Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

  • Published on: 01 February 2018
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    Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news - or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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    Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter
  • Runtime : 9:36
  • Alien Aliens Alien Life Alien Lifeform Alien Lifeforms The Great Filter Great Filter Filter Fermi Fermi Paradox Space Space Travel Doom Apocalypse Nuclear war nano technology genetic engineering crisper climate change global warming human origins AI Evolution Science Kurzgesagt In A Nutshell


  • Chase Lemmons
    Chase Lemmons   3 hours ago

    nanotechnology, nuclear weapons, etc. etc. already exist. Yikes.

  • Ceko Vladimir
    Ceko Vladimir   4 hours ago

    Damn 5 adds in one video... And the first one is a 22 second unskipable one. Bummer.

    SCARLET★STAR   5 hours ago

    The music in this one is especially awesome even compared to the other tracks.

  • Arjan Kr Das
    Arjan Kr Das   5 hours ago

    genetic engineering of the perfect super bugBLAME CHINA

  • Doggo WPV
    Doggo WPV   5 hours ago

    There might be two filters. One behind us that is our level of intelligence and one ahaed. The one ahead is unique to humans that we are smart and stupid enough to doom ourselves

  • Doggo WPV
    Doggo WPV   5 hours ago

    The staircase theory is neat

  • Doggo WPV
    Doggo WPV   5 hours ago

    Maybe aliens have searched our solar system and scoped out earth, then are like wow ok these are stupid or they found life and left us alone.

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last Name   6 hours ago

    they would feel sorry for us for being so miserable. or they would feel like they were talking to trees. either way, it would be game over.

  • Pesty Lucas
    Pesty Lucas   7 hours ago

    I feel like the typhon ( from that prey game ) has some good points, how do we know they feel stuff, how do we know what they would look like

  • Gavin Libby
    Gavin Libby   8 hours ago

    I believe that there is an IMMENSE amount of 'luck' in creating life, and that there are many great filters, but the worst is creating something from nothing. Chance has to create not only an AI from chemicals and physics, but also a self replicating one.. that being said if the chances are 1 in 1 billion... you roll the dice a little more than once. I think we are a little out of the luck phase and can start to change something for the upcoming filter.. that is if we decide

  • K. Eugene Carlson
    K. Eugene Carlson   8 hours ago

    If the Great Filter is actually a thing, my money would be on FTL travel being (really, truly) impossible. Even with the benefit of chemically-induced hibernation or relativistic travel speeds, it's hard to imagine a coordinated civilization surviving when just saying "hi" would take multiple years to accomplish.Or it could be multicellular life. Who knows.

  • Luxiee light
    Luxiee light   9 hours ago

    milky way.When you think u ran out of milk when u have 2 gallons.Milky Day!

  • PrO_RaZe
    PrO_RaZe   13 hours ago

    It triggers me whenever I read or see something that talks that life can only exist if there is water or oxygen.

  • Emily Law
    Emily Law   14 hours ago

    Dear Lord is this depressing! But addictive.

  • Jimmy Thornseed
    Jimmy Thornseed   15 hours ago

    Scenario 4: There are lots of civilizations in the galaxy, but governments are covering up to prevent panic and consolidate advanced technology.The stupidity of 2020 is really the proof that humans cannot, in fact, handle the truth.

  • TyranntX
    TyranntX   15 hours ago

    Well we’ve already found fossils on mars, so I guess Humanity is doomed.

  • p k
    p k   19 hours ago

    Third option:We are already a part of civilization but we dont know about that bcoz we started from bottom and it would be horrible if we get to know about them and they are already watching us.

  • Noah kalin
    Noah kalin   20 hours ago

    "Genetic engineering of the perfect superbug" that'll be the day

  • Astr0id
    Astr0id   20 hours ago

    Let's Hope that 2020 didn't stumble across this video

  • DSXmachine
    DSXmachine   22 hours ago

    Communism is the great barrier. Civilizations keep falling for this stupidity and end up starving to death.

  • Manaphy
    Manaphy   22 hours ago

    Or maybe there is a barrier that can't be passed through? What if there is no way to travel fast enough?

  • Ryan Sansaricq
    Ryan Sansaricq   23 hours ago

    What if we turn out to be much more violent than other species? We always fear aliens trying to take us over for our resources but what if we're actually that threat to other species???

  • Rose Sorrenti
    Rose Sorrenti   1 days ago

    it would be our doom because we don't have a Dr.Who :(

  • Rose Sorrenti
    Rose Sorrenti   1 days ago

    OR the aliens know we here, but are just watching us like a TV show

  • Anthony Kerr
    Anthony Kerr   1 days ago

    Question: If human life were somehow eradicated from Earth, with the planet unharmed, would human life happen on Earth again?

  • Ron Au
    Ron Au   1 days ago

    All good until the end. Why would we think the ONLY way to sustain life is the availability of liquid water? Other mechanisms we haven't imagined may make use of other materials to sustain life.

  • Jesus Christ is the One True God Forever

    There is a filter it’s called the veil these aliens are fallen angels they exist in the spirit dimension which is light years away physically but dimensionally is layered on top of ours

  • ModzNMara
    ModzNMara   1 days ago

    Why he making this video like if we haven’t already discovered that aliens are real

  • quinny7777
    quinny7777   1 days ago

    It’s been comfirmed: The Great Filter is 2020

  • gio
    gio   1 days ago

    Lol, the government already stated there's a non govt built UFO in our system

  • Dolfan 2
    Dolfan 2   1 days ago

    "Genetic engineering of the greatest superbug"Whem Resident Evil occurs, I will be in a space station with my family and friends, and while all of you are being zombified, I'll be living the life in orbit until the planet is sterile again Then, we'll get ready for the next challenge

  • k0walsk
    k0walsk   1 days ago

    if it's possible that the great filter is behind us, meaning we overcame it, why wouldn't we be able to overcome the great filter if it's in front of us? Why would there be only one filter? Also, I feel like the more common life is in the universe, the less likely that there is any filter.

  • iKaGe01
    iKaGe01   1 days ago

    What if we are dropped off from another civilisation who has simply been forgotten about... lol