UFOs & Aliens Flying Saucer Tech

  • Published on: 17 August 2021
  • Ion propulsion, zero-point gravity, antimatter, gravity manipulation - get a glimpse into the unknown of UFO's.

    Narrated by Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Voyager, this series features stunning visualizations and interviews with top experts in the field of science, technology and ufology including Jill Tarter, inspiration for the book & film, Contact. First broadcast on TLC, UFOs & Aliens provides an exciting examination of UFO sightings, alien encounters, and our efforts to contact extraterrestrial life.

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  • Runtime : 52:8
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  • Apollo
    Apollo   18 hours ago

    Element 115!😉

  • Dirk Ryan
    Dirk Ryan   1 days ago

    (19:55) i'm tellling you right now, there are a bunch of "astrophysicists and engineers" who don't want to prove that UFO/aliens exist...... if in the process, it proves themselves wrong, and the people they've mocked and ridiculed, right!

  • henry malcom
    henry malcom   1 days ago

    I wonder what they use for currency to send fleat after fleet capable of totally destroying our civilization if that was their intent.Being seen only when they allow us to see.them.

  • Roger Murray
    Roger Murray   1 days ago

    Phoenix Lights Incident 1997 Seen By Governor and Senator John McCain Yet 24 Years Later Don't know What was not Military Flairs

  • tutu you
    tutu you   1 days ago

    This persons That controls this technology They manipulate the elements And gravity Gravity is a brake to the speedOf light Gravity is a accelerator How much gravity you putTo your speed

  • Steve Callum
    Steve Callum   1 days ago

    i love how earth scientists cant think outside their own insular boxes. they really are purposely blind. Do they seriously think that other civilizations could not have more advanced tech than us? Idiots. They arent scientists, they are robots. True science requires an OPEN mind and some imagination too, not just what you have learned by primitive Earth standards. Their are worlds out there im sure where our tech is considered pre historic junk.

  • jonny the boy
    jonny the boy   2 days ago

    So many people comment with something along the lines of ..."when I was camping in the mountains I seen..." I know, it's a sort of cultural use but man oh man it sounds terrible.

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams   2 days ago

    It's comical how some "scientists" aren't willing to even consider eyewitness testimony of ordinary people, but they're more than willing to accept as fact any narrative by the highly advanced liars that we call "government" lol. I guess ordinary people are dumb little peasants that are as important as a rusty bottle cap.

  • Fredrick Hinojosa
    Fredrick Hinojosa   3 days ago

    these ships have been built in area 51 and in the garages of America, here is the worst part the tech to build these ships was invented in the 1930s.

  • Fredrick Hinojosa
    Fredrick Hinojosa   3 days ago

    these UFO's have a magnetic field that covers the entire ship in a ball ,which eliminates the ship's mass ok so the ship becomes a tachyon A paritcle of light that travels beyond the speed of light all the time!OK absorb that! now here's this. When Gravity is taken out of this ship inside the ship is the same day you started at its sunny and the sky is blue the field puts those in the ship into a neutral gravity or boyant gravity,Now the ship can go beyond the speed of light with a minimal amount of force.And gravity can be turned on inside so that you can pour a drink of water from a pitcher while the ship is going five times the speed of light and turn at 90 degree! which would kill everyone if the ship was in the gravity outside the ship! its really simple once its been explained and we can build this ship!

  • Fredrick Hinojosa
    Fredrick Hinojosa   3 days ago

    Don't get an idea of the United States Air force from these so call air force personal, Pilots don't lie don't make up stories like astronauts they will tell you the truth and not deny reality! If they were told to deny they would just remain silent! However, all my relatives in the service Navy have been followed across the oceans by UFOs and the airforce has tried to chase UFOs during Vietnam we attacked UFos to our chagrin because they fired our rocket back into our artillery the same rockets and the same bullet and shells these aliens are so far ahead of us they could have destroyed us a long time ago. but they live by rules a code that is hurt nothing do they sometimes hurt be accident yes!

  • Fredrick Hinojosa
    Fredrick Hinojosa   3 days ago

    sorry but thousands of Eye witnesses are in the American system enough evidence

  • Skyhorse Price
    Skyhorse Price   3 days ago

    I wonder what that Schaeffer guy has to say about the US Navy and the government admitting that UAP's are real. They have been seen, as in the Nimitz/tic tac case, on radar from multiple platforms, ie carrier, AWACS, Super Hornets, etc. There is video from the targeting pod & the HUD of the jets sent to intercept. There is Lue Elizondo, former director of ATIP, a real government agency tasked with studying UAP's, who says absolutely these are real and absolutely the government has in its possession materials recovered from UAP's. There are records from radar sightings by military radar operators which show UAP's dropping from 80,000 ft to just above the sea surface in mere seconds. None of this stuff is classifiable as 'misidentification' of weather balloons. It's hard evidence, but our trusty Knight Debunklar, Mr Schaeffer, ignores even the possibility that such data could exist. He is a prime example of a Prophet Of Debunkerism, which is just as faith based as the True Believer in that a Knight Debunklar will use confirmation bias & Sweeping Generalization ("....there is never evidence...") to support his claim, which involves calmly denying the hard evidence we do have. This is why I call Debunkerism a religion, & Schaeffer a Knight Debunklar. It is sad that the government, itself the biggest Knight Debunklar of all, has now admitted that these things are real, while so called 'science based' debunkers like Schaeffer remain with heads firmly buried in the sand.

  • Sonny Andreotte
    Sonny Andreotte   3 days ago

    no its the tr3-bthe blackest ofblack projects.probably out of area-51or edwards or palmdale.if is a triangle or chevronhuman hands built it,or the tic tac.

  • Mike Rubendall
    Mike Rubendall   4 days ago

    gov't not capable of keeping nuclear secrets!? uhh, how about the NUCLEAR bomb that 400,000 civilian employees worked on yet the secret didnt get out until trinity when they blew the "alleged first" one up. its no wonder only 40% of experimental scientific claims can be recreated. mainstream "scientists" only think when it comes to maintaining or strengthening their career

  • Fortuitous Things
    Fortuitous Things   4 days ago

    We need data to solve this phenomenon the time of not reporting what you have seen for fear of ridicule is passed. You can report sightings to MUFON or BUFORA and they will protect your identity until such a time as you are happy to put it in the public record or not.

  • Brenda L. B
    Brenda L. B   4 days ago

    Interested in watching this however all of the religious, Jesus based commercials are a real turnoff to me. Would not subscribe and did not finish watching.

  • Howard Haraway
    Howard Haraway   5 days ago

    This insults thinking peoples intelligence. Morons !

  • Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson   5 days ago


  • obito
    obito   5 days ago

    Les Johnson! Dumb suggestion. I highly guess that you never heard about the Phoenix lights or other events have had happened 😏

  • Sharon C.
    Sharon C.   5 days ago

    This is so contrived! Dramatic music, computer images, dramatic script.

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown   6 days ago

    Generational sightings. We can't all be wrong. Truth is Security against a sudden alien attack/invasion, against our Planet. God's Word says 'My people perish through lack of knowledge. Hose 4:6

  • JP Slayermayor
    JP Slayermayor   1 weeks ago

    With the recent important advancements in nuclear fusion, an energy source capable of feeding a propulsion system with capability of approaching light speed is not "Impossible "as the one scientists said, it is actually probable in the next 50 years

  • Gerard McNally
    Gerard McNally   1 weeks ago

    Could someone please, with Balls and Money. Start rolling out Zero Point Energy.

  • mike evans
    mike evans   1 weeks ago

    This documentary looks decades old...look at the computers theyre using....they have way better tech now

  • Sho'Nuff
    Sho'Nuff   1 weeks ago

    Is this a disinformation film? Are they saying all people who see UFOS are crazy? The description never ends.

  • mark wilson
    mark wilson   1 weeks ago

    we will still be tinkering with rockets in 50 years LOL we know nothing ??? human arrogance ???

  • mark wilson
    mark wilson   1 weeks ago

    to think we are the top of the evolutionary food chain LOL WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING ? secrecy and lies from our so called leaders doesnt help ? dogs the lot of them x

  • SD FFT
    SD FFT   1 weeks ago

    Pretty sure that craft was flown by humans wearing the US flag 🇺🇸 on their sleeves.

  • JOHN Villanueva
    JOHN Villanueva   1 weeks ago

    I have seen this craft with my cousins in Philippines.

  • Tetsuya Ito
    Tetsuya Ito   1 weeks ago

    49:33 so if you were able to "bend"/"warp" space, would not objects on that path affected? Like "our" Sun affects our solar system or the moon apprently affects our oceans and seas causing ebb and flow (due to their gravitational field affecting planets and our oceans and seas). Is bending "space" without affecting any objects near or on the path possible?

  • Makumbo Lindo
    Makumbo Lindo   2 weeks ago

    Planes and devices in our planet, they all sound, so.......

  • John Huebner
    John Huebner   2 weeks ago

    Isn't this kind of a moot point? The government has admitted that UAP/UFOs exist. And they are not from humans.

  • Daddie Longstroke
    Daddie Longstroke   2 weeks ago

    Just get pass the Van Allen belts in my lifetime and I'll be happy. Ps. I saw the fake moonlanding in 1969. Not impressed.