HARRY STYLES: Worst vs. Best Live Vocals

  • Published on: 30 December 2017
  • worst = yeah this kinda sucks; best = MAKIN MAMA PROUD OMG
    got it? ◦ this is NOT a hate video!!!
  • Runtime : 8:11
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  • Salma Sydney
    Salma Sydney   1 days ago

    the little things one is not strange, he put away the words ‘weight’ bcs of zayn eating disorder

  • livtherat
    livtherat   1 days ago

    his worsts are because he has asthma and still performs when he’s sick

  • Lauren Stevenson
    Lauren Stevenson   2 days ago

    btw in the worst story of my life he had hay fever and not to mention the poor baby has asthma so thats why he sounds like that is because he's struggling to breathe

  • Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie   2 days ago

    I'll be back justin b an his hallie sent me something !

  • giulianadibernardo
    giulianadibernardo   2 days ago


  • Andrea Alemán
    Andrea Alemán   2 days ago

    It has ever happened to all singers, that's not why they are bad artists, Harry is the best, I love him!

  • Lucy Diprose
    Lucy Diprose   3 days ago

    his “worst” performances were probably bc he was out of breath

  • Catherine Roberson
    Catherine Roberson   3 days ago

    tbh not tryna offended anybody but the creator rlly doesn’t have a right to say that some of these are bad when he/she couldn’t do any better lol still tho 💖

  • SuP_Lightning 07
    SuP_Lightning 07   4 days ago

    Omg on the ‘worst’ WMYB I literally wanted to cry LOOK HOW SCARED HE WAS 😭😭

  • DAN XD
    DAN XD   5 days ago

    That’s not the best sign of the timesThe best live version is on abbey road, watch it, its amazing

  • Durba Ghosh
    Durba Ghosh   5 days ago

    These kind of videos can make him feel insecure. This man deserves all the love in the world, a few voice cracks shouldnt be emphasized on. Why did I even click on this video, I feel like I've hurt my boy Hazza-😭😭😭😭😭

  • nia bledsoe
    nia bledsoe   5 days ago

    y’all these comments y’all are so....sensitive

  • Scarlett Atkinson
    Scarlett Atkinson   6 days ago

    I clicked on this video knowing I would be strongly affended but hey I make stupid decisions x

  • Madison’s Channel
    Madison’s Channel   6 days ago

    You can tell he realizes when he doesn’t do good. But I don’t care his worst is better than anybody

  • Ella Pak Poy
    Ella Pak Poy   6 days ago

    Excuse him for having voice cracks like literally ever single person, this makes me even more inspired because in all of them he still sounds great

  • Lams TPWK
    Lams TPWK   6 days ago

    i love how we're defending harry in this video 🤩

  • Hopea Kukka
    Hopea Kukka   6 days ago

    6:44 well i'm not surprised when u have slept probs like an hour in the last 36 hours? idk i'm sorry love but please do some research before "jUdgInG"... :(

  • Hopea Kukka
    Hopea Kukka   6 days ago

    i still think all of the "wOrSt" ones are fucking gorgeous

  • Rebecca Scarth
    Rebecca Scarth   1 weeks ago

    what’s the point in criticising his “worst” moments when he can’t be his best due to illness/asthma????

  • Josephine Warrior
    Josephine Warrior   1 weeks ago

    That voice crack on no control was nothing but perfect. It made it better

  • Josephine Warrior
    Josephine Warrior   1 weeks ago

    the wmyb pissed me off. She is probably still upset over that first ever performance.

  • Josephine Warrior
    Josephine Warrior   1 weeks ago

    Awful tone and breathless, he was literally running around and has asthma. Screw off

  • Josephine Warrior
    Josephine Warrior   1 weeks ago

    Omg the first one broke my heart that it was worse cause he tried so hard and he was super nervous.