The Meth Epidemic (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

  • Published on: 27 July 2021
  • This 2011 film investigates how and why meth use spiraled out of control and contributed to the drug abuse problem in America.

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    Speed. Meth. Glass. On the street, methamphetamine has many names. What started as a fad among West Coast motorcycle gangs in the 1970s then spread across the United States. In “The Meth Epidemic”, FRONTLINE, in association with The Oregonian, investigates meth addiction in America: the impact on individuals, families and communities, and the difficulty of controlling an essential ingredient in meth—ephedrine and pseudoephedrine—sold legally in over-the-counter cold remedies.

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  • Runtime : 53:18


  • B0 Borden
    B0 Borden   39 minuts ago

    This is one example of how regulation can help control a serious problem that affects the lives of many. Everytime I hear "small gov't" or "anti-regulation" I think of lobbyists who sway politicians (usually with donations) to keep their hands off big business. I am sure many politicians, especially those in their 70's, 80's and 90's have no clue about most of these problems or even know what this stuff is (as referenced in this program). We need to vote out those who always side with business over the little guy.

  • Dan Thomas
    Dan Thomas   1 hours ago

    One of my house mates uses meth. I always know because behind his closed bedroom door come sounds like he's turning into a werewolf. He only comes out of his room every three or four days to make a drug run. Then he disappears again for a few days always behind his bedroom door.

  • Nadine Blake
    Nadine Blake   3 hours ago

    He really thinks he's single-handedly stomped the whole Quaalude problem out and that he will single-handedly solve the entire methamphetamine problem what an arrogant little man

  • inflameswetrust2 1
    inflameswetrust2 1   4 hours ago

    Is the meth use dropping because of the laws or because fentanyls sweeping the country?

  • nancy willaert
    nancy willaert   4 hours ago

    Mother drug addict, stepfather drug addict and smuggler, one brother we don’t even know he’s still alive or not, and me allergic to pseudo ephedrine and afraid of even painkillers even when having neurological pains due to illness. I don’t have contact with my birth family due to it. They nearly killed me with medical neglect, when asked for health they where so good at telling lies that the social services believed them more than us, I was 9 started looking after my half brothers, 11 a half sister added the family my schooling declined and got hit for it because how could it be difficult doing household, raising brothers and sister, taking care of a mother with redrawn symptoms and irrational behavior? My half sister was addicted too but she went in rehab and did well. That’s the last I know.Belgium don’t give meds like ocicotan , and those kinds that easy every medication with pseudoephedrine is only by prescription even a painkiller like dafalgan or aspirin with an addition is only on prescription. Sure Belgium 🇧🇪 has it’s addictive problems too. Too all those who are in rehab take one day at the time you’re not alone in it and surround yourself with people that means well with you even family that might distrust you for you’re past you’re can win this. Please take good care you’re loved and can bring hope and joy to others.Those who are clean from even a few days to years keep it up, people are proud because the hard work to be clean and stay clean is purely your achievement in the end, you looked for help, got aid and followed it they put hard work as support group for you. You made them proud. Be proud head high and make the world a beautiful place share and help people be aware of how and what.

  • Tracy Blanco
    Tracy Blanco   5 hours ago

    Methamphetamine just gives a person "a false sense of well being" during using it but eventually you have to come down and then everything is the way it was when you are getting high, but then you crash and sleep for days. Your personality changes totally when you arent high. And then people just start spinning out. Tweaking, taking crap apart and not putting it together, dumpster diving, and the crap in this meth they are making nowadays is horrible. People mumbling, picking at their face, digging thru their stuff looking for gawd only knows. Then all the sudden they stop and I guess forget what they were looking for. Its so obvious people.

  • cat face
    cat face   9 hours ago

    Just once I.d like to see a proud recovered person apologize for all the people they stole from and screwed over...yes ..i am happy for them..but .....

  • Heavenly Blessed Events

    What is the reason for all the sores on the face is it all over the body like that?

  • Rebecca Higgins
    Rebecca Higgins   10 hours ago

    Being arrested is what makes these people deteriorate, not the drug use.

  • S Starklite
    S Starklite   11 hours ago

    Great. But WHY do people ever try it and get addicted? My theory is that there’s nothing to DO in life but work, usually jobs they despise which makes them unhappy, plus they’re oppressed by their tiny wage, AND despise there’s nothing to do except watch horrible television, and now using computers. They never get to do anything fun, like learning dancing, which is good exercise. Dancing plus great music could make them happy! Most people can’t afford to dance at gyms doing Zumba and everything there that could be done to music they love, because music can really eliminate depression and unhappiness. And they sure can’t afford to take dance lessons 10 for $600!Why can’t most people afford to go to gyms or take dance lessons, etc, and join gyms? Because of their oppressive tiny wage, at the only jobs that exists which might be restaurants, but many jobs are boring and oppressive. In short, they get addicted to drugs because of CAPITALISM. Our parents and grandparents and great grandparents etc we’re taught and forced to think “life is work, get any job, then die.” Work then die. Some people can handle oppressive jobs, but some can’t and they do drugs.This system is called capitalism. I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just say that if USA had been able to destroy capitalism in 1900 or 1950-60, and IF USA had said “we’re getting thousands of immigrants every year, and there’s not enough places/housing units for them, so we should start building only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains …worldwide.” And if they said “they can’t survive in a wage system because of low wages,” and if they had ended wage slavery, and NOT built any of the factories from the Industrial Revolution, and had not thought we “need weapons manufacturers and military” but instead had said “we need all people to own all things worldwide,” to eliminate money and poverty, and give every person either a Universal Basic Income UBI or if they could have eliminated money, so there would be a sort of equal wealth…worldwide, I think no one would have gotten hooked on drugs. I know everyone will say that’s not true, and won’t fix the problem, but I think I’m right, and I always will think I’m right no matter who doesn’t believe me. I will still stick to my theory. Because I’ve always been an oppressed unhappy wage worker too, and couldn’t figure out why (debt, paycheck to paycheck), until I heard the words “guaranteed residual Income” same as UBI, but I was able to handle it, whereas many can’t handle it and then they do drugs. And I’m sticking to my theory because when I heard GRI I had a vision that showed me that every person needs a UBI, and it would quickly end world poverty…and crimes and wars. I also saw T&T. USA started many wars to force all nations into being capitalist wage slavery (see “ROGUE STATE” by William Blum, and others).And if they had done that none of the drugs would have been a problem, or at least less of a problem.All our lives have been wasted away too much work and by television!

  • Terry Samuelsson
    Terry Samuelsson   12 hours ago

    So what is the portion of sudefed water and ether? Asking for a friend!!

  • ABfield
    ABfield   13 hours ago

    Is Pseudoemphrim available still or is the majority of Meth still P2P shake and bake?

  • Zegota Shalom
    Zegota Shalom   14 hours ago

    They better update the statistics, and facts regarding this terrible drug. It is more popular today, stronger and very affordable, and yes it is still coming from Mexico across our opened border. It is also coming from China, lets get serious about this drug, we can stop it, and we can help those addicted. Please.

  • Zombie Turtle Egg Boy
    Zombie Turtle Egg Boy   15 hours ago

    Allow millions of people to become addicted to opioids supplied by the FDA and them take it away from all of them then supply fake meth to street dealers that is only vitamin crystals with Fentanyl on it, so that the police can arrest them for possession of meth, even though it is not meth, put them in jail even though the only thing they are high on is their imagination, the only Using going on is law enforcement Using poor people, too stupid to realize meth is gone, and that what they're doing is a placebo, so that they generate Funding for local city and counties where they live. That way employees of those cities and counties don't have to get a real job in the real world and continue living on tax payer money.

  • 84 PotionS
    84 PotionS   15 hours ago

    Shit is sad, have to get complete control of border if want drug problem to cease, why can't that happen???

  • Nick Nelson
    Nick Nelson   15 hours ago

    😆 🤣 who wont to buy some drugssss

  • Nick Nelson
    Nick Nelson   15 hours ago

    😆 🤣 who wont to buy some drugssss

  • RapGameCastro
    RapGameCastro   17 hours ago

    Them b4 and after pictures whewww 🤦🏾‍♂️They say it all

  • Aaron Aiysen
    Aaron Aiysen   18 hours ago

    This a curse con the Caucasian race for what they did in the 80’s to the so called blacks

  • Harry Kersey
    Harry Kersey   19 hours ago

    You R who U R long before you use drugs . Drugs don't form your MO U do. Don't blame the drug. It only magnifies your character . U either are or your not .

  • Michael Shuey
    Michael Shuey   20 hours ago

    When my girlfriend was using it all I had to do was talk to her on the phone and just the tone of her voice gave it away every time. When I actually seen her it took about half a second to realize it the way she held her mouth etc. And it only took her doing a tiny amount and would screw her up 2-3 days

  • Russell Buck Fletcher
    Russell Buck Fletcher   20 hours ago

    Prescription for cold meds. Sounds like a great way to direct more money to doctors and get more people into the ER whom don't have a doctor.

  • Moms Phone
    Moms Phone   21 hours ago

    He said that the members of Congress didn't know?!!! I bet Nasty Nancy knew.

  • WithoutFeathers
    WithoutFeathers   22 hours ago

    Since the pandemic~the astronomical rise in amphetamine use has well eclipsed that of crack cocaine and heroin combined. It's cheap and can be found everywhere. Never before in U.S. history has this drug methamphetamine increase been so profound and prolific--and the people who are abusing meth or ice are far more likely to commit crimes to secure their unrelenting and demanding daily use. 🤔 If you know someone that is using, show them love by getting them to treatment. Show them love by not enabling them with money or anything that takes them one step closer to getting the drug. Show them love with prayer 🙏 Drugs of this nature will ultimately and surely so...will kill them. 🙏

  • Gavin1130
    Gavin1130   23 hours ago

    With opiates, ppl itch, I’ve felt it on the Percocet they gave me for a kidney stone. Side note, worst pain I’ve ever experienced, I know it’s a bad idea to use pain pills, but mine was to big to pass, and they had to go in and remove it.😭🤬 They couldn’t perform the procedure for 2 days, I would’ve taken anything for the relief. Back to my question, Does meth make ppl itch, or are they paranoid, and just constantly picking imaginary stuff off their face? Judging by the mugshots, it looks like the sores start popping up, when ppl are full blown in their meth addiction, not in the beginning. Thanks

  • ChillinCruzin
    ChillinCruzin   1 days ago

    wow this guy just trying to stop drugs no corruption like money. he only talks about how bad he wanted to stop drugs but wen they show big pharma lobbbyist. he is so rich he was wearing a target store 4 button shirt & def hasnt a haircut more than $10 lol i wanna b so rich i dont care what i wear lol. im ugly but rich bitch lol

  • U.S.N. Retired
    U.S.N. Retired   1 days ago

    Only seconds into this documentary. I want to say the Police, EMT's, Firemen, Doctors, Nurses should be paid like professional football players. Why? Dealing with people IS NOT EASY AND I THANK ALL OF THEM FOR WHAT THEY DO!

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker   1 days ago

    Why anyone is dumb enough to try meth in the first place amazes me!

  • Sum Ting Wong
    Sum Ting Wong   1 days ago

    Thanks for telling the public how to make shake n bake facepalm

  • Joel P
    Joel P   1 days ago

    Drug companies make money off addiction. The law officials know who the problems are but ignore it we all see them everyday. I was a tweeker 12 Years ago today I'm clean and sober and a pastor and foster parent I could stop much this issue. If given the money the cops get. I see myself in those pictures. Never once was I arrested for drugs it was so obvious I was using. I say start with ICE like arrest the you look high type arrest and drug test with mandatory lock down rehab. The current system is designed to make itself look successful the "we had this many graduates its working" even when the same people repeatedly graduated

  • Derek Lund
    Derek Lund   1 days ago

    Meth destroyed my life....and I never used it

  • gardenlifelove
    gardenlifelove   1 days ago

    The fake stats are funny meth isn't the only drug in oregon and the homeless use alot more alcohol than anything else lol thats been proven.

  • gardenlifelove
    gardenlifelove   1 days ago

    Making meth isn't dangerous unless you're doing it the way they're showing here... anybody who is educated knows the nazis discovered meth and used it first and so did america and every other country during WW2. If you make it with the proper chemistry and in the proper safe space, it isn't dangerous at all and is actually quite fun and educating for those that have adhd or other attention disorders.. meth isn't just a horrible bad drug.. its also what they give kids for adhd, add and every other hyperactive disorder.. thats what Ritalin is and the dextromethamphetamines they put in there are medical grade meth.. same thing on a molecular level only they are not doing it with drain cleaner for cheapness.....

  • gardenlifelove
    gardenlifelove   1 days ago

    There is no control over any part of these drugs.. hahaha

  • Scooter McGee
    Scooter McGee   1 days ago

    The cut off the pseudophedrune supply, so they just started makingneth with other chemicals. Now we have meth zombies flailing barefoot all over town screaming at parking meters. I think we were almost better off before...