Kim Kardashian Tells Kanye Their Marriage Is Over According To New Report

  • Published on: 31 July 2020
  • Kim Kardashian reportedly tells Kanye their marriage is over during their recent reunion in Wyoming. #KimKardashian #KanyeWest #KylieJenner

    Kim Kardashian was spotted getting off a private jet when landing back in Los Angeles on July 28 after visiting her husband Kanye West and having a tearful conversation with him in a car.

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  • HollywoodLife
    HollywoodLife   6 days ago

    Can't believe what's being reported. Hoping they work it out somehow. Thoughts? - Edit: This made the YouTube trending page 😮🎉

  • Ace IV
    Ace IV   59 minuts ago

    Kayne needs to chew that jawbreaker he keeps in his mouth

  • Chris Brubaker
    Chris Brubaker   2 hours ago

    “She will be fine financial”. Lmaoo “fine”

  • ZIPT 1
    ZIPT 1   8 hours ago

    James Hetfield once said "So what, so fucking what."

  • Karla aly
    Karla aly   8 hours ago

    I am not in their shoes but I do think Kanye should not be in limelight . He needs to go to his ranch and be with family ..Kim loves the spotlight and that's no good for someone who needs to heal mentally

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones   11 hours ago

    She's going back to Charlie zelenoff

  • Nctyourangel
    Nctyourangel   14 hours ago

    I am so proud of her. I can just imagine him being so bipolar and using that as an excuse for her to stay. Finally she left him.❤❤

  • Robert Glynn jones
    Robert Glynn jones   17 hours ago


  • darin catanzarite
    darin catanzarite   19 hours ago

    Boo hoo! Haha I can’t even believe I’m commenting on these losers ! They would never make it in the real world!!!! Haha! Fkn stupid ! Fkn sheep actually follow these humans !

  • Tim Keir
    Tim Keir   20 hours ago

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  • Kevin HM8404
    Kevin HM8404   22 hours ago

    Well yeah who wouldn’t want to get away from that train wreck. Keep the kids away from him too.

  • Jamie Chiu
    Jamie Chiu   1 days ago

    And we all thought that they were the only kar-jenner couple that was going to last

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl   1 days ago

    “According to people mag” = Kris Jenner

  • Tay D.
    Tay D.   1 days ago

    This is BS....They are on a family vacation NOW...

  • Andre odi
    Andre odi   1 days ago

    guys i cant hold my emotions i just cant


    I think so too. Its over. You cant yoke with a person who doesnt think as you do. Christ is in Kanye's heart and its not in Kim's. She is too involved with herself and it was ok when Kanye was the same Hollywood trash thinking "I am" and Kanye would rather be with the real "I am". He got "real" with his soul and found Christ. Kim still thinks in terms of making money with her body and its never gonna be enough. What does the scriptures say about money? "the LOVE of money. Her body brought her fame and money. She has a good body so why not use it but exposure is what he wanted her to trim down. I dont see anything wrong with his wanting kim to do that. She had all of these kids and there will be a price to pay if she continues to put her career in front of them and her marriage. Thats why she should have never gotten married or had so many kids. Her kids will pay a price in divorce kids always pay the price. I support Kanye God help him and keep him safe. He found Christ and thats not a bad thing. We could all use that find in our lives.

  • Rhonda Landrum
    Rhonda Landrum   1 days ago

    She shoulda never married that loser nor had children with him.

  • B D
    B D   1 days ago

    And from what is this staged relationship distracting us?!!! Think.

  • Jay Pay
    Jay Pay   1 days ago

    “I can’t handle my emotions right now”me staring blankly, didn’t even react or feel anything in the slightest besides complete indifference

  • Persian Chris
    Persian Chris   1 days ago

    DISLIKE. Speculative and misleading clickbait. Way to flush your integrity down the drain!!

  • Aleariess
    Aleariess   1 days ago

    This man really thinks the only way he can communicate to his wife, by using a social media site.

    THEE LADY BUG   1 days ago


  • keosha Dass
    keosha Dass   1 days ago

    I really dont see the hype of these people but what people might think is 🤑

  • abubakr mauritz
    abubakr mauritz   1 days ago

    This people just don't believe in Love man.. plain and simple

  • Andrew King Media
    Andrew King Media   2 days ago

    To every person in the comments talking shit about watching kanye and kim and asking why everyone watches this....You just watched it ... AND you just left a comment.... Obviously you care enough to comment ... and watch it ...Intelligence is hard

  • Angi Beachy
    Angi Beachy   2 days ago

    Your soul and babies are so perfect kim. Honey i hope you can read this. I get everything your feeling noone knows till they actually live it and try literally everything. God sees all and hears all. I pray for you because your souls so precious your not fake or phony your so caring and the holy spirit glows all over your caring soul. Keep glowing keep talking to god keep being pure and you. He sees your soul. My husband struggles with this disorder as well as many others and noone knows or admits we cover and fix and momma bear. I will pray for you and your babies but babygirl i hope you set one hell of a boundary and grab your babies and say later and become that attorney and all you worked to be plus. Dont let noone shake you up. We love your show... Your families so real hilarous sometimes its sad and i miss you all. But honey grab that booty and your above all this bullshit.

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon   2 days ago

    "T'was never a matter of if, only when."

  • Sunny Dayz
    Sunny Dayz   2 days ago

    She is just pissed that when they divorce she is going to have to rebrand her KKW cosmetics line. She would have already dumped him. Coty may not buy her line now. Never brand with your married name. She made a MAGA mistake. Lol. MAGA.

  • Craig M
    Craig M   2 days ago

    A song for the blessed -

  • Jana Egal
    Jana Egal   2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this "source" was her mother