among us

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • who do u think did it?
    it wasnt me.
    i swear it wasnt me it was probably you
    i swear dude

    red guy that was thrown into the garbage lovingly voiced by ordinarysausage:

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  • Runtime : 41
  • berd


  • cooper dragotta
    cooper dragotta   14 hours ago

    Im usually green: cleared by medbay, but die 1st round

  • AIQ OxO
    AIQ OxO   15 hours ago

    That happened to me recently

  • Gen1
    Gen1   1 days ago

    Among berd

  • Acid254
    Acid254   1 days ago

    My favorite video from berd

  • Noob
    Noob   2 days ago

    That ending got me

  • k i e r e n
    k i e r e n   2 days ago

    this was the best among us gameplay i have seen in a while

  • Næi
    Næi   3 days ago

    Theres an impostor among berds

  • B00kShelf
    B00kShelf   3 days ago

    I thought green ripped him self in half

  • Cpt_Vodka
    Cpt_Vodka   4 days ago

    “Compaling argument, green what do you have to say?”

  • Dafuqq
    Dafuqq   4 days ago

    Lol idk why but i cant stop replaying this...its so cute the way they flap there flippers LMAOOOO

  • MaxBlastEntertainment

    I don't get it, I thought this was going to be an animated short not gameplay footage.

  • Azaan Khan
    Azaan Khan   4 days ago


  • Colbster1121
    Colbster1121   5 days ago

    Me before the video: this is gonna be good Me after the video: (confused confusing confusion)