Simone Biles Showcases Her Technique In Her Floor Routine | Summer Champions Series

  • Published on: 21 August 2018
  • Simone Biles performs her floor routine, which is the most difficult routine in the world, at U.S. Gymnastics Championships as part of the Team USA Summer Champions Series presented by Xfinity.
  • Runtime : 4:6
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  • Omg Omg
    Omg Omg   6 days ago

    Ohh the one when she voice then she bounce on the ground with her bottom that must hurt

  • Carys
    Carys   1 weeks ago

    The music could be in a club, it’s so funny to imagine judges and gymnasts from the 70s watching it

  • Quincy B
    Quincy B   2 weeks ago

    I don’t think anyone will ever truly understand the difficulty in this routine....

  • carolina gonzalez
    carolina gonzalez   2 weeks ago

    Cuando les dan miles de medallas ahí si son norteamericanos e iguales después los discriminan 👉la hipocresía

  • N0
    N0   3 weeks ago

    Simon belongs not in womens' gymnastics, rather short cryptotranny mens' gymnastics!!! Jeez look at that browridge, sloping forehead, shoulders massively bigger than hips, huge hands and wrists, with male digit ratio, high calf, bottleneck ankle; that is the forensic skeleton of a male.

  • Aina Queen
    Aina Queen   1 months ago

    im over here not Even able to do a back handspring😌✋

  • Ezeh Richard
    Ezeh Richard   1 months ago

    Nice but I think jade Carly moor is more beautiful than Simone's moor

  • Simply Relax
    Simply Relax   1 months ago

    I admire her exceptional talent and hard work. Am literally in love with her costume, though I would have more covering for the lower body.

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay   1 months ago

    No doubt she is one of the best gymnast of all time. I would however, like to see more dance moves in her floor routine. Something more flowing.

  • Gina Tomlinson
    Gina Tomlinson   1 months ago

    It takes practice to get it perfect like Simone biles

  • GloriaJ Blanco
    GloriaJ Blanco   1 months ago

    What really shocks me is how she manages to jump that high, with such strenght. Nothing is impulsing her, that's just her, and then of course the absolute control to do all the rotations in the air on the spam of one of those super strong jumps

  • JustMe*_*
    JustMe*_*   1 months ago

    She could also be a good dancer

  • Not the Doctor
    Not the Doctor   2 months ago

    When people are this good they make it look easy to them, you can't even tell how good they are

  • Nazrin Azmii
    Nazrin Azmii   2 months ago


  • George Akwei
    George Akwei   3 months ago

    My lovely ex girl friend although miss her

  • Czarina Czar
    Czarina Czar   3 months ago

    She looks like she could be Kobe Bryant's kid. Those eyes and the nose. ❤️And she's a super Athlete as well.. 😁

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark   3 months ago

    Simone is so powerful and yet, so graceful i love to watch her and she is cute as a button you go girl

  • Gia D
    Gia D   3 months ago

    3:03 Even when she's falling she's graceful