My Neurons, My Self

  • Published on: 21 October 2016
  • With ever more refined techniques for measuring complex brain activity, scientists are challenging the understanding of thought, memory and emotion–what we have traditionally called “the self.” How do electrical and chemical currents translate to self-awareness? And why does the brain produce consciousness at all? Join a discussion among eminent neuroscientists, philosophers and psychologists who are redefining what it means to be human.

    This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

    Original Program Date: June 5, 2016
    MODERATOR: Bill Blakemore
    PARTICIPANTS: Martha Farah, Joy Hirsch, Jesse Prinz, Daphna Shohamy

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    Bill Blakemore's Introduction 00:00

    Where Do You Locate Your Sense Of Self 4:30

    Participant Introductions 8:20

    Is there a Neurobiology of collective consciousness? 12:22

    What happens when two brains are in a dialog with each other 17:00

    How do brains differ from texting vs. face to face 21:38

    What is TBJ? 25:40

    What is the difference between awareness and attention? 26:09

    How does memory define "self" 32:48

    We make decisions NOT base on our experiences but based on our memories 41:15

    When memories go does self go as well? 47:29

    How human taste dictates our social groups 56:23

    How actively we interrogate and seek information from others 1:02:26

    What is Neuroskepticism? 1:09:35

    Can we make determinations that consciousness is connected to the physical? 1:14:35

    If we made a human clone would it have the same mind? 1:23:40

    What does neuroscience have to say about freewill? 1:26:50

    What parts of the brain are active while experiencing morality? 1:31:18

    What is the connection between PTSD and the experience of memory? Can your brain be rewired? 1:34:14
  • Runtime : 1:38:11
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  • Jules Wanless
    Jules Wanless   17 hours ago

    I think all the similarities we are finding can be proof of other dimensions especially the 4th or 5th. The fact that these things line up makes me think as we look out ward we are also looking inward like the tesseract cube. We are seeing all the sides at once. It's why we are able to compare thing with analogies and metaphors. Makes me think there is a singular code or source where all things come from.

  • Freddie Nerkury
    Freddie Nerkury   2 months ago

    Humans minds generalise and categorise, just like computers. This is the optimal survival model. That's the law of nature.

  • Paul Dionne
    Paul Dionne   2 months ago

    thank you for nother good show for more to un der stand well kinda more still more is good for to learn bout what thee hell is go ing on right now of today Again thank you

  • Doge
    Doge   2 months ago

    Its embarrassing how little we know about the brain!

  • Anthony Craig
    Anthony Craig   2 months ago

    This is one of the few videos I cannot contribute a meaningful comment. In 2021, there is new data and science to show that reality is simulated, and is constructed through best case predictions from an array of prediction data. The guy with the pink hair, what he says still holds up and true. Unfortunately, the other two of the three doesn’t give enough information they refer to “the data” without really giving a full story so we can understand the context.

  • David Hicks
    David Hicks   2 months ago

    I want to make people watch this with me!!!! But they may look at me weird and not be as excited as me watching it.

  • Heaven 42#
    Heaven 42#   2 months ago

    Reach up to the Big Sky !Electric blue !

  • Heaven 42#
    Heaven 42#   2 months ago

    You can decapacitate a person using magnets, I know it's been done to me

  • Heaven 42#
    Heaven 42#   2 months ago

    The stupid people are waiting on God to save the world when we know God will not save the world, he will destroy it, by fire! Its up to us, so how can you even think that its God's world? The new mind that you're talking about is the singularity, the progress of quantum computing, the collective mind, the end of all lies ! Not a power Grab .Beware ! We must become part machine ! Enjoy your new Brains , the only problem is dopamine.People go crazy for dopamine, we need laws to regulate dopamine now!

  • Divide And Conquer
    Divide And Conquer   2 months ago

    Politics has no place in science yet here, political biases were on display throughout. Disappointed.

  • Athena Parusudis
    Athena Parusudis   3 months ago

    One of the greatest panels on this show. Bill Blakemore is a most enchanting host.

  • Yoko Byeol
    Yoko Byeol   3 months ago

    10:19 more like .... Jesse Pinkman

  • Joseph Winnard
    Joseph Winnard   4 months ago

    @1:22:51 Jesse says "I think it's (hard problem of consciousness) actually an easy problem". Does anyone else feel like he fundamentally misunderstands this problem? Hes still just talks about neural correlates - this will not solve the problem!

  • Tanja Nichole
    Tanja Nichole   4 months ago

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  • Nayan Mipun
    Nayan Mipun   4 months ago

    Non locality of consciousness is the lastest issues, our consciousness can live out side our brain

  • Tanja Nichole
    Tanja Nichole   4 months ago

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  • Serendipity
    Serendipity   4 months ago

    "We're so I tune with each other, we finish each other's sentences.""With this ring I now thee wed...and thus 2 become ONE.""Husband and wife become ONE."It took millions of dollars and ultra high tech equipment to find out what we've always known! 😂

  • Mano G
    Mano G   4 months ago

    The nuerologists, specially one near the young philosopher are struggling with concepts.

  • Leon Galindo Stenutz
    Leon Galindo Stenutz   5 months ago

    The way the forum starts -- this is almost exactly the dialogue exploding in my own mind all the time ... mySelf / self ... 'I' ... 'i'... mind ... consciousness ... soul ... self ... pneuma ... psyche ... meaning ... words ... Me <> You (= me for 'you' and you for 'me' ) ... brain science ... neuroscience ... mysticism ... meditation ... inner & outer universes ... mind ... innerspaces / outerspaces / interspaces ... reality ... realities ...

  • Cristian M
    Cristian M   5 months ago

    Fuck neurons ! Think with your stomach !

  • Ruben Verheij
    Ruben Verheij   6 months ago

    . In begin of the 90s, I saw a docu from the BBC (I don't re-member name of the docu), docu was about [ evo-lution ] (the begin of evolution). In the begin of evolution, all life in the oceans were experimenting, what form was the most functional. A-nimal with [two], or more sides? Spe-cies with two sides, won!!! There are still some species alive with more sides (for example the star-fish). But... now the interes-ting part. Each side, is an indi-vidu! So, the star-fish are in reality 5 individuals and not just one indi-vidual. And same counts for all spe-cies with 2 sides (this includes us)! We are not 1 indi-vidu, we're in rea-lity 2 individuals!!! So, I made the conclusion (while I watched the do-cu), thinking is, left and right brain are two different in-dividuals communi-cating with eacho-ther! So, this is... how we (can) think! Left brain, right brain, talking with eachother! Ps. Maybe this can explain (also) Multi Personality Disorder. ;) .

  • MicahJami 444
    MicahJami 444   6 months ago

    Are you the values you hold or the values you display?

  • MicahJami 444
    MicahJami 444   6 months ago

    Soooo smart that they are IDIOTS!!!! Neuronet will help us with free will... do they HEAR THEMSELVES?!? 1984 much?

  • Lillian Rose
    Lillian Rose   7 months ago

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    Simon Wang   7 months ago

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    REC USA   7 months ago

    Disappointing. Too much BS and political commentary and childish jibes at conservative thought.

  • jimmy Dobie
    jimmy Dobie   7 months ago

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  • citizenschallengeYT
    citizenschallengeYT   7 months ago

    1:18:22. - "We don't have a clue". That is false! Scientist ARE getting clues about the evolutionary origins of consciousness. If this interests you, you owe it to yourself to get familiar with the work of Dr. Mark Solms. His most recent video is titled: "The Source of Consciousness - with Mark Solms"

  • citizenschallengeYT
    citizenschallengeYT   7 months ago

    3:50. Isn't there another point to be made? Namely, trying to appreciate the Physical Reality - Human Mindscape divide? Seems to me an explicitly acknowledgement of that fact of our human condition, would be a prerequisite for any fruitful "deeper discussions." Yet, it's always danced around. Why is that?

  • susan smiles
    susan smiles   8 months ago

    This is great, but it cracks me up to hear these top notch brain specialists talking about really 'looking' at someone as an exercise. We were doing that back in 1969 at Esalen when I was only 17 years old, attending on a work scholarship.   We got naked too and in our different groups we created the perfect body composite from each person's best feature. Everyone else in the group were , all older, East Coast Execs and wives----this was pretty shocking to everyone at first but turned out to be really fun. They chose my bubble butt (which unfortunately has since disappeared). I must say, it was a great ice breaker for a lot of uptight people. Congress should try it, but the public should not be subject to see it.

  • SleeplessDev
    SleeplessDev   8 months ago

    Everyone knows about the webworld - we're on the webworld right now!

  • Salina Hayy
    Salina Hayy   8 months ago

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    theo smid   8 months ago

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  • Luizet A.
    Luizet A.   9 months ago

    The self evolves. Who we were at 10 years old are not who we are at 55.

  • Luizet A.
    Luizet A.   9 months ago

    Studies have shown that when human beings use their hands to work, that the brain rewards them. The hand to brain communication is essential. The brain is rewarded when we use our fingers and hands. I would think that is because it was essential in our evolution and survival. Children should create, make things, work on puzzles, create mazes, play board games, draw, color, build, and read physical books and read aloud and especially exercise, run, play and have fun. Digital devices are tools for learning and helping us, but with developing brains, too much screen time is not good. The biggest problem is when children and adolescents forget that they are living in reality, a real world, losing touch with what it means to survive.

  • Luizet A.
    Luizet A.   9 months ago

    We do become our environment.