My Experience Having A Panic Attack (ANXIETY)

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • Yo, this whole anxiety thing ain't no joke. My Experience Having A Panic Attack (ANXIETY) - Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God

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    Lead Animator :
    Eduardo ' Fez' Escalante

    Storyboard Artist:
    Matt D. Rice

    Background Art:
    Tanja Hass Nielsen
  • Runtime : 12:34
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  • Young Don The Sauce God

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  • Youngbuddha
    Youngbuddha   2 days ago

    Or did you take edibles and not notice it?

  • Kityo
    Kityo   3 days ago

    Who knew don was GAZER GAZER

  • Sprinkelle
    Sprinkelle   4 days ago

    Watching this during a bad panic attack it’s helping me calm down thx so much I’m still shaking typing this

  • LanswAG808 Wisneski
    LanswAG808 Wisneski   4 days ago

    And you feel like you cant breath and so then you like keep on trying to breath hader yeah nigga

  • LanswAG808 Wisneski
    LanswAG808 Wisneski   4 days ago

    Ayy yo me to nigga it feels when you stand up fast you feel light headed

  • kerse_ foster
    kerse_ foster   5 days ago

    Shit when I have panic attacks I need to be alone from the stress of everything it's not about how u wanted to die it's that ur body is releasing stress and knows what it needs to do that and plus this can happen when ur the happiest I noticed u said this happened in maybe the best part of ur life and when i went through the worst part of my life I then got to live with someone else and had alot of money in a huge mansion but the fact is I just left a really bad situation and was now in a good one so my body was finally able to relax

  • bmx bmx
    bmx bmx   5 days ago

    This is funny as fuck basically a whole video on a od on caffeine

  • bmx bmx
    bmx bmx   5 days ago

    Maybe he ate a edible an forgot

  • bmx bmx
    bmx bmx   5 days ago


  • bmx bmx
    bmx bmx   5 days ago

    When you realize that people on this planet are psychopaths that worship material items .

  • Unknown Peace
    Unknown Peace   1 weeks ago

    Puerto Rico house got the same shit bars on da windows stone roofs

  • TBJ
    TBJ   1 weeks ago

    I feel u bro

  • yoRodne
    yoRodne   1 weeks ago

    Bruh ik it was the coffee off rip bro 😂

  • Dylan Gomez
    Dylan Gomez   1 weeks ago

    I just had this same exact same thing happen to me at school😭

  • Antony Drossos
    Antony Drossos   1 weeks ago

    DAMN, FAM! Even coffee got to go? Ok, yeah, coffee hits me like a 1-Inch-Punch to the gut, but I can at least drink tea

  • Antony Drossos
    Antony Drossos   1 weeks ago

    Fam, for real. When I would tell my Jamaican friends about how things were in Barbados (at least the times I visited), they would get envious about how non-violent things were

  • Ima Brown
    Ima Brown   1 weeks ago

    You were probably indifferent to your goals cuz 🤷🏽‍♀️ comparison to death and it’s implications (depending on your beliefs) who would care about money ? And also...temporal fascinations aren’t always so fascinating. Cool and sought for but not imperative

  • Ima Brown
    Ima Brown   1 weeks ago

    You were probably at peace when you were alone due to the fact that it was just you. You’re calm. Not holding any expectations for yourself. Fully aware of your choice to chill with no pressures. Not needing to coddle anyone. Plus life is extremely stressful so when your chilling and just waiting you don’t really think to call any one since that may subconsciously disrupt the peace.

  • Void
    Void   1 weeks ago

    dude i felt the exact same way at the start, last week i had an extreme anxiety attack and threw up for 3 hours straight. i felt like there was something stuck in my throat and as time went on and I threw up more and more I got even more anxiety because I was thinking "this must be really dangerous if my body is so desperate to get it out"

  • Scary Face001
    Scary Face001   1 weeks ago

    damn giving coffee as a caribian i feel your pain g

  • Alma M
    Alma M   1 weeks ago

    Good for you for quitting proud of u bruh

  • Daemon
    Daemon   1 weeks ago


  • Ny Nizzle
    Ny Nizzle   1 weeks ago

    I never knew what you look like damn 😍

  • Gabe Gabriel
    Gabe Gabriel   1 weeks ago

    This just came in my recommended...And yes Panic Attacks are not fun, but you handled it better than most people.

  • Christalynn Hackett
    Christalynn Hackett   1 weeks ago

    I’m being fr 😭 this happens to me when I wash my hair in the shower sometimes and I get dizzy the I fall in the shower and start crying thinking I’m about to die and I step out the shower and fall on the floor and don’t want to get anybody to help me and I stay there with the water on for literally a hour with shampoo in my hair and when it’s over I start shaking and then I would leave the bathroom with shampoo in my hair and would go breathe outside and get some water. ☹️

  • Ajanimal Reeves
    Ajanimal Reeves   1 weeks ago

    Personally I think that The reason one wouldn't wanna see anyone in the end is because internally you don't want anyone to witness you in pain and then see you kick the bucket, or maybe because you didn't feel like you had enough energy to speak

  • sdjmalik
    sdjmalik   1 weeks ago

    Had the same thing happen to me lol

  • Shadow_legend 769
    Shadow_legend 769   1 weeks ago

    I swear man I am having a panic attack as I was watching this video

  • alexis dogbo
    alexis dogbo   1 weeks ago

    I had a panic attack with and asthma attack.

  • YolaTheGod YT
    YolaTheGod YT   1 weeks ago

    This happened to me one time when I was high I though I was having a heart attack