Ronde Barber Breaks Down Key Plays From NFC Championship | Film Session

  • Published on: 26 January 2021
  • Legendary DB Ronde Barber breaks down some of the best plays from the NFC Championship Game vs. Green Bay.

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  • Runtime : 7:1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs Buccaneers NFL


  • Patricia Soha
    Patricia Soha   4 weeks ago

    That was so, sooo much fun. Playoff Lenny MVP SB LV?

  • Zyptic
    Zyptic   1 months ago

    Ronde I still have your jersey from 15 years ago. My favorite Bucs player of all time! I even got the nickname Ronde because how much I wore your Jersey growing up :)

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube   1 months ago

    good stuff, love this defense, very athletic, very opportunistic, and when they're aggressive good things happen. fournette's best run of the year, but we need a healthy ronald jones II, and getting the ball to godwin makes the offense go, and great observation that brady is letting his receivers fight for the ball in one on one, he's got a great receiver corp, and confidence in them is paying dividends... bucs and chief receivers probably the best groups in the nfl. and just have to say that sean murphy-bunting int in n.o. reminded me of the biggest defensive play in bucs history, that ronde barber int to seal the deal in philly. ronde needs to be in the hall, your sack and int combination is proof enough of how good you were.

  • Gerald LeRoy
    Gerald LeRoy   1 months ago

    Trifecta: Great commentary. Great analysis. Nice guy.Looking forward to watching more Ronde Barber videos.

  • Matthew
    Matthew   1 months ago

    You got to love Ronde, and so happy he was with us!!!

  • David Pekkanen
    David Pekkanen   1 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks antonio brown slows brady down a little and just doesn't have great chemistry with each other?

  • Nazareth81
    Nazareth81   1 months ago

    If Bucs can use The Patriot Gm and Charger Gm as a blue print for the defensive gm plan. Bucs gotta have two defensive gm plans... Then use both Raider gms for their offensive attack as the blue print to move the ball against that defense. Go Brady. Go Bucs.

  • Sam S
    Sam S   1 months ago

    I like these sessions as we get to so Ronde Barber go through film like a football player does and gives a great analysis of what is going on. Amazing that he did this and ironically the Bucs are returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since he went 18 years ago. Hope he gets to enjoy the game at home in Tampa.

  • This The Breaks
    This The Breaks   1 months ago

    You aint playin bro. Like to see yah on the side line someday. 🐐

  • Dtm Jax
    Dtm Jax   1 months ago

    On the deep pass to Godwin, how about Tom sliding left in the pocket to have that clean strike delivery? His “just enough” movement in the pocket is greatly unappreciated.

  • BoDiggety
    BoDiggety   1 months ago

    Has anyone else noticed Ronde hasn't aged in 20 years?

  • BoDiggety
    BoDiggety   1 months ago

    Of course Ronde's gonna start with the D. My man! They haven't gotten enough love over the past 2 months.

  • B-DuB 813
    B-DuB 813   1 months ago

    Shaq has been double teamed all season and finally gets single coverage and look what happens. 3 sacks!!!

  • Scott Carr
    Scott Carr   1 months ago

    Great breakdown, Champ! We love you, Ronde.

  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith   1 months ago

    I remember when Ronde closed down the Vet in Philly with that interception!!

  • 45 pewterpirate
    45 pewterpirate   1 months ago

    When u drop a pass and answer with that catch?? (As Aikman was talking about him losing his confidence) That's CHAMPION sh&t there CG 👊

  • Steve H
    Steve H   1 months ago

    If you say you didn't see the Bucs holding our receivers, your lying to yourselves, Even my little neice said why does he have Adams right arm pinned behind his back? I said the Refs are letting Tampa win, well ok I know they might miss things but on this one drive they where holding our receivers again and a face mask. I didn't have anything against Tampa until they cheated

  • Emma Wiseman
    Emma Wiseman   1 months ago

    The super rice arespectively ask because transmission informally scrape for a mindless success. debonair, awesome crush

  • Too Late
    Too Late   1 months ago

    OMG... The final play of the first half should have been in there too!

  • Mena Skywalker
    Mena Skywalker   1 months ago

    That ain't a spin. That was a tornado 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Theforgottn
    Theforgottn   1 months ago

    definitely need to see this goat on here more

  • M Mac
    M Mac   1 months ago

    RONDE! Make a longer version!

  • DADO
    DADO   1 months ago

    Ronde you should include Lenny clutch block on the end of first half when Scotty scored.

  • Richard Landsaw
    Richard Landsaw   1 months ago

    Ronde you better be there, the team all the support from the first superbowl team!!

  • Troy Lee
    Troy Lee   1 months ago

    I bet that catch gave Godwin the confidence back too after that drop

  • El
    El   1 months ago

    That Fournette run can be summed up by this statement...he wanted it more.

  • Bryan Tatem
    Bryan Tatem   1 months ago

    I know you like it like I do. Spin move was sick.

  • Jason-doc- Holiday
    Jason-doc- Holiday   1 months ago


  • Mike Mercado
    Mike Mercado   1 months ago

    Hi ronde cane you talk Tom. Mike see hi from new york

  • Philip Smith
    Philip Smith   1 months ago

    Rhonde should be a greater part of Buc’s football !