• Published on: 13 January 2020
  • Finally revealing our baby boy's name 💙tysm for your support we love you guys!!
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  • Chelsea De la Rey
    Chelsea De la Rey   1 months ago

    I'm so happy for them❤️❤️new addition to the Juice World family 🤞

  • Annie Fun
    Annie Fun   2 months ago

    So many ads question yourself why are you guys trying to profit off your baby

  • Tima
    Tima   2 months ago

    Hey I know I'm odee late but since you're Muslim, Will, did you speak the athan in Reigns ear once he was born?

  • Negwa aberra
    Negwa aberra   2 months ago

    He has joined the umah brothers, sisters !!!! TAKBEER!!! TAKBEER !!!

  • Javeria Kayani
    Javeria Kayani   2 months ago

    It’s absolutely incredible that will is a Muslim! But I’m a bit confused as in your videos you drink, eat pork and obviously had sex before marriage? People who have converted and for the amount of time that will has, they have adapted to those changes (praying, not drinking, not eating pork and refraining from sexual relationships)

  • Amina Hassan
    Amina Hassan   3 months ago

    How can he be muslim, when he have cross necklace on his insta?

  • Raising Grayson
    Raising Grayson   3 months ago

    How lovely!! 😍 We just filmed a name reveal in my channel too!!❤️

  • its.kasiiiaaa
    its.kasiiiaaa   3 months ago

    olivia loook so good , she glowing and she have some weight on her she look so good🥺

  • Yrb Kayy
    Yrb Kayy   4 months ago

    Look at first Olivia was remembering everything will couldnt remember some of the stuff now look at him ,correcting Olivia and putting their son to sleep and it's just so precious I love you both and your baby boy. I just want to say when my mom had my little brother she started to get a little insecure about the weight she gained and her stretch marks so if you ever find yourself going through that just know that you'll bounce back, but you're beautiful regardless

  • Queen Nezzy
    Queen Nezzy   4 months ago

    The name is beautiful Reign Amil Fryson thats pretty DOPE!! A cool idea would be (RAF) for a nickname just taking the first letters of the names and putting it together. But CONGRATS:).

  • Saleemah Shabazz
    Saleemah Shabazz   4 months ago

    omg, you Muslim!! Can you make a video on how you convert to Islam and by the way I'm a black muslin to.

  • D.O.N
    D.O.N   4 months ago

    That baby said chill I'm only 22 minutes I'm tryna catch my z's

  • Maya Abu Aziza
    Maya Abu Aziza   4 months ago

    Congratulations!!! My Allah protect you both and your beautiful healthy baby❤️🧿

  • XxYellowbone26xX
    XxYellowbone26xX   5 months ago

    I have a little boy hes 6 months. Having a baby is a blessing but I am so caught up in wanting freedom but not wanting no one watching my child lol. Oh motherhood.

  • Je Je
    Je Je   5 months ago

    WILL GOT A 0 😩😩😩😩🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • islandgurlpurple
    islandgurlpurple   5 months ago

    them getting him the cake and singing for him is literally the cutest thing i’ve ever seen🥺

  • Beth Powell
    Beth Powell   5 months ago

    Most beautiful family I’ve ever seen man you my life goal

  • Lalaaaaaaaa
    Lalaaaaaaaa   5 months ago

    Awwwww WILLLLL 😭💚 the push present is soooo sweet. Y’all I’m a savage. Stop putting me in my feelings 😭💚

  • Destini Monroe
    Destini Monroe   5 months ago

    If you stop breast feeding your breasts will go back normal size. I'm 3 months into stopping but I still produce a little milk.

  • Salma H
    Salma H   5 months ago

    Reign actually means queen

  • Teemarshaa
    Teemarshaa   5 months ago

    I could tell will was Muslim this whole time honestly. I don’t know how maybe from little things he said or did in older videos but I knew

  • Tana •
    Tana •   5 months ago

    Is soooo nice to know he is Muslim, all religion deserve respect

  • Anna Harmon
    Anna Harmon   5 months ago

    Awee he has alot of hair👶🏻❤

  • Anna Harmon
    Anna Harmon   5 months ago

    Awee their are sop perfect i dreamed of having a relationship like u guys someday ik youre gonna be great parents😩😩😩❤ and happy birthday handsome lul one 👶🏻👣

  • Malika Falls
    Malika Falls   5 months ago

    Will: “How old are you now” Also Will: “Tittie, tittie” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PAY & MARI
    PAY & MARI   5 months ago

    Hey yall subscribe to our channel videos coming soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU