Oil changes: How often do you need them? (Marketplace)

  • Published on: 16 March 2018
  • How often should you change your engine oil? In a hidden camera investigation, we test what you're told at the dealership and then actually test your engine oil in a lab to see who's right.
    To read more: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2017-2018/the-dirty-truth-about-makeup-oil-change-debate

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  • Runtime : 8:45
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  • Joshua Bower
    Joshua Bower   22 hours ago

    For everyone who thinks that oil lasts 20k miles or once a year needs to remember - oil is cheap, engines are not

  • txmoney
    txmoney   1 days ago

    For my 2018 Civic EXT, I change the oil every 4,800 kilometers.Also, I only use top-tier fuel. I prefer Shell’s Nitro Plus for its highest detergent formula. I’m a sucker, right? Perhaps. But I intend to keep my car until the wheels fall off....at least 150,000 miles. And since my car has a modern GDI with a Turbo I can’t be too careful.

  • Eric Richter
    Eric Richter   2 days ago


  • Trucker Nation
    Trucker Nation   3 days ago

    Just because the old oil is still lubricating doesn’t mean the oil is good for the engine. The dirt and carbon deposits are still in the oil and that will cause more wear.

  • graycloud057
    graycloud057   4 days ago

    I use pure synthetic and change the oil once a year. Royal Purple HPS 5w30. ( it comes out to be about 8,000 miles)

  • imnotabotrlyimnot
    imnotabotrlyimnot   4 days ago

    But even the honest expert didn't mention the caveats in every owners manual I've ever seen, which gives you a list of driving conditions that the car encounters even just one time, changes the recommended change interval significantly, say from 5,000 miles down to 3,500 miles.

  • Muhammed Mateen
    Muhammed Mateen   5 days ago

    Yah I just changed my engine oil in my Tesla works really good and done it really cheap as well

  • Larry Schwartz
    Larry Schwartz   6 days ago

    Todays direct injection engines develope valve train problems if the oil is not changed often enough. I think 1 year in the north climate is too long.

  • Pluto Maximus
    Pluto Maximus   6 days ago

    change the oil your self, its a simple job and save money.

  • Richard Amuir
    Richard Amuir   1 weeks ago

    You should change engine oil and filter every week.

  • Bullrider
    Bullrider   1 weeks ago

    I've been researching and studying cars while being obsessed with fast cars for many years now and I will drop some real truth right here. If you change your oil, and use synthetic, every three to five thousand miles with filter your car or truck engine will thank you in the long run.

  • Justin
    Justin   1 weeks ago

    Know the basics of your car. More money for unnecessary oil change might not the only problem because when you go to have an oil change you could also received more incorrect info that people give to rip you off.

  • f581474x
    f581474x   1 weeks ago

    It also has to dow with how hard you drive you car. How much you drive in traffic and the temperature you are operating you vehicle in.

  • joel collins
    joel collins   2 weeks ago

    Why not take care of the vehicle? These guys seem to want to make dealerships the problem. Why not ask the reporter how much he is paid and than ask why he is paid so much when most of it now a days is lies.

  • Camaro Vlogs
    Camaro Vlogs   2 weeks ago

    It’s all fun and games until your engine seizes

  • ducati panigale
    ducati panigale   2 weeks ago

    that once year is for , very premium oil i think. They put normal cheaper oil

  • SI Rich
    SI Rich   2 weeks ago

    As usual miles/km are NOT the real indicator. How did you get to those miles? Highway? Cold climate? Hot climate? City idling? I change my own oil and I change it every 4000 miles tops. I’ve gone longer on occasion and you can see the change in oil color, viscosity etc. Changing it a little more frequently will only help your engine not hurt it. Suppose you change it 6 extra times.....ok that’s $300. A lot less than head gaskets, etc

  • Harry Tj
    Harry Tj   3 weeks ago

    I change every 1 year.. no problem

  • Skippy
    Skippy   3 weeks ago

    The Farm Guy on YouTube checked. He had 2 vehicles that had gone 14 months and 16 months. Not big km. He got both used oils tested. All were still doing there job perfectly and capable of going longer. Neither Oil showed any sign of breakdown because of age.They both had Synthetic Oil in them.City driving of course is harder on Oils than Highway Driving. Stop start etc.

  • sadman hoque
    sadman hoque   3 weeks ago

    to be fair Fiat engines aren't known for reliability so changing the oil more often on those makes sense.

  • andlem
    andlem   3 weeks ago

    In Germany an engine oil change every 20,000 km or once a year is sufficient according to almost all manufacturers, despite the Autobahn. In former times you could even drive up to 25,000 km or change the oil only every 2 years.An oil change in a specialist workshop quickly costs 150 Euros here, and 40 Euros with a cheap oil at a discount store.

  • Bercilak de hautdesert

    In Europe, my Saab 9-3 TiD factory service manual stipulates oil changes at a maximum of 12 months or 30,000 kms whichever is sooner, the same as my wife's Alfa Giulietta JTDM (same engine). My Peugeot 407 coupe, 2.2 16v petrol car gives the magic numbers as 20,000 km and my 1988 TVR (Ford V6 petrol) is 15,000 kms. I have always stuck to once a year, doing my own changes and checking for swarf, leaks or contamination in the oil and running a head gasket test at the same time, along with all the filters and checking the alternator and battery outputs. In 42 years of driving none of my 70 assorted cars and trucks, over 2 million miles, have ever let me down with an engine failure.

  • Ken Nash
    Ken Nash   1 months ago

    If you do choose to do your own oil changes, please remember to dispose  of the old oil in an environmentally friendly manner                              At night.

  • Mmpi For All
    Mmpi For All   1 months ago

    Surprised the test lab never mentioned details like: TAN - Total Acid Number of used oil or TBN - Total Base Number of the used oil shows how 'used up' it is! I even tested the 9 year old oil from my "garage queen" sunday driver and found the oil to was still good, looks can be deceiving! Remember, "new" oil is actually 200 million years old when pumped out of the earth! After doing oil tests and using a pair of FilterMags on the spin-on oil filter on my daily driver car, I found that "dirty" oil in a modern engine is actually all wear metals that turns it black! The filter media in a typical filter only catches a .001" particle 50% of the time, but normal wear particles are 40 times smaller and can't be caught at all with a spin-on filter. However, by using magnetic filtering to get the steel particles out, all other wear metals dropped too, thus the oil stayed visibly cleaner longer and less actual wear since the hard steel is being caught!

  • spikerbrad23
    spikerbrad23   1 months ago

    The interval listed in the book will work fine for the first few years...after that and the warranty is up, they really don't care if your engine wears out. Also when the vehicle gets old it will start to burn oil and wont make it to the recommended interval.

  • Devo
    Devo   1 months ago

    I change it once the turns black no matter what any one says. Peace of mind and it's easy on my vehicle pus its cheap

  • Edward Abraham III
    Edward Abraham III   1 months ago

    Its ok the more you change the oil the longer uour engine will last

    KXNG TAJ   1 months ago

    Where can i find this mark guy to check my car i want someone this honest

  • tamina brat brat
    tamina brat brat   1 months ago

    As a general rule change the oil and filter every 5000 kilometers and u should be ok

  • Triggerbot
    Triggerbot   1 months ago

    I want to punch anyone that says "don't change your oil more than once a year"

  • isaac ashurov
    isaac ashurov   1 months ago

    Oil change like underwear you can have most expensive underwear but you'll have to change it next day

  • Mikey G
    Mikey G   1 months ago

    I don't travel much. I have an 03 Toyota Camry five speed. I top up my oil once a month. However my work is not even 3kms away from my house. Shes an old girl. But yes I totally agree once a year is good enough for me. Plus ya your looking at at least $80 to $100 a change. Just add some Lucas motor oil every third month. And make sure your oil levels are stable. 374 000 kms on her

  • Antonio Muñoz
    Antonio Muñoz   1 months ago

    I hate dealerships Harris Dodge in Victoria bc is one of the biggest tiffs 🤬🤬i ever met in my life . If you live in Victoria British Columbia don’t buy cars from them or your gonna regret

  • Jorge Ledesma
    Jorge Ledesma   1 months ago

    Some of these women should learn how to change the oil, it's easy i taught my daughter.

  • Jorge Ledesma
    Jorge Ledesma   1 months ago

    It depends on how many miles you put on your vehicle and the usage, you can go the year depending on your travels.

  • ThomCountryfan
    ThomCountryfan   1 months ago

    You're all getting fooled, so ridiculous. My Camaro has seen 2 oil changes in 15 years and 80'000 miles, still running with a total of over 150'000 miles, no engine problems. Sorry, but changing the oil every 3 months, this is more than dumb! I'm asking myself: Do all these people have anything else on their mind in their life than their car and running to the shop for a rip off oil change?

  • Mr. JMP M. Perez
    Mr. JMP M. Perez   1 months ago

    Synthetic oil for me cost $80. That’s cheap. People don’t have $80 cuz they all been working at McDonald’s