Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

  • Published on: 16 October 2020


    SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton

    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
  • Runtime : 3:41
  • Eminem MGK Token NF Hopsin Machine Gun Kelly Merkules Chris Webby Joyner Lucas Tech N9ne Krizz Kaliko Yelawolf Rittz Strange Music Slumerican Jellyroll Struggle ICP Twiztid Violent J Shaggy 2 Dope Upchurch Adam Calhoun Ryan Upchurch Madchild Logic Diss Track Rap Beef Juggalo R.A. The Rugged Man Mac Lethal Crypt Quadeca Horrorcore Falling In Reverse Lil Peep Ghostmane Pouya Hip Hop Rap Country Rap Tom MacDonald Whiteboy Lil Dicky Macklemore


  • Dylan Roy
    Dylan Roy   21 minuts ago

    This song hits hard because my grandma has cancer.

  • Ronny Kline
    Ronny Kline   37 minuts ago

    Amazing song man. Brings tears to my eyes everytime. Such a powerful message for anyone dealing with any hardship. You are a world treasure my friends. Makes me proud to be a part of HOG.

  • Jennifer Sarver
    Jennifer Sarver   58 minuts ago

    Thank you for this. My grandmother passed away 3 years ago from lung cancer. Biggest loss of my life. Now my besties mom is fighting breast cancer. I've walked this walk with them. She's doing maintenance chemo now. #STILLFIGHTING

  • Dyllon Grubbs
    Dyllon Grubbs   1 hours ago

    Love you man, I had stage 4 leukiamia when I was 5 , an stayed strong through each day till I was healed, this song makes me look back at how the struggle was but I nvr gave in an believed in my family. This was a good song an hope everyone else thats going through these hard times I pray for you that you have the strength to fight an break free

  • Rachel Wilson
    Rachel Wilson   2 hours ago

    I heard the song within minutes of being posted and it's good. But today I'm listening on repeat and balling my eyes out after dreaming of my grandma that fought cancer twice within 5 years of passing and was found to have it a third time during her autopsy. She was a fighter!

  • Sharif254
    Sharif254   3 hours ago

    true King πŸ‘‘ Tom im sure it will help people πŸ€”πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

  • The Real Doom Slayer
    The Real Doom Slayer   8 hours ago

    Nothing but love Tom an Nova!!! I could use help right now.... I drink alot.... An take alot of pills.... You r the sunshine in my rain..... Help.........

  • T3D0
    T3D0   9 hours ago

    Tom.... you are a fucking artistic genius dude. Thank you. Please don't stop doing you and preaching the reality that most don't see. The world needs you and this..

  • Lance Palma
    Lance Palma   10 hours ago


  • T
    T   11 hours ago

    My father and wife passed to this shit...I have a great insiete please contact me.

  • T
    T   11 hours ago

  • Kirsten Neiss
    Kirsten Neiss   11 hours ago

    We LOVE your music!! A friend of mine shared this video with me the day after you posted it. Our daughter, she is 8 years old, had a biopsy done the same day you posted this video. Just wanted to say how awesome, but very ironic with the timing. We noticed a lump in her abdomen over a month ago. It's been appointment after appointment, blood work, protein infusions, the biospy, etc. The last 2 weeks have been pure hell. She was healthy prior to us discoveringthe lumo, no symptoms whatsoever. Official diagnosis came back this past Friday, she has Hepatocellular carcinoma fibrolamellar, they say it has metastasized into her chest cavity in between the blood vessels to her heart. They want to start treatment soon, it's been so unreal from the start to now. We've been told the only way to save her is to shrink the tumor so they can do a liver transplant. We just thought they would tell us she had a hernia, we never imagined they would tell us she has a rare cancer that happens 1 in 5 million, her liver was healthy, they say she was born with Chromosome 19, that's how she randomly got this, just a bad card dealt to us/her through genetics. We are absolutely terrified of the treatment options and what they will push on her. We don't have much faith in doctors or hospitals due to past situations my husband and I have dealt with. Just hoping and praying that God heals her and protects her as we try to navigate through these rough waters. Your music speaks to us! Keep being a badass! ❀

  • A. K.
    A. K.   11 hours ago

    My mother in law passed 2.5 years ago from cancer. My father was diagnosed but because Trump cut funding to the VA, he couldn't afford treatment so he killed himself to avoid costing our family a lot of money in treatment costs. Tom, yet again you amaze me with an amazing song! Also, #fxcktrump #votebiden #supportourveterans

  • Sunnyside Up
    Sunnyside Up   12 hours ago

    fyi, there's more than one type of cancer, some cancer treatments have much better outcomes than they used to, we have better tools for early detection, but we still have a long ways to go. Plus, historically our ancestors died at much younger ages (~30) compared to today, so genetically our bodies were not completely prepared for us to live this long, thus mutations happen, thus cancer.If you see a problem in the industry, then why don't you make a change, maybe become a doctor (see how it feels to be blamed for being greedy), start studying pharmaceuticals and research ( so you can try to make the "cure"), be a part of the solution.

  • B Blake
    B Blake   12 hours ago

    We can all relate and bro you speak truth! Thx for standing up!

  • choy phillips
    choy phillips   12 hours ago

    Noticed Tom's steam has died down. Subs have stopped. I remember him and @nolifeshaq were tied up at a time. Hope those face tats work into your longer plan. Maybe manager could have helped you blow up. No-one knows your name.

  • kingcopycat
    kingcopycat   13 hours ago

    My grandmother got Brest cancer and survived

  • Tor
    Tor   13 hours ago

    Also just realized that the Doctor is the same actor that portrayed the teacher for Whiteboy.

  • martin solano
    martin solano   14 hours ago

    Why do people keep praying. Stop praying. Start doing. God ain't doin his job

  • Amber
    Amber   14 hours ago

    Can come up with vaccination fir covid in months but how many years may can't come up with some of her cancer interesting.......

  • Muzik Lady
    Muzik Lady   14 hours ago

    Thank you so much Tom Love the Truth you speak x so refreshing x:)

  • Nicholas Prid'e
    Nicholas Prid'e   14 hours ago

    Everyone watch and subscribe to Salty Cracker and join the salty army πŸΏοΈπŸ˜†πŸŒˆπŸ€—πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  • Jarod Jackson
    Jarod Jackson   15 hours ago

    In my line of work (Fire/EMS) I have read that us firefighters are at 68% higher risk to get cancer. I've been a firefighter for 3 years (since I started as a volunteer at 18) and I've watched 3 brother firefighters, one from my department, and the other two from different department die from cancer. At some point this has got to stop. To those currently in the fight, we support and pray for you. For those who survive, we applaud your courage, and to the fallen, we remember your life and fight.And to Tom Macdonald, thank you for sheding light on this issue through your music, and being a inspiration. Keep up the great work

  • kendall merrill
    kendall merrill   15 hours ago

    my dad had cancer, and since i was young when he had it i don’t remember much of it but im so thankful that God kept him in my life

  • Robin Zuppan
    Robin Zuppan   15 hours ago

    Thank You ❀️❀️❀️

  • Amy Jeffery
    Amy Jeffery   15 hours ago

    Just lost a friend today of leukemia. She died on her daughter's 5th birthday. My friend's 15 year old only has days left. Pancreatic. Im a damn wreck today πŸ˜­πŸ’”

  • Chase Foster
    Chase Foster   16 hours ago

    I know that this will touch many people’s hearts and that you will make more inspiring songs. Stay safe, and God Bless

  • Shiro4185
    Shiro4185   16 hours ago

    Bro, I seriously respect you, you are doing the right thing! Thank you for spreading the truth this way! I am humbled to meet you! Adi Shakti!

  • Amanda
    Amanda   16 hours ago

    This song broke me 😭😭😭

  • Scott Owens
    Scott Owens   16 hours ago

    Thank you for all your songs and all the hard things that we want to say but we never do because were afraid what everybody would think you are awesome brave and I believe in your message

  • Joel Barker
    Joel Barker   18 hours ago

    TOM PREACH... Don't let them kill u and clone u.. This happens... talk about it.. like i talk to .......U .......Nerds

  • DontLet TheWorldRot
    DontLet TheWorldRot   19 hours ago

    Celebrities always recover from cancer. Weed killer put in our Cheerios, flouride in our water, shit is getting out of hand. I just lost my dad to cancer last year. He was 52. One of his favorite things to eat was Cheerios. I have so much fucking hate towards the Elites now. I wish they would all get cancer and become eradicated so people could stop being poisoned. You monsters are people.

  • Noe Montoya
    Noe Montoya   19 hours ago

    Everybody in world going through this be strong ❀️

  • DirtyWop Bastard
    DirtyWop Bastard   19 hours ago

    Took me a week to listen to this. I didn't think I wanted to hear it. Great song Tom