"Lie To Me" ft. Lil Durk & "Say What You Mean" (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

  • Published on: 12 January 2021
  • Stream/Download Queen Naija's debut album "missunderstood" here: https://QueenNaija.lnk.to/missunderstood

    #QueenNaija #LilDurk #LieToMe

  • Runtime : 4:3
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  • claudia rodriguez
    claudia rodriguez   13 hours ago

    girl yess !!! sing your heart out!!! no matter if you have man it shouldn't matter if you have the guy or not sing you're truth. I'm here for it like everyone else.

  • Dayla Saquay
    Dayla Saquay   14 hours ago

    Durks jacket made me want too cry R.I.P Von and I loved this but Queens Outfit wasnt it...

  • Charlotte James
    Charlotte James   22 hours ago

    Hell yeah you as usual did that and you the band and L Durk sharp and coordinated like hell. 😱 ENJOYED IT AND THIS IS YOUR YEAR 👑 QUEEN 👑

  • J_ Lioness
    J_ Lioness   1 days ago

    Queen you did amazingggg! For the people that didn’t know your voice before now they know know.

  • 2x Rico
    2x Rico   1 days ago

    We Need More Queen And Durk

  • Maxine G
    Maxine G   1 days ago

    Go Girl !!!👏🏽 Queen you really killin’ it out here. You definitely deserve a Grammy🏆!!

  • ada aparicio
    ada aparicio   2 days ago

    Don’t ever forget yourself in a relationship or your past.. queen (proven fact)

  • takeesa simms
    takeesa simms   2 days ago

    sounding like a beautiful song bird... you look beautiful in white too watching this journey has been beautiful

  • xoxo_ Dandan
    xoxo_ Dandan   2 days ago

    I hope she don't quit YouTube like Armon and Trey...cause babyyy them videos fyee

  • Ebony Smith
    Ebony Smith   2 days ago

    I'm proud of her u go girl 💖💯💯💯

  • Sports Central
    Sports Central   2 days ago

    She has gone main stream y'all. So so happy for her.

  • Ana Bell
    Ana Bell   2 days ago

    Queen you're music 🎶 ❤ gets me thru alot thank you 😊

  • Christina Davies
    Christina Davies   2 days ago

    See!! when she sings from the heart, thats when she makes her best music. You can tell this is about Clarence.

  • Ernelle Spriggs
    Ernelle Spriggs   2 days ago

    Queen been winning, so proud of her. Love the whole album

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo   3 days ago

    FINALLY another artist who can sing live!

  • Amanda Widenhofer
    Amanda Widenhofer   3 days ago

    Queen is 🔥...always has been..and just keeps getting better!!!!$$$$$!!!

  • Naturallly Z
    Naturallly Z   3 days ago

    Can’t nobody say that Queen can’t SANG 🔥

  • Moni
    Moni   3 days ago

    This outfit is giving me Star Wars vibes..