Man Might Have Filmed A Baby Sasquatch Sleeping On A Tree | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 11 March 2021
  • While investigating the Four Corners of the United States, the team comes across a man who claims to have seen a baby sasquatch sleeping on a tree.

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  • Runtime : 9:1
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  • Happy Texan
    Happy Texan   1 weeks ago

    Being an avid tracker and hunter and former tracker of people. I would suggest on all the future video's you simply tell the date and time to the viewers. I would think a gorilla expert could say when you are looking or people are spotting them during mating times and more. The information being shared with the viewers is super limited.

  • Addison Pattrick
    Addison Pattrick   2 weeks ago

    The 90s movies Little Bigfoot and Little Bigfoot 2 is my genuine fear for the species. Leave them alone or if you study them and find your proof BUT don't give out the location! ITS GONNA attract their possible dumb.

  • The Australian Aviator

    Yeah I think if there was a Squatch present and people actually got photos of it, as mentioned above, we are in 2022 and our phone cameras are amazing so what's with the crazy photo clarity ?? I am not saying that there aren't squatches around but so far they are managing to stay out of view of humans

  • moniquemonicat
    moniquemonicat   2 weeks ago

    Another hilarious BEAR show. Big Foot enthusiasts are being taken for a wild ride. This show is for entertainment purposes only. (look at column on right their many other episodes like "Girl Experiences Six Sasquatch Sightings!" "The Team's Most Compelling Evidence Of Bigfoot's Existence..." They all read like a supermarket tabloid. LOL!).

    WILLIAM MCKINNEY   3 weeks ago

    Why didn’t he throw something at it and wake it up always I saw something and that’s it.

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    Mice wrapped up in grass that’s a Squatch lettuce wrap baby 😂😂😂

  • crack61616
    crack61616   1 months ago

    "...and videotaped it...with a vhs videocamera from 1991.WOOOH!!"

  • Mr. Cartman
    Mr. Cartman   1 months ago

    If Bigfoot is real... these will be last people to discover them. Lol

    MEEEPMAX   1 months ago

    Where the head on the baby

  • The truth burns
    The truth burns   2 months ago

    VERY interesting..if they sleep in the trees, it would be the perfect camo. Some pine trees are super thick..and would be perfect as a sleep spot. Hardly anybody ever looks up. Also.. per Christianity, it is possible that they could of been on Noah's ark. I am a Christian, and a firm believer in Bigfoot. Thousands of people could not all be lying about this.

  • Sheacy Burns
    Sheacy Burns   2 months ago

    2:49 look at this min and look up in the tree line past the fence

  • zenmeister451
    zenmeister451   2 months ago

    Assuming that BF is real, I suspect that 'installing' their baby BF in trees is a defense tactic the adults use to protect their young while they're off hunting, et cetera.

  • Dan Ds
    Dan Ds   3 months ago

    Hell yeah our latino sasquatch community!!! Brothers and sisters :-)))

  • Torchy Burns
    Torchy Burns   3 months ago

    This is 2021, not a aingle video I have taken since the invention of smart phones has been blurry. Why is every single Squatch and UFO video blurry?

  • TFV
    TFV   4 months ago

    Moneymaker i don't care for out to listen to, but Bobo knows his.. business! The 4 corners area has more than we know, the people have kept it private for a reason.

  • klondike99
    klondike99   4 months ago

    These 'videographers must put Vaseline on their lenses prior to recording.

  • jacey bamford
    jacey bamford   4 months ago


  • Fatboy25
    Fatboy25   4 months ago

    That thing in the tree shouldnt even be the story you had to have seen elvis Presley standing by the tree if you didnt your blind

  • Justin Murray
    Justin Murray   5 months ago

    Its ironic how when bobo states "man you must have crapped your pants" when in fact he looks like he's always shitting himself

  • Kevin Bowers
    Kevin Bowers   6 months ago

    That's right bro a 700 lb primate bothers to wrap 1/10 of a snack up

  • Tpyicallynothing
    Tpyicallynothing   6 months ago

    they are just way too much evidence of bigfoot to say NO to

  • OnePolishMoFo
    OnePolishMoFo   6 months ago

    The hillbilly host and dramatic music really sells me on this being a real scientific study.

  • - XxAlphaxX -
    - XxAlphaxX -   6 months ago

    how come all the sightings are filmed on a potato

  • Idon Wantella
    Idon Wantella   6 months ago

    I live in a fairly rural area North Florida. About 5 or 6 years ago I saw a bear on my property and nobody believed me. I put several trail cameras out and nothing. I started to believe that what I saw was not a bear, but I had no clue what else it could have been. I kept checking the cameras every week and in November 2020 it paid off. I have video evidence of the(a) bear and deer, turkey, pigs, a skunk and other wildlife. However, there is something very peculiar about the footage I have when compared to footage of what people suspect is Bigfoot. It is as clear as it can be. Bigfoot is not real. I do not doubt that people think they saw Bigfoot or Baby Bigfoot, but that is not what they actually saw.

  • Mat3j
    Mat3j   6 months ago

    What you thinging are bigfoot really

  • Aaron Werner
    Aaron Werner   6 months ago

    It's funny because she can't identify mallards

  • Michael V
    Michael V   6 months ago

    That “Baby Bigfoot” in the tree is a small bear. The bear is looking to the left and you see the side profile, You can even see his little triangle shaped ears ! It’s amazing what people claim to see with grainy, out of focus, low resolution photos !! Isn’t it odd most people submit Bigfoot photos appear to still be using a crappy Nokia flip phone from 1992 ? The quality on an old iPhone 3 is 10x better quality than this video…. And what’s the latest iPhone right now ? iPhone 12 ?Then tell me why people that claim to have photos of Bigfoot are all using 1992 flip phones ? Why ? Because the crappier the picture ??? The harder it it is to outright reject !

  • Ela Vke
    Ela Vke   6 months ago

    Could be an escaped chimp. It is Cali.