The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed - Full Movie

  • Published on: 13 August 2020
  • We are not alone in the universe. Alien life is here right now, contacting us in the form of Bigfoot, UFOs, orbs, and other inter-dimensional paranormal phenomena. These experiences are changing human nature as we have known it. Learn how researchers have identified locations where portals are opening to reveal many forms of nonhuman intelligence - intelligent lifeforms that are being kept secret. See more Full Movies on Janson Media -

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    UFO's Under Investigation - Episode 110 -
  • Runtime : 1:32:38
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  • Wanda Centeno
    Wanda Centeno   4 hours ago

    I believe they are connected to aliens. They are also from another dimension and they reside on earth too. They have paranormal abilities as well so I guess the question is, are there different kinds that belong to those groups I just mentioned? Or are they interchangeably from all three? All I do know is that they reside everywhere on this earth .. with exceptions to a few regions where they have never been reportedly seen

  • Sophia Shekinah
    Sophia Shekinah   5 hours ago

    I lived about 50yrds away from Bigfoot for about a year. Never saw him, but could feel him watching me, and smelled him once. They seem to have the ability to create very clear psychic boundaries... like you just know not to go to certain places, but you don't know why. The woman who owns the property has a daughter about my same age who drew a picture of Bigfoot being levitated into a "cigar craft". She doesn't remember it as an adult, and seems uncomfortable talking about it, but I saw the picture drawn in crayon by an 8yr old, and it shows Bigfoot being lifted into a craft. There were lots of orbs on the property, and while living there, I also had the awareness that he was inter-dimensional. I've also seen the damage he does when angry... large branches snapped in 3 places, limbs broken on the tree and pointing in an upward direction, etc.

  • paperclip
    paperclip   15 hours ago

    The universe is supposedly 12-13 billions year old. planets can exist for billions of year. It depends on the eye of the beholder, but we are lucky if we manage to cling on to this spinning sphere for 8 or 9 decades. Somethings wrong. I like to think that life is permanent and safe somewhere in the cosmic light, but It seems like we are trapped in a sempiternal and evolutionary deformity.

  • Robert Beckham
    Robert Beckham   19 hours ago

    Watching these Sasquatch videos is like having a best friend that’s a girl, all you get is a tease but you never get any action 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • Editing reality
    Editing reality   20 hours ago

    The real reason our government has kept this all a secret is because when we learn of these things our brain creates new neural structures in our brain. This helps evolution of our species. We’re in the middle of a fantastic ascension. They the controllers do not want us to expand and evolve. They are the ones who are demonic and are controlled by these demons that are actually ets themselves. Understand that we’re all creators made in Gods image. So they program us to unknowingly manifest all this negative around us. They do this through religion government politics educational systems including universities who are not allowed to teach the full truth. Our sciences that are taught are fraudulent

  • randy beard
    randy beard   22 hours ago

    Freedom is Truth and vice versus--- these Evil Reptilian Controlled CABAL Members-Black Ops. Space Leaders need to give people on Planet Earth Full Disclosure--even some form of disclosure every year would allow people with weak minds to accept it gradually. Many of us already know that Deep Space has been Mastered since the late 50's via Alien Technology and know that 90% of UFO's are American Made....

  • randy beard
    randy beard   22 hours ago

    Bigfoot has been here the same length of time as man--Genesis 6--the Nephilim--Fallen Angels coming down and having sex with earth women creating Giants of All Kinds. This was the reason for Noah and the Flood, the only problem is that Fallen Angels cannot be destroyed by a flood, only their offspring thus they continue with their evil deeds against mankind....

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez   1 days ago

    One day I go to my friend's apartment to use the bathroom, when I finished I entered his living room to exit back out, only to see 2 tall shadow beings, one Infront of me the other one to the left of me they were both as high as the ceiling, one slightly taller than the other one. I didn't feel fear but for a few seconds I was as still as a statue. When I was a kid I use to have more paranormal encounters, but even now from time to time I would always encounter apparitions, weird clanging pots like banging sounds. Some of these things I've experienced with others around so I know for a fact this isn't a case of schizophrenia.

  • Martin Kaplan
    Martin Kaplan   1 days ago

    MUFON is a government propaganda organization, everyone knows that.

  • Miggy Nova
    Miggy Nova   1 days ago

    They don’t come from outer space, they come from within our earth.

  • tinkercooper1
    tinkercooper1   1 days ago

    Why do the big footpeople smile the entire time they're telling their big foot sighting story..THE ENTIRE TIME..Everyone of them are smiling.If your want to be taken serious seems likethat's saying I'm trying not to laugh while I lie to you.. WATCH ..

  • MrAnonymity-FreeSpeech

    Cliff Barackman needs to be paid or made to say that Sa-Be, Sasquatch, Wildmen and or Giants whatever they are are only an animal. Thats a disinformation campaign. There are literally 1000’s of people all over the Earth who are now speaking out about these beings as they are no longer afraid of being ridiculed ( the big tactic used by the cia) and the conclusion is hands down these beings are not just another animal and that many have abilities bordering on paranormal.

  • Harvey Dent
    Harvey Dent   2 days ago

    Well..atleast its recorded on documents that THEY can die and crash their vehicles like our dumbasses lol...Also..why does bigfoot sound like he has predators abilities...hmm?

  • NatureLover
    NatureLover   2 days ago

    Had experience with Bigfoot & UFO in the same place when I was younger. Several experienced it at the same time in our neighborhood.

  • Savage
    Savage   2 days ago

    My brother and I walked into a parallel world in northeastern Pennsylvania

  • Ninja Duke
    Ninja Duke   2 days ago

    It was a fkn shagimba the whole time. I told people but nobody listened to me.

  • Bernardo Rojas
    Bernardo Rojas   2 days ago

    That parallel world reference is eerily familiar. We seem to experience life according to our perceptions not our knowledge. Knowing is a kind of parallel universe along side the normal general consensus or the mainstream.

  • BizzMoneyB
    BizzMoneyB   3 days ago

    there is absolutely a military installation at Dulce that goes deep underground. there was a disinformation campaign specifically targeting Paul Bennewitz, and it actually drove him to psychiatric insanity and destroyed his life, all because he talked about what he saw.

  • rocco goldenera
    rocco goldenera   3 days ago

    Life after Death – Scientific Evidence | An Interview with Oliver Lazar youtube

  • rocco goldenera
    rocco goldenera   3 days ago

    We are i spirit who take a physical body to experience matter..consciousness is in the spirit being or soul.!! When Einstein's best friend died, he told his wife that death iillusion and he are still your husband and you can't see him from where you are. If you can serve as a point of view and see everything, you will see that it is fine. So I think pretty much that Einstein, he also say that time is an illusion, the past, the present and the future all happening at the same time. guess what after physical body die or make transition you are back right away in earthly physical body take your form immediately more younger and healthier. in those dimension! are alien incarnated too as we us human do , because poeple how had near death expriance they come througt the tunnel and they talk about entite where made from light and the light was representing the unconditional love they talk to them telepathically with there consciousness. and alien talking telepathically too! does alien have same expriance in the physical body as we human do! because i heard the Interrogation from Area 51 Famous Roswell Incident of 1947 Aliens reveal themselves from Homo sapiens desent from future evolution and that they are the ancestors of humans! he talk about many things but he never mention that! he say death is i illusion he say dying is to build new human! he never mention about other dimension he only say about multiverse! and few univers support what we call life, and we live here is coinsidance because our universe support what we call life by chanse! he never mention about the soul! and all those dimension, 🤔

  • Daniel Bernal
    Daniel Bernal   4 days ago

    While stationed in la push Washington back in 87 I was lucky enough to have been let into the quillayute Indian tribe to hear the stories of the sasquatch and once even saw one tree peeking at us while duck hunting,and it changed my life completely!! It pisses me off that the scientific community doesn't believe what the native American tribes have told them about for years because we are so civilized and the natives aren't.they have only lived with these creatures for thousands of years while we haven't but since we are so much smarter we have to be right!smh!

  • sittingdingo1
    sittingdingo1   4 days ago

    Jesus Christ.These people are all Batshit Crazy.

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson   4 days ago

    I was wondering where the Phd's got there certificate's out of a cracker jack box.

  • Kevin Fowler
    Kevin Fowler   4 days ago

    Psalms 110:1 Yah said unto my lord, sit you at my right hand until I make thine enemies your footstool.Yah's messenger (MessiYah) has a big foot too.

  • Kevin Fowler
    Kevin Fowler   4 days ago

    Isaiah 66:1 Thus says Yah, Heaven is my throne, the earth is my footstool; where is the house that ye build unto me? And where is the place of my rest. The Creator of Heaven and Earth has a very large foot.

  • Jeremy Humphrey
    Jeremy Humphrey   4 days ago

    With this fella that bought that place and has the vortexes and the whole orb discussion for me once I knew what I was looking for or at rather. It reminded me of that movie predator. When the predator was more invisible as you looked at it kinda through it it would warp the trees and literal space behind it and that’s exactly what it reminds me of now I know what I’m seeing

  • Jeremy Humphrey
    Jeremy Humphrey   4 days ago

    As a little boy I remember we lived in west swanton Vermont, we were driving home one night and when we got to our road Lakewood drive which is directly before the alburgh bridge there was a whole lot of cats stopped and people are looking in the sky and when I looked up I saw a triangular shaped craft with red lights around it and it was just hovering there for a while and I’ve never seen anything like it since but it was directly over a part of lake Champlain I’ll never forget it ever!!!

  • Goseth Jones
    Goseth Jones   4 days ago

    Can the alien be traced through shoe maker records? If exceptionally large shoes are ordered, can we check where they were sent? Also the payments for the very large shoes could be traced.

  • mike rubin
    mike rubin   4 days ago

    I have always believed we are not alone

  • Patti Shea
    Patti Shea   4 days ago

    Why did we have to change UFO to UAP? Stop it.

  • Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

    The last thing we should do is let the military dictate to us who or what they are. .They lied and murdered a lot of people over the UFO topic now there doing it all over again with these beings..

  • Cosmic Palm
    Cosmic Palm   4 days ago

    Bigfoot , Yeti , sasquatch, as called at different regions of the world is most favourite and loved non human intelligent creature ।।।।।

  • Riel Willmott
    Riel Willmott   5 days ago

    At 1:15:40 it looks like another orb light that was shown in the mysterious vortex house. Someone please see this and verify or comment what you see. The scene where the three guys are talking in front of the garage. An orb or something clearly appears and flies quickly at the garage then above it.