I Spent 24 Hours in Korea with No Money

  • Published on: 16 June 2019
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    In this week’s video, Thomas decides to see if it would be possible to survive on the streets of Seoul, South Korea with no money for 24 hours.

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Runtime : 12:56
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  • Successful Person
    Successful Person   33 minuts ago

    Hyojun is literally the nicest human being. Love the wholesomeness these videos show!

  • Hee Kim
    Hee Kim   4 hours ago

    Woah!! What’s the point of this challenge???? At least try to learn some basic words in their language if you are seeking unilateral kindness from other people. So disturbing.

  • Fatima- Zohra
    Fatima- Zohra   23 hours ago

    Try doing in china or Morocco please! Thanks for the great quality content ❤

  • gman don
    gman don   2 days ago

    That asian guy reminders of whats good about asia

  • NightmarE L
    NightmarE L   2 days ago

    Yes theory best YouTube channel 👌👌👌👌👍👍

  • David
    David   2 days ago

    Try in North Korea lol

  • Shamika Perera
    Shamika Perera   3 days ago

    Stop being cheap n sponging off pple. Shame on all ur stupid videos

  • Unknown
    Unknown   5 days ago

    share the korean guy some love at :@jeonhojunkr

  • Oridecon Bling-Bling
    Oridecon Bling-Bling   1 weeks ago

    Most asian people are always helpful, especially on south east asia. This is from my personal observation, understanding, and experience.

  • Jihan L
    Jihan L   1 weeks ago

    why would you just naturally expect that majority of people in another nation speak English? da

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G   1 weeks ago

    Been binging this channel but these no money videos are lame asf. Y’all just taking advantage of people for content. Doesn’t sit well at all considering your situation with all these sponsors and millions of views.

  • Ryan -501
    Ryan -501   1 weeks ago

    Someone got mad cause you ask his girl for help?

  • Ashley Inman
    Ashley Inman   1 weeks ago

    You guys need to do one of these challenges with Simon Wilson, he’ll show you how it’s done 👍

  • Arkine
    Arkine   2 weeks ago

    Yo its 11:30 pm the restaurants are still open cool in my country restaurants and malls would usually close around 9:30 or 10:00

  • Jonhard Ganit
    Jonhard Ganit   2 weeks ago

    "crush" what thomas meant to say is crash(to stay in).. basic asian 😂

  • awesomeness8282
    awesomeness8282   2 weeks ago

    you might be shocked but if you leave ur stuff out like a phone a korean will always try to find the owner.

  • Phoenix AZ
    Phoenix AZ   2 weeks ago

    If you did that in Algeria . You will have no trouble . You will get food drinks somewhere to sleep and much more . Trust me. Love your videos ♥

  • Elise Erickson
    Elise Erickson   2 weeks ago

    You guys should come back to the people that helped you when you were abandoned in these cities and bring them on an adventure as a thank-you!

  • Mac Reed
    Mac Reed   3 weeks ago

    0:31 that laugh is a crzy persons laugh

  • Yellow Rose
    Yellow Rose   4 weeks ago

    The main reason why people aren't so charitable these days is bc you can't trust anyone. Everyone is nuts! Please don't ever invite a stranger into your home. Especially if you have kids! Take him to a church, soup kitchen or a shelter instead.

  • ParryWonders
    ParryWonders   4 weeks ago

    i know im late but when that korean guy was saying yes to letting him sleep at his place, i instantly thought "NO HES GONNA RAPE YOU" hahaha

  • Telu You
    Telu You   1 months ago

    I.’ll have what i’m having 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Benji le
    Benji le   1 months ago

    Political offence, wtf does that even mean!!!!

  • Kathleen Santos
    Kathleen Santos   1 months ago

    2020 and I am here❣️ Our world needs someone like Ho Jun ❤️ So pure and one of a kind ❤️

  • Sudarsan Ramakrishnan
    Sudarsan Ramakrishnan   1 months ago

    When i have to spent 24 hours without money, i usual spend half of it sleeping and half of it thinking about sleeping

  • Philip Aton
    Philip Aton   1 months ago

    Introvert Thomas did better in Thailand than extrovert Thomas in Korea. Change my mind.

  • Melvin Doreste
    Melvin Doreste   1 months ago

    in Korea not manny pepole kan english i learned that now.

  • EB
    EB   1 months ago

    Ah copying simon wilson i see