Most Annoying People On The Internet

  • Published on: 28 February 2013
  • Don't be these people. Mapoti
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  • Runtime : 4:50
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  • Essential Gold
    Essential Gold   3 hours ago

    There are also the people who beg for likesπŸ‘‡ Press like if u agree

  • μ΄νž£μ—ν—Ώ

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  • Ali3n Vort3x
    Ali3n Vort3x   1 days ago

    im gonna be the Grammar Nazi and call him out that he didnt spell "too" right in "trying to hard"

  • ForevER
    ForevER   1 days ago

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  • Corvin Barber
    Corvin Barber   1 days ago

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  • Teresa biswas
    Teresa biswas   1 days ago

    0:19 me: okay i want to meet him!!!!!!!!we can be bestfriend β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ–€

  • Sydney Locher
    Sydney Locher   2 days ago

    I know someone who actually says LOL in real life. LOL.

  • Ishaan Raina
    Ishaan Raina   2 days ago

    Basically calling people a simp before the word has even been invented lol makes my day

  • Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley   3 days ago

    i met all of these people within 24 hours of downloading among us

  • ganjedi bro
    ganjedi bro   3 days ago

    its 7years and nothing has changed it is exactly the same

  • Dimitri20
    Dimitri20   3 days ago

    "yolo is more than 7 years old"oh god... im old

  • JukeBoxBro's
    JukeBoxBro's   5 days ago

    Ryan - "Where's the cutaway? OH HELL NO!"

  • Gaming Beasts
    Gaming Beasts   6 days ago

    And the person in a game who is like Do u have a mic do u have a mic do u have a mic Do u have a mic do u have a mic do u have a mic

  • tilt
    tilt   6 days ago


  • IwAs Crewmate
    IwAs Crewmate   6 days ago

    Only if ryan know mapoti means white in tagalog ang if he says mapoti poeple means white people.....

  • OctoCreeper
    OctoCreeper   6 days ago

    β€œIf [you] always say no, you’ll never say yes.”-Ryan HigaThis man spitting straight facts...

  • Cloudy
    Cloudy   6 days ago

    You forgot the guy who copies youtube commentsoh yeah btwTheres also a new type of person. The "whos watching in 2020" personwait.....

  • Blank !
    Blank !   6 days ago

    Trying to hit 5 subscribers before 2021

  • Mafi Kiola
    Mafi Kiola   6 days ago

    You truly know this is old when he doesn't say instagram

  • Mike O.
    Mike O.   1 weeks ago

    Bruh Grammar nazi the word. Like oml

  • Spadian
    Spadian   1 weeks ago

    So this is where im14andthisisdeep comes from

  • Ishita Singh
    Ishita Singh   1 weeks ago

    This video is 7 years old and not one thing he mentioned has changed. The trend continues, sadly

  • Ishita Singh
    Ishita Singh   1 weeks ago

    I feel outdated discovering you so late. Can't stop binging, you're hilarious

  • R A Mz
    R A Mz   1 weeks ago

    The Ones that I mostly hate are the spammers

  • Random Weirdo
    Random Weirdo   1 weeks ago

    Just discovered u and I must say I actually like ur vids. You just bumped roomie official out of first place favourite YouTuber πŸ˜‚ Sry roomie😬

  • Nick- -Chan
    Nick- -Chan   1 weeks ago

    OMG lmao lol Da 'Dear Ryan' asf killed me STFU wtf hahaha lol lol XD...OMG why am I saying so many acronyimsssss LMFAO help me but no thank you...I wanna shoot myself cuz I have gun and tattoos..LMFAO