Does Math Reveal Reality?

  • Published on: 19 August 2021
  • Mathematics has an uncanny ability to describe the physical world. It elegantly explains and predicts features of space, time, matter, energy, and gravity. But is this magnificent scientific articulation an invention of the human mind or is mathematics indelibly imprinted upon the substrate of reality? #BrianGreene and leading thinkers parse the thorny problems of math’s existence.

    This program is part of the Big Ideas series, supported by the John Templeton Foundation.

    David Z. Albert
    Sheldon Goldstein
    Silvia Jonas
    Max Tegmark

    Brian Greene

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  • Runtime : 1:36:3
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  • Ramaraksha
    Ramaraksha   3 days ago

    I am a male "Penny" watching to 4 Sheldons


    Does math reveal reality !? If so I hope man NEVER figure it out ! Atomic energy's primary function in man's world is to destroy life !

  • Brandon Hill
    Brandon Hill   4 days ago

    Isn't this a semantic argument? What's out there is a spatial reality that has relational consistency. And that means we can count things and measure things and manipulate the relational consistency of the things we count and measure using an abstract language we call mathematics. It's partly discovered and partly invented.

  • Ralph Latham
    Ralph Latham   4 days ago

    1+1=2? What could be imaginary about that?

  • Ramaraksha
    Ramaraksha   4 days ago

    Can you tell a joke using Math?Can you write a poem using Math?Math isn't everything, Ha!

  • David X
    David X   4 days ago

    Maths is a universal way of communicating, aliens wouldn’t understand french!

  • Vinod Kumar
    Vinod Kumar   5 days ago

    Vedic Idea of mathematics or knowledge is recommended. Like idea of zero that is just not only a number.

  • ROEB 420
    ROEB 420   1 weeks ago

    I like Nature's math myself where two people can have 14 kids so 1 + 1 equals 14

  • Michael Shields
    Michael Shields   1 weeks ago

    I can`t help feeling that I (and they) have made absolutely no progress during this lengthy discussion. This subject matter is very probably beyond science and/or math. We do not understand if consciousness is real and even if it is, we don`t understand its nature. I`m a big believer in Science and Math but this talk is a complete non entity. Many other similar discussions all result in the same quagmire. Return in 25 years and the results will be identical. Hopeless analogies and comparisons.

  • Michael T
    Michael T   1 weeks ago

    I suspect that mathematics is completely different from what these esteemed participants said in this thoughtful discussion. Mathematics is a language. Like spoken language it is comprised of different dialects: Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, algebra, trig, calculus, etc. Although these dialects or mathematical systems are created, they describe something objectively real and outside of us, which brings us to a more interesting and important point: Thus far I have not explained why mathematics works. In order to understand why it works, we need to understand its fundamental nature. This requires a metaphysical explanation. Mathematics is inextricably linked to the physical universe, space-time and dimensionality, to objects. Numbers are the most basic units of mathematics. Therefore, to understand why mathematics works, we must understand what numbers are. Numbers are not things or objects or Platonic forms or abstractions. Numbers are objectively real, but they do not exist in themselves. They exist only in relationship. For instance, they can be an object's relationship to space-time as the number "one." Numbers can also be the relationship between objects, that is, objects 1, 2, 3. . . . Therefore, the essence of "number", its being or metaphysical reality is RELATIONSHIP. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division are just more complex relationships. Formulas describe even more complex relationships. The reason mathematics works so well is because its various systems make it possible to discover and analyze extremely complex, quantifiable relationships that exist within and between real objects in the physical-material universe. No short reflection can do justice to such an immense topic, and I am not an authority, but I hope this reflection contributes to the conversation and offers a foundation to build upon.

  • Brian Tenneson
    Brian Tenneson   1 weeks ago

    Formal systems, logic, and set theory are a "TOE."

  • Pass Kall
    Pass Kall   1 weeks ago

    Spelled Entropy wrong 🤣 13:26

  • MGI Account
    MGI Account   1 weeks ago

    David Albert. We can explain. Please hit us back we do nit know how else to get in touch. Thank you. We are gratefully joyful. Mo- we can talk and talk and talk until you’ve heard enough.

  • bill tim
    bill tim   1 weeks ago

    so math is a result of measurements of the natural laws that are perceived by us humans on this planet earth. however, the alphabet is not necessarily based on concrete natural laws. so while all these nerds are stuck on numbers in mathematics... math is natural. you dont even need to knoww the definitions to understand it.... however, the more revolutionary achievement is language and alphabets.. as it is truly human creation at the fundamental level

  • Sam Re
    Sam Re   1 weeks ago

    Oh when you have tenure you can talk crazy

    HOTT BEATS   1 weeks ago

    I think the argument didn’t focus on purpose.

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean   2 weeks ago

    I use these videos to fall asleep but I think my mind has been sinking in the informational because I’ve been questioning my existence

  • R M
    R M   2 weeks ago

    Sacred geometry and math is God’s language. It all works together with consciousness and your soul. It’s really simple. Science has made it complicated and sent us down dead ends. You don’t need a college degree to figure this out.

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi   2 weeks ago

    The dislikes were probably from religious nuts and flat earthers, judging from this comment section

  • Jeff Garrison
    Jeff Garrison   2 weeks ago

    Everything already exists as a theoretical possibility, however, it requires consciousness to observe it in order for it something to be established as a known, at which point the need to label said known for the purpose of identification, distinction and description, the creative mind applies the appropriate moniker, therefore anything and everything is both discovered and created. ... or something like that. It's 5:11am and I still have not been able to sleep, so maybe this only makes sense to me. Hahaha

  • mo ter
    mo ter   2 weeks ago

    Yup no Math between Greek & Newton...No Giants no Shoulders

  • Psilocybe Vibe
    Psilocybe Vibe   2 weeks ago

    Math is shorthand for “full descriptions” 😀

  • Bill H.
    Bill H.   2 weeks ago

    "Reality" is a 'realisation' based on our approximate, reduced models of an Actuality occurring beyond the scope of our particular scale, phenomenal senses, and faculty of inquiry. "Reality" requires consciousness to 'real-ise' it so i suppose we could describe our consensual 'reality' with our mathematics... Why not? ...... but let's not fool ourselves into thinking that our mere modelled 'realisations' are Actually what is going on.

  • jisiri
    jisiri   2 weeks ago

    If MATH can't reveal who has stolen wealth, impoverished nations and threatened the world with a mountain evidence how can it reveal "REALITY?"GLORY HALLESTUPID!

  • EvolutionSoothsayer
    EvolutionSoothsayer   2 weeks ago

    I think math is invented. Geometric shapes do exist but math is in the mind. Imo nothing good has come from math. Technology from math has degraded the human genome where it was batter in a more natural state. Math is used to quantify to manipulate. Example: 2 apples + 2 apples is not 4. Why? Because the apples are not totally equal. One apple is slightly bigger that the other. Math implies all variables are equal when they are not. They get you to except a standard of numbers then they can change/rig numbers to get desired results. It’s all manipulation. Just like every ideology that implies the lie that things are equal.

  • Gravitron Rutherford
    Gravitron Rutherford   2 weeks ago

    Is their a mathematics to emotion and desire? The reason I ask is because I remember a scientist mention that our emotions and even our dreams are produced from chemical processes and chemicals are elemental

  • Sh M
    Sh M   2 weeks ago

    In my view, mathematics was neither invented nor discovered, but it has been thoughtfully realised through deep systematic and meaningful observations of the shapes and behaviour of objects in nature.