The Odd Number Rule

  • Published on: 29 July 2020
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  • banana man
    banana man   19 minuts ago

    He came back right as we needed

  • Serea David
    Serea David   20 minuts ago

    The sum of the first n odd numbers is n^2. Because distance = velocity times time and velocity is directly proportional to time (v=a*t, where a is acceleration), it means distance is quadratically proportional to time. Therefor, it depends on t^2, which is a sum of odd numbers!Thank you, Vsauce, for posting another really interesting video!

  • CMW18
    CMW18   41 minuts ago

    Bro nice beard

  • The Last Roman
    The Last Roman   54 minuts ago

    I’m drunk right now because everyone hates me.

  • AL Winter
    AL Winter   1 hours ago

    1:02 should be the world’s anthem

  • mrsne snemr
    mrsne snemr   1 hours ago

    okay class today were learning about odd numbers such as 1, 3, 5 etc. the way that gravity is created is by....

  • B Bui
    B Bui   1 hours ago

    Michael came to my school once to give a presentation and he is exactly as he is in his videos. Also everyone had so much anxiety about his tab management during his research period as he prepares for videos.

  • Ka
    Ka   2 hours ago

    I see what you did there

  • Xero
    Xero   2 hours ago

    Every time I watch these videos I am like:"hey I know that, but how is this going to help"One explanation laterMe: I have A S C E N D E D

  • SemiMono
    SemiMono   2 hours ago

    9:09 "Well that also happens to be the area..."Me: "I'm not ready for calculus right now..."

  • pc pro
    pc pro   2 hours ago

    One question ..If the air was pink, Will we see everywhere pinky ??

  • Strider Stryker
    Strider Stryker   2 hours ago

    Normal people: Basically counting right triangles.Smart people: y=mx+b

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave   2 hours ago

    Oo a new VSauce vid"THISSSSS is the odd number rule..and these are the quirks and features of odd and even numbers"I need to get off the internet for a while

  • Cherub Sasquatch
    Cherub Sasquatch   3 hours ago

    Jesus Christ is God and He loves you! He died and rose to justify you before Himself, the True and Living Holy God, YHVH .

  • dmo21
    dmo21   3 hours ago

    Dude took me through a basic Calc 1 lecture just to tell me that Air bud is completely fiction lmao.

  • Boogie_Brad
    Boogie_Brad   3 hours ago

    I literally just came from the spooky coincidence video, another coincidence?

  • Vampire Catgirl
    Vampire Catgirl   3 hours ago

    Wow, that took forever to have the beginning question answered, this whole video is just filler, time to cancel

    DEGEL   3 hours ago

    Vcauce in funurel and plays goffin [astronomia]VCAUCE: HEY!!! VCAUCE MICKEEL HERE!

  • Aldo
    Aldo   3 hours ago

    This video style is soooo good. This channel + this style is one of the reasons I started making video's myself. Thanks Micheal!

  • Belikov
    Belikov   3 hours ago

    Pucci definitely saw this

  • kokoriko999
    kokoriko999   4 hours ago

    Is it me or is Michael looking more and more like James Randi as he is getting older?

  • bear831tiger
    bear831tiger   4 hours ago

    The license plate tho...🤭🤔 , time the war ended ? Yeah odd

  • Mayur Kharat
    Mayur Kharat   4 hours ago

    Can we have a video related to 176 year period cycle to travel all the outer planet