Cryptozoology Expert Helps The Team | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 06 October 2020
  • The team goes to Maine for the first time, following the rumours of several sasquatch sightings. There, they meet a cryptozoology expert and museum curator.

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  • Runtime : 8:54
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  • Hangfire
    Hangfire   6 days ago

    I just feel like an 'expert' should at a minimum be able to prove the thing they're an expert in exists before being deemed an 'expert'..

  • david jones
    david jones   1 weeks ago

    footprints ?can be made by anyone ,sounds in the night can be made by anyone,bigfoot is not real idoits

  • heli-man-2007
    heli-man-2007   1 months ago

    How can someone be an expert on something that there is no 100% proof of existence all pictures are just a blur no dna. Do these people get paid for running around in the woods making noises that they think sound like Bigfoot, I have heard recordings that people have made and they sound nothing like them so why don’t they use one of these supposedly real calls and talking to call out in the woods with an amplifier it makes more sense

  • Stan Peters
    Stan Peters   1 months ago

    For people who need to have much PATIENCE, you sure get SO FRUSTRATED VERY FAST!!! And Learn how to stay in one place for more than a few minutes, be like this young 76+ Native man, who stays completely still for over 2 hours, if have to move, I do it in a very slow, slow, short, tiny movement, at a time!!! There are so many things none of you are doing that I have done, many, many things, it's no wonder....

  • Neural Flux
    Neural Flux   2 months ago

    I think that was a loon!! 😂 fuckin love this show

  • Benj Xzian Lolo
    Benj Xzian Lolo   2 months ago

    they already know bigfoot's are real why do they keep on searchin in midnight

  • Vector Reaves
    Vector Reaves   3 months ago

    That museum isn’t huge lol it’s very tiny

  • Dave NEScot
    Dave NEScot   3 months ago

    Animal planet channel in the uk is crap 💩

  • Jeremias Fly
    Jeremias Fly   4 months ago

    I HAVE A STORY TO TELL YOU! ":-__ This 1-time I thought I saw BigFoot in my neighbors yards, i jump over the fence and Broke its Neck... But Huh..... It ended being the familys Dog!

  • Mr6wolfdog
    Mr6wolfdog   5 months ago

    Thanks for your efforts, for being persistent, and creative.

  • Simon'e
    Simon'e   6 months ago

    This guy from monsterquest

  • phamshin blaze
    phamshin blaze   7 months ago

    Firstly stop talking when u go for hunting. You all know very well that they are intelligent beings... Talking in forest won't let them come out and say hello to you.

  • sudhanva bhat
    sudhanva bhat   7 months ago

    What if there is bigfoot and it runs aways when these guys howl?

  • PugZ Designs
    PugZ Designs   7 months ago

    You would think after literally years. You’d have something. I totally believe in Criptids but they are waaaay smarter than you

    SILENT. REAPER.   7 months ago

    I remember being a kid watching discovery or travel channel and seeing Loren Coleman....the man's a cryptozoologist Legend

  • Ashley Gilman
    Ashley Gilman   8 months ago

    I’m from Maine and didn’t even know they came!! SO COOL, I’m kinda geeking out! 😂 they saying our town names and I’m like I KNOW WHERE THAT IS, I LIVE A COUPLE TOWNS OVER!

  • Enterst8
    Enterst8   8 months ago

    Night investigation: “ Let’s makes tons of noises and talk the whole time”. Also: Bigfoot can’t distinguish a human fake call/howl? Right!... Fake howls: I wonder what spooked those birds. Stfu!

  • Claudia C
    Claudia C   9 months ago

    They Imitating loons and other animals

  • Jim Braun
    Jim Braun   10 months ago

    Here we hav another form of mountain monsters , Somebody farts and did you hear that ? yeah it came from over here . All the while the squatch people are laughing like crazy watching you guys on their devices ,

  • Denis May
    Denis May   10 months ago

    May I recommend to you a Australian Researcher who posts on You Tube under Rusty222 who has been investigating the Australian Yowie a " Cousin " for the want of a better word of the Bigfoot for quite some years now and has a mass of Audio, Video, Hair Samples and evidence of the being know here as a Yowie. You will find Rusty to be pain staking in his research and totally Honest.I wish you well in your quest to find the Truth about such a interesting subject. Regards from Australia, Denis.

  • Sheron Henry
    Sheron Henry   11 months ago

    Should use a laser?.. or even a powerful toy laser can do?.. look for there eyes at night.. theres too much lights!?.. they are closer to you people!?.. and you dont even know it?!... I would show you how to find them I'm from belcourt northdakota I can track them and show you they have some hybrid camouflage body hair?..

  • Anthony Stark
    Anthony Stark   11 months ago

    The reason why you got nothing is coz there is nothing out there.

  • Jaeden Lyons
    Jaeden Lyons   12 months ago

    I’m very familiar with loon sounds, they’re quite common around my area during the summer. But I’ve heard things that didn’t sound like loons, coyotes, wolves or even humans. Very Squatchy

  • bosanpisan
    bosanpisan   1 years ago

    All apes are day animals, not night animals. Is there any point trying to find them at night ?

  • The Dislike Button
    The Dislike Button   1 years ago

    What bothers me about Loren is he wasn't interested at all when I drove two hours down to Portland to tell him about my encounters. He had absolutely no interest in it or how badly it freaked me out. He was far more interested if I'd seen any black panthers or knew of anyonr who had. I do, but I'll never share them with Loren because of that experience. And no wonder most people don't report to the BFRO and other so called "experts." If Loren had ever had a closr encounter he wouldn't be sitting where he is, he'd be helping other people who did and have had their lives totally flipped upside down because of it. I never asked to have an encounter, didnt even believe in these damn things. I feel bad for anyone who wants to see bigfoot because it is never a good time.

  • Mu Chi
    Mu Chi   1 years ago

    I HATE DOGS - YouTube channel -

  • Trubel T
    Trubel T   1 years ago

    The Team member with the peaked cap is creepy like BF itself.

  • Scott Lambert
    Scott Lambert   1 years ago

    If skeptics say that bigfoot doesn't exist then what is it really that people keep seeing 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Jerry Francois
    Jerry Francois   1 years ago

    No wonder she's a sceptic..they never found one..she's only hear stories..

  • deym
    deym   1 years ago

    Wow i want to be a bigfoot hunter

  • Amy Mckenna
    Amy Mckenna   1 years ago

    You. Really want to find Bigfoot in Maine come to Limington Maine I'm telling you I've heard the knocking and I have seen them you want to find them seriously you need to come to Limington me