I Went on a Honeymoon with my Best Friend!? (Crazy Dares with Friends) | Brent Rivera

  • Published on: 14 December 2019
  • the honeymoon was such a fun time :) comment your fav dare!
    300k likes and I'll do more dare videos like this :)
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  • Runtime : 9:48


  • Daria Mitreska
    Daria Mitreska   1 hours ago

    Plzz can you pozz me i love you so much 😍💖

  • Gwyneth Patterson
    Gwyneth Patterson   6 hours ago

    7:00:Mason*Runs and falls*Me:*Trying so hard not to laugh*7:13:Mason:*Runs and falls into the ocean*Me:**Dies laughing**This one is my favorite.lol

  • Özlem Uzun
    Özlem Uzun   7 hours ago

    They only had 1 room cause they didnt want to spent many cause they werent gonna stay so they had the room for the see

  • trumz rodeo
    trumz rodeo   8 hours ago

    Somebody give me Andrew😋🥰🥰🥰 is that one single!!??🥺😍😍😍

  • Nila Arun
    Nila Arun   11 hours ago


  • Hue Hoang
    Hue Hoang   13 hours ago

    Hi Brent you are so good at your YouTube channel

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee   18 hours ago

    Almost every video I watch you always pull out Lexi something Lexie something and I just don't find it right

  • hannah waterson
    hannah waterson   19 hours ago

    I really miss these old videos . 😭😭What happened to breva I mean okay she got a boyfriend but they can at least be friends 😭😭😭

  • Madison Luke
    Madison Luke   23 hours ago

    Soon this will be with Pierson like if you agree.❤️💕