The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed - Full Movie

  • Published on: 13 August 2020
  • We are not alone in the universe. Alien life is here right now, contacting us in the form of Bigfoot, UFOs, orbs, and other inter-dimensional paranormal phenomena. These experiences are changing human nature as we have known it. Learn how researchers have identified locations where portals are opening to reveal many forms of nonhuman intelligence - intelligent lifeforms that are being kept secret. See more Full Movies on Janson Media -

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    UFO's Under Investigation - Episode 110 -
  • Runtime : 1:32:38
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  • Dean Dee
    Dean Dee   14 hours ago

    I hear weird crack sounds odd sounds all day long, good grief, its wood shrinking and expanding, moving about "its an alien" LOFL

  • Dean Dee
    Dean Dee   14 hours ago

    lol, you can see the platform isn't level.. good one tho, if he really wanted to see if she was shrinking he would put a tape measure next to her and him, OR, the best way since he would say welp the tape measure is shrinking to scale as well, you would set up a lazer level, like a surveyor, his lazer may shrink in size but the height the level will remain the same, chel the distance to ground to lazer and then to top of her head... bet money its not changing... this guy is just playing with optical illusions.. geez dood really?

  • Tim Bartley - Anxiety, Panic, GAD, OCD, PTSD Expert

    A few years ago I saw a bigfoot in Adrian Michigan. My dog freaked out like when he sees squirrels but more so. I looked up and there was like an 8 foot ape face looking at me from behind a tree about 30 yards right in front of me. I looked away, then back, and ran towards the tree. There was nothing there. There was no way any animal could have vanished without me seeing them running away. That's when I had the thought that they were extradimensional. I was kind of high up and could see all around me, very short brush. I told the story to my brother and he informed me that there had been bigfoot sightings in the area. WTF?

  • Walter Long III
    Walter Long III   1 days ago

    Would it get that much attention if it were a little foot sighting or a hairy big thumbed night wandering hiker?

  • Kriswixx
    Kriswixx   2 days ago

    Prime Directive.- the whole reason no, is because this construct will be affected and we may be cleared for the next construct. petrie dish planet.

  • Matthew King
    Matthew King   2 days ago

    This may well be the most un-scientific, brain-deadening, ridiculous movie I've ever watched. Like where do I even start? It's movies like this that harm the UFO or UAP community imo. This is just ludicrous stupidity. Everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, if they have enough brain cells to even feel shame.

  • Wayne Hise
    Wayne Hise   2 days ago

    What did you call me? The names Darrel 👁👽🚀😎

  • Paul Revered
    Paul Revered   2 days ago

    If they are ethereal alien beings why don't they know how to bathe and wipe their ass and not smell like piss, shit and B.O.?

  • Moronvideos1940
    Moronvideos1940   2 days ago

    Brod daylight? It's BROAD daylight, a day when all you see is women walking the streets .......I remember the day I jumped on my bike....missed the seat and damaged my dangling ones. When I fell on the sidewalk, screaming in agony, my friends laughed and started calling me SQUASHEDCROTCH. Between the two I always get the spelling mixed up ........... ow !!

  • Moronvideos1940
    Moronvideos1940   2 days ago

    Bigfoot used to be a field goal kicker for the Chicago Bears ....around 1943...........

  • G-Body Loc
    G-Body Loc   3 days ago

    Dumb! It's all demonic. What better to lead people to Hell than trick them into believing in life all over the universe.Now, there are beings in the universe but it's the angels good and bad that are roaming around.

  • Catcher Freeman
    Catcher Freeman   3 days ago

    Why is this on my recommended list?? I hate tinfoil hat guys

  • Blindspot Spotter
    Blindspot Spotter   4 days ago

    What a great point Stan Friedman makes about UFO researchers results vs. SETI's complete lack thereof. RIP Stan

  • Betty Vanderhooven-SchmaaSchmaa

    Sasquatch Chronicles, Dixie Cryptid, Bigfoot Case Files. Take a few days and do some research. Bigfoot is alive and well. The govt actively hides BF bodies and threatens witnesses. Why?

  • Sheila E
    Sheila E   4 days ago

    Bigfoots are alien hybrids

  • EtEritLux
    EtEritLux   4 days ago

    Eat 5 dried grams in silent darkness and meet the self-replicating machines yourself. Read Food of The Gods by Terence McKenna.

  • Laskow 64
    Laskow 64   5 days ago

    Maybe the light balls will open some gates through which the Big Foot can enter our world.

  • Juan Umaña Caneo
    Juan Umaña Caneo   5 days ago

    ..but in any case, fine; so too please dear readers of this YouTube wall; I can not stop appealing and DENOUNCING an "issue" that literally goes unnoticed "OLYMPICALLY" in its importance, and is also considered in a way that goes unpunished in its guilty implication within this apparent peripheral fact seen in all the daily news already either in the media or promoted by word of mouth regarding the supposed myth that can be typified as; “… THAT ALIENS ARE INVADING US FROM IMMEMORIAL TIMES”; and this is SIMPLY AN ANSWER THAT MAY EVEN SURPRISE MANY (- ... and of course it may offend someone: For which I also apologize in advance, but you have to name all things by name, and when something it is not good at all ... it has to be clarified imperiously without leaving anything to insipid diplomacies-), so we must not be "naive" or fainthearted about core things that are intrinsically twisted within each one of us (... I I refer to the world social scales, and also to the miniscule personal level of each one of us), THEREFORE WE GO FULL TOPIC NOW WITHOUT MORE PREAMBLES; and this is that ... "OK" ... if there are extraterrestrials ... but these are not physical, but spiritual, that it should be noted that of which; yes, many are called; "Good" that is; of the true Light and True Truth, but there are also others of the "dark" side, and of the general lie, and so according to the entire Bible, now at this time on our planet earth we are in his reign (... that Jesus always asks us to pray that His original Divine Holy Reign of the true truth will come soon and clearing all being liar from this captive planet, but we are not yet experiencing it ourselves, or we are subjected to all kinds of CONVINCING SCAM IN THE EXTREME- ), because let's not forget that this current god of this world is Satan, who deceives the whole world (according to Revelation 12: 9), and he wants to make his supposed scenario propitious so that when, for example, the prophesied 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11 makes humanity believe that these TWO are EVIL INVADING ALIENS, because as the Holy Scriptures say, these characters will possess for public opinion some supposed "super powers" so that in the end the prophet hoisted BEAST and the False Jesus (or antichrist) kill them in the square of the great city, read in great detail in APOCALYPSE CHAPTER 11 (emphasizing it)… SPEAKING OF THE TWO WITNESSES CLOTHED IN CILICIO, OR BE IT; IN BLACK FOR THE MORNING OF THE GREAT MORTAND OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION (because of course they will spread the word that supposed adversary legions are coming to humanity ... and other details that in this statement I am not given the authorization to say even more details , because it is part of God's Plan ...) and they will exhibit their dead bodies for three days as war trophies, but afterwards if the True Jesus Christ will return, as it is revealed in the entire 14th chapter of Zacharias, that is, this information it is only the "tip of the iceberg" ... because there are impressively superior, exhilarating and sublime "details", because everyone is under a hypnotic power of deception (they even take offense to know some of this information by covering their ears ), and if you don't believe it, here are some simple examples: For example: DO YOU THINK THAT HERODES THE GREAT CARRIED OUT HIS CENSUS ON DECEMBER 25, IF IT RAINS AND WE EVEN HAVE A LOT OF SNOW IN ISRAEL BY THESE DATES, LEAVING ROADS YES N BE ABLE TO HAVE A GOOD TRANSIT, THING WE CAN SEE IN REFERENCE TO THE WEATHER OF THE BIBLE IN EZRA 10: 9 OR JEREMIAH 36:22 WHICH MENTIONED A COLD WEATHER IN THE NINTH MONTH OF THE SACRED CALENDAR GIVEN BY GOD, ... AND NOT YOU DO NOT CONFUSE HIM WITH WHAT THE CURRENT GREGORIAN IS (ALSO TESTED BY SEEING THE WEATHERS ON "YOUTUBE" BY THESE DATES), CONTRADICTING TO WHAT THE APOSTLE LUKE SAYS, THAT HE IS THE APOSTLE WHO IS CHARACTERIZED BY MENTIONING ALL THE DETAILS CHRONOLOGICALLY STEP BY STEP, LUKE 2: 8-12, WHICH MENTIONS THAT THE PASTORS WERE OUTSIDE IN BETHLEHEM ... THEREFORE WHICH; PROOF REMAINS, AND THAT I ONLY PUT TWO, AND THERE ARE MANY MORE, BUT THE MYSTERIES OF THE GOSPEL MUST BE KEPT SO, BECAUSE JESUS ​​HIMSELF SPOKEN TO THE CROWD IN PARABLE, AND THIS WAS REVEALED IN SECRET THE APOSTLES IN MARK 4, AND IT IS SO THAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR THEIR SINS ARE FORGIVEN, BECAUSE NOW IS SATAN AS THE GOD OF THIS WORLD, AND IF THE CANDLE WERE DROPPED TO THEM, THE LAST STATE WOULD BECOME WORSE THAN THE FIRST , FOR IT CAN TEMPT THE CALLED, AND APOST FROM THE FIRST FAITH ONCE GIVEN, AND BE PART OF THE CALL, SADLY AS THE 3RD RESURRECTION. BUT NOW RETURNING TO THE SUBJECT OF WHY THE MYTHS OF ALIENS, THEN THESE TWO WITNESSES CLOTHED IN BLACK WILL HAVE DOCTRINES OF APPEALING TO THE REPENTANCE OF SINS JUST AS THE PROPHET ISAIAS (Matthew 3: 1-3) –OR BE; THAT THE 10 COMMANDMENTS WERE NEVER DESTROYED AS JESUS ​​SAID IN MATTHEW 5-, BUT THE GREAT MASSES OF HUMANITY BELIEVE THAT CHRIST NAILED THEM TO THE CROSS, WHEREAS CHRIST'S FIRST MISSION WAS TO DIE FOR OUR TRANSGRESSION, BUT NOT DECAY TO ABOLISH OR DESTROY THEM (ADDED ATTENTION; SATAN MAKES THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS WITH HER DAUGHTERS TO BELIEVE THAT THESE 10 COMMANDMENTS ARE IN THE SAME GROUP WITH THE ORDINANCES, STATUTES, MANDATES SUCH AS THE CIRCUMCISION, THE SACRED SACRIFICIALS THAT DOES NOT ADJUST TO WHAT IS SAID BY THE TRUE GOD IN FOR EXAMPLE ... 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  • shawn bianchi
    shawn bianchi   5 days ago

    I see trees of green, red roses to I see them bloom for me and you, And I think to myself, What a Wonderfullllllll World.

  • shawn bianchi
    shawn bianchi   5 days ago

    I call them Squish Squashes because if they tramp on you you will be squished.

  • Rigel Royce
    Rigel Royce   6 days ago

    Orb changing shape=camera going in and out of focus.

  • Dawn Oh
    Dawn Oh   6 days ago

    No one says Yeti are dumb…. They could fly space ships like Chewbacca.

  • Dawn Oh
    Dawn Oh   6 days ago

    My wife said that before because you see big foot and UFOs At the same time. With all the people in the forest you’d think someone would stumble on their home if they lived in the forest.

  • Kamback Trans Am
    Kamback Trans Am   6 days ago

    The noise in side the shed is from the expansion and contraction of materials. Wood paneling, metal siding, Plastics. All expand and contract at different rates when the sun goes down and things begin to cool off changing temperatures like convection. High ceilings create pressure zones and when one area cools it shifts the air in the room that is why you feel a draft when all openings are closed. For example: Ever notice when painting a room or applying plaster the corners take for ever to dry. Buildings are land yachts they are constantly shifting and under pressure.

  • Kamback Trans Am
    Kamback Trans Am   6 days ago

    I think people have been smoking to much Peyote, or Ganja, with a touch of Coke, and maybe with a hint of Acid. Come on people, there are over 150 million hunters and no one ever bagged them selves a bigfoot or alien trophy. Ask your self this, with high tech. cameras out there why is every picture blurry. The answer is simple it's Capitalism. With every sighting come the flood of tourist hoping to be part or to get a glimpse of something . "CAPITALISM "

  • Read Truth
    Read Truth   6 days ago

    Bigfoot isn’t an ET. ET’s are even ET’s. They are all transdimension/hyperdimensional beings that are native to life HERE. Otherwise, explain how there are ‘lizard’ aliens, ‘insect’ aliens, ‘cat’ aliens, mothman, dogman, owlman, apeman (aka bigfoot), and a thousand other animal-like cryptids out there. How is it life throughout the universe always looks like humanoid versions of animals we have here?? That makes NO SENSE! Aliens should look like NOTHING we’ve ever seen before because they should have a completely different evolutionary morphology from anything on this planet if they evolved millions of light years away.It’s simple: They aren’t aliens. (Even though they want you to believe they are) None of them are. There’s only one logical answer, and you probably won’t like it. They are transdimensional ‘animal’ beings—what our ancestors called ‘spirits’. Hence the same M.O. typically displayed by ‘ghosts’ and demons. Transdimensional. AKA ‘heavenly’. They are the ‘heavenly’ animals. The normal animals that we’re used to—they were CREATED in THEIR image. Just like WE were created in GOD’S image. Guess what? The Bible is TRUE.

  • Zapheteroped
    Zapheteroped   1 weeks ago

    The Phoenix lights never reached 100 mph. It was made of fishing line, helium balloons and battery powered LED lights.

  • SuperKnower
    SuperKnower   1 weeks ago

    RECOMENDED. A documentary somehow rare in nature since it focus in on UFOs/UAPs and Bigfoot and the claim that these two topics are related-that maybe Bigfoot are a part of the UFO/UAP topic.

  • Linda Wiechman
    Linda Wiechman   1 weeks ago

    I live in Western Washington State and my family has a private beach and I have seen ships in the sky and have experienced Sasquatch for many years. I am native American and my elders said not to be afraid of them for they have always been here. I had a rock thrown into our camp and have experience a lot of supernatural events there. I always tell them I know you are there and one time the sasquatch have left me two dead rabbits as I have gifted them apples farther down the beach from our camp site. I enjoy having them to come check us out as I do drumming out at the beach and I think they like the music. All my family members have experienced them and I have seen them with my own eyes. I don't always see them but I do hear them walking around the perimeter of our camp site. I believe the Big Foot work with et's.

  • Rik Allan
    Rik Allan   1 weeks ago

    The Sasquatch, and the other cryptids, are in fact the ground forces for the aliens. We are not a hybrid between Bigfoot and Greys, the Bigfoot and the Greys are in fact genetically engineered humans.

  • John Melland
    John Melland   1 weeks ago

    I've seen many UFO's and one USO. 4 Sasquatch's and many experiences over the years. 1975 to the present. I've spent years living in the outdoors. There's things I can't explain. Like a wood knock right behind me and once a rock 10 ft from me. Both times there wasn't anything there. They're definitely an enigma. They are on every continent. They all exhibit relatively the same behaviors. No matter if you are in Australia, the UK, China, Vietnam, Etc.... They're everywhere and illusive but not rare. 👣👣👽👽🛸🛸

  • Halbert Gonzalez
    Halbert Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    Anyone see the video about SASQUATCH, bigfoot, angels, nephilim, Leprechauns🤑, biGheds👽, and The BIBLE ❓❔⁉️ PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE NAME OF THE VIDEO. THANKS GOD BLESS US ALL.AMEN