We Swapped Credit Cards For A Day

  • Published on: 28 May 2019
  • We finally got our own bank accounts so we decided to swap credit cards for the day... here's what we bought with each others money... lolol

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  • Runtime : 26:23
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  • Grover Grover
    Grover Grover   23 hours ago

    Is it weird that I always assumed they had the same credit cards

  • Delysid
    Delysid   1 days ago

    Man, I feel so disappointed that Ethan couldn't get the tractor.

  • Delayna Dothage
    Delayna Dothage   2 days ago

    I miss this so much and I want this back but I understand that they do things in their life like all of us and don’t have all the time in the world to film videos like this all the time. These types of videos take a long time! With all the editing and a whole day of filming it and an intro/outro.. man that is a lot of time and energy! I appreciate so much that they did this every week for 5 years. Ethan and Grayson, if you happen to see this I hope you are living your best life as adults and us fans understand if you ever need a social media cleanse for a little bit. All we want is your happiness.<3

  • Bailey Pierce
    Bailey Pierce   2 days ago

    2:40 Can't be in the same store, no limit, 2:54 $500 dollar limit

  • Ivor Sealetsa
    Ivor Sealetsa   3 days ago

    You can also play with ell and alli and steel

  • Bridget Schwab
    Bridget Schwab   4 days ago

    But in the video before this they had the karaoke machine...

  • Bridget Schwab
    Bridget Schwab   4 days ago

    So no one is talking about how the mini pavilion costs more less than the tv?

  • Ciarra Aka Barbara
    Ciarra Aka Barbara   5 days ago

    Grayson: “it’s the right amount of toasted”!!!!!Ethan: “bruh it’s just a raw piece of bread”

  • Emilia Dawe
    Emilia Dawe   5 days ago

    I still can't believe they didnt know what Costco was...hurt

  • Aine D'Arcy
    Aine D'Arcy   5 days ago

    6:10 future grayson wishes he bought that after corona lol

  • Arriana Warrick
    Arriana Warrick   5 days ago

    They make me feel so broke😂😂😂But they deserve it💯

  • Piper H
    Piper H   1 weeks ago

    Literally if someone brought home a T. rex sprinkler I’d be SO HAPPY

  • Meerah Ahmed
    Meerah Ahmed   1 weeks ago

    anyone rewatching/watching the dolan twins old videos during quarantine 🙈 ??

  • Conrad Fava
    Conrad Fava   1 weeks ago

    Triq san david binja gebel dwejra 17a imtrfa malta

  • Kaylee R.
    Kaylee R.   1 weeks ago

    When you realize that toaster is the same toaster your mom bought....mom. Why.😂

  • Chloe Terry-Lloyd
    Chloe Terry-Lloyd   1 weeks ago

    don’t know who needs to know this but anyway today when i liked the video it went from 397k to 398k and that was just really satisfying so yeah

  • Winter Wolf
    Winter Wolf   1 weeks ago

    I mean it's modern...isn't that your nightmare lmao

  • blue nova
    blue nova   1 weeks ago

    Honesty I love what Ethan bought, it’s so him😂

  • Alexis Hair
    Alexis Hair   1 weeks ago

    Ok Grayson's idea of getting a bunch of inflatables is so smart and sounds really fun!

  • Isabella caraballo
    Isabella caraballo   2 weeks ago

    nobody:grayson : so today so today HEY OK TODDAAYY OKKAYY ALLRIGGHHT TODAY today 1:38 lol

  • Cameron Ference
    Cameron Ference   2 weeks ago

    i love how they donated money at the end. Most people do no budgte shopping and don't donate in the end

  • Cameron Ference
    Cameron Ference   2 weeks ago

    Grayson buying a 400 dolloror 2490r 968useful things Ethan "Omg"Ethan: two robot vacums:837Ethan: dinasour sprinkler: 59.99Ethan: Cheeta art piece with crystal eyes and covered in gold: 2000Grayson: "NoI always felt bad for Grayson cause he felt so bad about spending so much and Ethan was like let me show you what I got

  • Sara Zakaria
    Sara Zakaria   2 weeks ago

    Everyone subscribe to the Dolan twins!!!!

  • Lehansa Dharmasena
    Lehansa Dharmasena   2 weeks ago

    we gonna ignore the fact that Ethan called the Buddha statue a gold lady LOLLLL

  • Fiona Larkin
    Fiona Larkin   2 weeks ago

    büttthœlês🕳 are🤯nøthïng😡to🙂be🤣łàughed🤬at💅they’re 📈just😻part🤠of😱the👩‍🦱human🦶body 🧠

  • gpr4455
    gpr4455   2 weeks ago


  • Brie Jans
    Brie Jans   2 weeks ago

    15:32 Do you mean a piece of bread