Tik Toks that make me pee from laughter

  • Published on: 26 October 2019
  • Funny Tik Tok hahaha I don't know what to write in here so yeah hope you like it
  • Runtime : 11:1


  • Bree
    Bree   5 hours ago

    Girl: Trump, Drake and JesusOther Girl: That's Post Malone... 😂

  • Aytouti Bnti
    Aytouti Bnti   8 hours ago


  • dino bread
    dino bread   14 hours ago

    me watching this in quartine like:0

  • Yas Love
    Yas Love   1 days ago

    Firts one had me crying from laughter 😭😭😭

  • Adam Hansen
    Adam Hansen   1 days ago

    6:09 lmao dat me thoooooo (not) LOLLLLLLL that helped me in life

  • Lazslo de Vaal
    Lazslo de Vaal   1 days ago

    4:46 I starting watching this one day cause I was bored. I literally stopped when she said this. Bitch, I beat that when I was 6 like 99% off the world gtfo

  • Nahomi Anteneh
    Nahomi Anteneh   1 days ago

    OMG i don't know why but the one of anthony, josh, and payton had me choking on my lemonade

  • Dorothy
    Dorothy   1 days ago

    when the woman thought that Post Malone was Jesus, lmao i did not survive shshkahslkfahsk

    CLARA FRANCOIS   2 days ago


  • Tyson Welch
    Tyson Welch   2 days ago

    i wear a size 14 in the 8th grade 4:48

  • KoushiKoushiii
    KoushiKoushiii   2 days ago

    The cockroach one had me SCREAMING 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vicky Dalesio
    Vicky Dalesio   2 days ago

    The guy who said turtles need to die will be sad

  • destiny jade
    destiny jade   2 days ago

    Lmfao When I'm in the bathroom for 3 minutes they bang on the door so freaking loud that it scares the shit out of me n tell me to get out

  • Anna Kovaleva
    Anna Kovaleva   3 days ago

    If that wam pulled my hair like that then i dont blame the ladie bc that is exactly what i would do!

  • Anna Kovaleva
    Anna Kovaleva   3 days ago

    The guy singing about turtles must really hate them but i like them so he's a bitch!

  • macieee
    macieee   1 weeks ago

    Why is no one talking about the turtles neck...

  • Sophie Scanes
    Sophie Scanes   1 weeks ago

    Nice one guys I love 💖 it so much From Sophie

  • Annie G
    Annie G   1 weeks ago

    My teacher called me Ching Chong

  • JoiEssie Slacks
    JoiEssie Slacks   1 weeks ago

    i think the dog that was rubbing its cock is not ok-