1 days ago

    Could these be from an ancient advanced civilization of Earth?

  • Bill Jenkins
    Bill Jenkins   1 days ago

    Have these crafts seemed to have evolved in shape and or ability over time?

  • Bill Jenkins
    Bill Jenkins   1 days ago

    Do the different shaped crafts do different things? Are they all from the same beings or different beings who have different crafts?

  • avokado
    avokado   1 days ago

    The most rare item (or whatever you want to call it) in the whole universe exists on this earth (this has almost been proven scientifically) . For Aliens to be able to come to earth they must have obtained it already. However, the scarcity of it along with which the way we use or misuse it rather, destroying it, exchange it for meaningless minerals scares anyone who have actually realised it's worth; would naturally be too afraid to even glance at this planet let alone visit this nuthouse. Can anyone guess what the item/thing is?

  • Carl Eckhardt
    Carl Eckhardt   1 days ago

    Notice how much the subject of ufo's has pretty much dried up after the august government report.

  • WhatTha_wot
    WhatTha_wot   2 days ago

    Government: It's a ufo.Public: It's a weather balloon.

  • Leela PK
    Leela PK   2 days ago

    As simple as this: The tic tac could be a light emitting being (need not be a jet with plumes, wings etc., ) It is a being with extra ordinary capabilities and can fly with jet speeds and probably a being from the water not living on the land ( which makes it highly unlikely for us to discover this thing)

  • RELAXING MEDITATION YouTube Videos Photos Music

    This has been happening for Decades!These things have been around for Decades.And the Government has been LYING to the Public about these UFO objects, also for Decades!Will the Government and Military finally tell the Public the TRUTH about these UFO objects now; I Doubt it!

  • Robert Daniels
    Robert Daniels   2 days ago

    This sounds more like paranormal activity than aliens or other governments. A number of year’s ago may have been the 70’s, There was an.individual who study ufo’s and traced the phenomenon to the 1700’s and concluded with a statement that the occurrences were caused by paranormal incidents. The lecture was very compelling.

  • Slim Pickins
    Slim Pickins   2 days ago

    The thing is I don't know if they are lying, they lie ab everything else. 60 minutes are propaganda pushers.

  • david marberry
    david marberry   3 days ago

    the gov will never admit we wouldn't have a chance against these things !! we don't even know if they have weapons? or do we ??

    NUFO NUFO   3 days ago

    Thank you for reporting such a significant event.There has been a slight update here,

  • Te Orewa Te Pou
    Te Orewa Te Pou   3 days ago

    They been here the whole time. Right under our noses .

  • face
    face   4 days ago

    You would have to think highly about human life if not believing there has to be something alive and intelligent out there! IF.....we are that special, there should be others that look like us every where. Also earth is made up of everything in this galaxy, so why wouldn't there be many other "Earth's" all over the galaxy? Seems impossible for it to just be us, on this one planet, in a (bigger than most) galaxy, that is suitable for life.

  • Ann Onymous
    Ann Onymous   4 days ago

    Until they materialize making theirselves known and enough people know they are real... well what if these UAP's are remotely controlled. ? We might need to start looking into this by What they cannot do, not just the things that are known so far.

  • Teemu M.
    Teemu M.   4 days ago

    13:37 the woman pilot "i felt the vulnerability of not having anything to defend myself with". This is American military slur. Why would you rhetorically place the UAP as something to defend against? It wasn´t threatening you of the American people.

  • Teemu M.
    Teemu M.   4 days ago

    So this was taken up in Pentagon just in 2021? lol

  • Bear not the blues
    Bear not the blues   4 days ago

    There are only two assumptions: either they (one or multiple alien race) created us or a more powerful consciousness created us together with them. Which one do you think it is?

  • Storm Rider
    Storm Rider   5 days ago

    I seriously want to smack someone when they say "weather balloon" or "venus"