• Published on: 26 February 2017
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      1 years ago

    Lebron James in the thumbnail, hahaha. You tried to mirror it.

  • Long Journeys
    Long Journeys   1 days ago

    7:45 only Kobes true fans can hear gigi saying:GO DAD!!

  • Sasagie Productions
    Sasagie Productions   1 days ago

    Kobe was an amazing basketball player and the fact that he saved the Lakers twice the first time to get them to overtime and the second time hitting a clutch shot to win

  • Johary Masandag
    Johary Masandag   2 days ago

    I wish orochimaru is real. I miss kobe so bad. If only I know how Idutensai works 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • QUOTES 365
    QUOTES 365   3 days ago

    Thank you for spending your valuable time just to make a video, This is really a wonderful video.

  • Riccardo Argilli
    Riccardo Argilli   3 days ago

    What about Larry Johnson 4 point play against Indiana in the last 5 seconds with the Knicks below 3? Where is it? The Garden going crazy, how could you not even put it in the top 10? Are you crazy man?

    THE GAMER   3 days ago

    Man wgile the selection of moments is bad, the music makes it actually epic

  • Brendan O'Shea
    Brendan O'Shea   3 days ago

    Where's Birds steal, Magics hook shot? Jordans hand switch? F-

  • Jason Suarez
    Jason Suarez   4 days ago

    Naaah bitch #4 is the real number 1, kobe is the number 2 jordan is the number 3 lilliard dont deserve to be there

  • GC George
    GC George   5 days ago

    need updated w the khawi v sixers

  • Enlightened Idiot
    Enlightened Idiot   1 weeks ago

    Nice highlights, but they were all modern. No Wilt, no Kareem, No Magic, No Bird. Seriously?

  • Rahny2k
    Rahny2k   1 weeks ago

    The music u put on was so unnecessary. We would rather hear the commentary and shit by itself

  • joel blande
    joel blande   1 weeks ago

    Kyrie Irving Top 10 carrer Plays

  • Twrecks 4223
    Twrecks 4223   1 weeks ago

    We all know the NBA goat was Michael Jordan

  • William Arcamo
    William Arcamo   1 weeks ago

    RIP MAMBA 8/24 1996— 2016. 01- 26- 2020 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • JAcKe
    JAcKe   1 weeks ago

    Jordan ,kobe ,lebron 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Kiran Abhilash
    Kiran Abhilash   1 weeks ago

    Where is stephen curry's half court shot.. u guys are such such a bag of blind shits.. u should have included him

  • KillerQueen000
    KillerQueen000   2 weeks ago

    Sweet summer child. You do know there was an NBA before 1998? There is a guy named Mike. Played a little ball in Chicago. Owns half this list. You completely left out moments that redefined the sport. Bird, Magic, Erving, Jabbar, Chamberlain, Russell, Ewing, Barkley, Olajuwon, West, Havlicek, Miller, Stockton, Malone, Robertson, Reed, Thomas. You left out 50 years of history. Someday I hope You kids learn that Baskerball is more than LBJ, Kobe, and Kevin. Go.learn something. You will discover so much.

  • Elm Liu
    Elm Liu   2 weeks ago

    Been through the virus outbreak, nba shutdown, dispute between nba and China government , and Kobe, Gigi’s death, I now desperately miss those normal but precious days..

  • gee dee
    gee dee   2 weeks ago

    Epic moments of 2000’s. For real tho. Great comp but rename this video.

  • ofw cy
    ofw cy   2 weeks ago

    been watching you since 2001

  • ofw cy
    ofw cy   2 weeks ago

    rest in peace one and only black mamba mentality you are always in our hearts thank you for the great memories that you left behind thank you for being inspiration for all young generations may godbless your family here on earth

  • Darth Kall
    Darth Kall   2 weeks ago

    10 epic moments yes, but 10 most? naaah

  • Prens Willam
    Prens Willam   2 weeks ago


  • ross hunt
    ross hunt   2 weeks ago

    Tracy mcgradys was good..but Kobe the man