Blac Chyna Does ASMR with Orbeez, Talks Beginning Music, Reality TV & More | Mind Massage | Fuse

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • The "Cash Only" artist and star of her reality show "The Real Blac Chyna" uses her "inside voice" to give you the ultimate brain tingles, while experimenting with Orbeez, champagne bottles, wigs and much more!
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  • Runtime : 14:43
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  • Fuse
    Fuse   2 months ago


  • Harnoor Bhandal
    Harnoor Bhandal   6 hours ago

    6:42 was actually the best trigger segment soooooo6:426:426:426:426:42

  • kun geya
    kun geya   23 hours ago

    Is she a rapper? I’ve never seen her before. Nevertheless, she is a really nice and cute person

  • Jennifer Bruns
    Jennifer Bruns   1 days ago

    She is probably a great person even though there is some drama

  • denise alvarez
    denise alvarez   1 days ago

    Manifesting blac chyna to make an asmr channel 😌

  • Isabella Mu
    Isabella Mu   2 days ago

    she looks like a nicki and cardi toghter

  • Mina Malaika
    Mina Malaika   3 days ago

    MOOOOD: She never drives yet has all those cars. I would looove a chauffeur

  • Kamilla Sorknes
    Kamilla Sorknes   4 days ago

    She is seriously a good voice in this matter. She is good

  • Destiney Hart
    Destiney Hart   4 days ago

    She looks great as usual, & her nails are always on point❤️🔥

  • KHI
    KHI   4 days ago


  • Tcola
    Tcola   4 days ago

    Walmart nicki Minaj

  • e ForEffort
    e ForEffort   4 days ago

    ASMR is so gross to me. 🤢🤢but I only watched for chyna.

  • xujfk kbthd
    xujfk kbthd   6 days ago

    “In 2010, I was Nicki Minajs stunt double”. 😳 😳😱😱 she is talking about the Monster verse.

  • Nora Armenta
    Nora Armenta   1 weeks ago

    I can't stop watching this 🤤😌😍🤩

  • Nora Armenta
    Nora Armenta   1 weeks ago

    The pillow with the sequences omg it was so good. I wish she did a asmr video with only that

  • Nora Armenta
    Nora Armenta   1 weeks ago

    Oh God! She's so good at asmr 😍😍🤤🤤

  • Edithh_cx X
    Edithh_cx X   1 weeks ago

    The tinglesssss tho !!! Can y’all get Cardi b or Nicki Minaj

  • Ruby Bennett
    Ruby Bennett   1 weeks ago

    Ok but the vains on chynas hands are wow 😳 ❤️

    KAMAZON   1 weeks ago

    plastic playing with plastic

  • anie figari
    anie figari   1 weeks ago

    she is a mix of Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj or just me?

  • desaraecuhh
    desaraecuhh   1 weeks ago

    Bra this was one of the best asmr videos no capp 😩

  • szngularity
    szngularity   1 weeks ago

    she’s so down to earth and comforting 🤍

  • Asia Battle
    Asia Battle   1 weeks ago

    I watch this every night before bed now