3244 Miles - Toyota Tundra Truck Camping and Backpacking the Holy Cross - The Movie

  • Published on: 07 February 2021
  • This is the full length movie involving the epic 2020 adventure that Susie and I had last year while traveling across the country.

    Part 1 (traveling to Colorado),
    Part 2 (backpacking the Holy Cross Wilderness)
    Part 3 (traveling home)

    all together in one video which we hope that you enjoy!

    In this movie, The Outdoor Gear Review is going out West to backpack what is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Colorado!

    People Go Missing and are NEVER to be seen again.
    Plane Crashes.

    This is an epic adventure in some incredibly beautiful locations and we did it all on a very LOW budget!

    Thank you to those who reminded me to put this video up (I forgot),
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  • Runtime : 2:19:41
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  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker   1 weeks ago

    Luke and Susie, this was a really enjoyable video of your road trip/adventure to watch, l look forward to seeing more road trips. Your solo trips Luke are most enjoyable and informative too, keep up the good work.You guys are a joy to watch and l’m sure that your travels and experiences will definitely inspire many of your viewers to do a road trip or two soon. Stay safe and God Bless you both with good health well into your future. 😊👍👍🦘🇦🇺🦘

  • Jonathan Grimes
    Jonathan Grimes   1 weeks ago

    Loved the video. I live in Georgia. Last week June 10th 2022 to June 19th we went on a road trip. Rented an RV and visited 20 states. Had a great time. Road trips with family are amazing. Coolest place was probably Maine and Niagra Falls. Spent over $1000 in gas was no fun. Keep up the wonderful videos. Go team puppy and kitty

  • William Coolidge
    William Coolidge   1 weeks ago

    How much did you have to pay Amy Adams to star in your movie?

  • S______F
    S______F   3 weeks ago

    Im your biggest fan from germany ! I just want to say thank you for inviting us to your trips!! Its always so much fun, you both are such a good team and two really really nice souls!! You are very entertaining, always smiling....just great people !! Sry for my english and the best greetz to you !!

  • Bill The Mailman
    Bill The Mailman   4 weeks ago

    Just as Believers go to church,those who worship the god of the flesh,those who go to those adult shops instead of getting it on the internet are going to their "churches" they are gathering together to bring glory to satan.You may laugh at my answer,but as a person who has become Born Again, I now understand what is up. With that said,I do really enjoy your channel,exploring God's wilderness, thank you.😁

  • Richard hagood
    Richard hagood   4 weeks ago

    at 15 i crosscountry skied the shrine pass trail that passes that cross it was a fun time with my father it was a 11 mile treck

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith   1 months ago

    Wow seems like a nice spot…definitely interesting year…follow the rules…and off to Colorado….maybe next year will be better…

  • jimmy Lucas
    jimmy Lucas   1 months ago

    Shawnee national forest is in my back yard I'm in Southern Indiana. We go there least twice a year love that place best place there is the over look of the "Garden Of The Gods". Great video much love from southern Indiana ❤

  • Lipok Jamir
    Lipok Jamir   1 months ago

    Hi.. I was wondering what weather app do you use on your phone cus it seems pretty accurate n foes it work only in America?

  • Jael Jade
    Jael Jade   1 months ago

    That old rusty part is used to pull a trailer

    SGT FATROD   1 months ago

    The guy could have murdered his "friend" beforehand & called in search & rescue to look for her as a cover. That would explain why she vanished without a trace & even dogs couldn't pick up her trail. Because she was never there.

  • Dale Sanborn
    Dale Sanborn   2 months ago

    the armadillo problem is a southern thing

  • Melvin Woodard
    Melvin Woodard   2 months ago

    This is a great movie, and so far this is the best video that I"ve viewed from you and your production staff. I'm from inner-city Chicago and I really enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for your consideration concerning politics and other social issues, you do a good job of keeping your deeply personal feelings out of your narration and that makes the video palatable for people with other ethnic backgrounds. You and Suzie make such a great team and the rest of your team is so professional that most viewers won't realize that they are there. Great work Luke, Suzie, and company, and thank you for sharing your experiences. I plan to get back out there soon. Peace.

  • Patrick Mohr
    Patrick Mohr   2 months ago

    You would think of the all the tax dollars the state makes from canabis sales they would have nice roads

  • Nick Hetu
    Nick Hetu   3 months ago

    the only way i would be inclined to hike that would be if the "reward" at the top was all you can eat pie.

    RANDY DAVIS   3 months ago

    Great road trip video across a big piece of our great country. When I traveled the entire Route 66 trip with my wife, 2 kids and a mother in law, I had a lot less fun than you two. We also kept track of broken down vehicles, so I thought it was funny that you did also. We also found Chevys in first place, but not near as many Jeeps.

  • Lady Grace
    Lady Grace   3 months ago

    You both are a cute couple, thanks for sharing your adventures.

  • Jizzy The Froggy
    Jizzy The Froggy   3 months ago

    The most boring drive ever is western kansas into eastern colorado.

  • John Proctor
    John Proctor   3 months ago

    Hitting an armadillo with your vehicle doesn’t hurt the vehicle any more than any other animal that size. You realize they don’t have a shell, right?

  • JamesG
    JamesG   4 months ago

    There is never enough parking at the trail heads in Colorado. Some are only big enough for 2 cars and the road isn't made to handle the people parking on the side. But the trails are usually nice.

  • No Shame 74
    No Shame 74   4 months ago

    Hay tell me something Luke does Suzie stop talking when she not happy or you are in trouble? LOL, great trip to watch you guys are legends.

  • Arlene Wolf
    Arlene Wolf   4 months ago

    Hi Luke and Susie, sorry I'm not going to watch the two hours right now (I will later). I like and watch your videos, keep them coming (I just found this one). I look at videos like yours from an emergency preparedness, comfort, safety and cost effectiveness stand point, not just for vehicle camping for one person. So, I will just mention my initial observation and issues with a lot of videos like this. I know that people are somewhat stuck with what they have (car {sub compact to full size}, truck, van, SUV), at least until they can make a change that better suits them. My Pick-up truck purchases have always had a carpeted Leer topper similar to yours (for shelter), with the "BedRug" bed liner system. I have always purchased the standard 6'6" pick up truck bed length ALWAYS. With two short people, the ability to crunch up and fit in a short bed truck, where the bed is shorter than the occupants is almost an impossibility long term (more than overnight while waiting for a rescue, or just camping). The BedRug bed liner will keep you from having conduction issues with the cold metal truck bed and is easy on your knees (we are older). You might want to consider a longer bed on your next truck, you will instantly appreciate it, if you need to lay down (especially if there are two of you). So I do not need emergency fuel, alcohol, propane, butane, or electric, for heat (that can run out prior to you being rescued), in the winter months I keep TWO surplus military ECWSS in my truck (one for me and one for the misses). The ECWSS (Extreme Cold Weather Sleep Systems) are just a fancy acronym for a 3 layer sleeping bag set up that is rated to MINUS 40 DEGREES BELOW ZERO (F), with proper layering. If you end up with an emergency brake down or being stuck (like what happened in a blizzard in Atlanta some years back and a recent event in Virginia), the ECWSS will keep you totally comfortable and warm as toast without needing to rely on a heat / fuel source that can run out. I will not try to compare or compete regarding gear (you are probably much better set up than I am), but I usually learn something from these videos.

  • Roger Lingo
    Roger Lingo   5 months ago

    Watched this last night and it made me think that I can't imagine driving1600 miles to do an overnight. Did like the show but too many miles for a short backpacking trip.

  • J. D.
    J. D.   5 months ago

    Very Cool it just goes to show you what it doesn't matter where you've been where your going or where your at it's who your with that makes it fun and special

  • Mike Breedlove
    Mike Breedlove   5 months ago

    I believe in that about gunbecause you have to protected yourself if someone breaks in you can protect you and your loved ones so I do believe in that the right to bare arms

  • Tito Dakidd
    Tito Dakidd   5 months ago

    the footsteps susie heard could have been a sasquatch look up colorado bigfoot he goes to the holy cross wilderness alot and has video of them there .

  • Tito Dakidd
    Tito Dakidd   5 months ago

    me and my wife loved the movie guys you guys are awesome ! . speaking of holy cross wilderness there are forsure creatures out there such as dogman , sinwalkers, crawlers, sasquatch along with ufo activity that we are not being told about by our government . if you watch david p missing 411 there are to many ppl that are gone without a trace for us to think that bears or wildlife/weather etc. got them. what are youre thoughts on it luke?

  • Tito Dakidd
    Tito Dakidd   5 months ago

    Luke im honestly addicted to your youtube channel especially the ones with you and suzi ... when you said "i wanna cuddle all the time... all the time " me and my wife where cracking up!! you are super funny man

  • Mike Breedlove
    Mike Breedlove   6 months ago

    A drag that you would pull behind a tractor to level out a road and to make it smoother

  • eRahFeed
    eRahFeed   8 months ago

    This is an award-winning video! I subscribe to this channel

  • Grizzly Gaz
    Grizzly Gaz   8 months ago

    Is the tent a Big Agnes fly creek 2? If so, Naturehike do a clone of it called the 'cloud up' 2

  • Danny McGlone
    Danny McGlone   8 months ago

    Do you or Suzie carry a side are when your camping?

  • gary jones
    gary jones   8 months ago

    we live in murder capital of world ...we have right to be paranoid as hell and shoot anyone on sight ... i guess he might think 2 people living in back of a pick up might need soup money ...and then you shoot him ... he was gonna give you cheapskates change ... pot calling kettle black ....comes to mind

  • Gillian Orley
    Gillian Orley   8 months ago

    14:31 $1.85 gas during the Summer of the 2020 election year.