The Original BFB 22 YTP in higher quality and no resampling

  • Published on: 18 March 2021
  • Runtime : 3:2


  • Kyle Bostrom
    Kyle Bostrom   3 weeks ago

    0:40 Guys, 𝗀𝗂𝗏𝖾 𝗂𝗍 𝗍𝗈 𝗆𝖾𝖾𝗁.

  • Catz world
    Catz world   1 months ago

    Me when I see 19 Dollar fortnite card 0:39

  • LUCAS YTP 2021
    LUCAS YTP 2021   1 months ago

    You Can Make A Comparision With The Original Version And The Remaster Version

  • ilo the second
    ilo the second   1 months ago

    the fact this was made right after the remaster and has a flipped thumbnail makes it look cool on the uploads page

  • ???
    ???   1 months ago

    Wow YTP releasing is fun

  • Other K
    Other K   1 months ago

    0:00:00:00 at 0.25x

  • RandomStuffette
    RandomStuffette   1 months ago

    2:57 I really want to know where the original audio is from

  • GordWP
    GordWP   1 months ago

    You should make a spliced version of the YTP, it's the remaster but all original jokes from this one included. Just a suggestion

  • enavarro
    enavarro   1 months ago

    2:224: Because we dont have a enough budget to build a jail, the unknown guilty individual must be killedBlocky: HEY, I WAS GONNA SAY THAT AS A PRANK!

  • Metal Firey
    Metal Firey   1 months ago

    1:04 i love the super mario rpg but with woody it gives me nostalgia

  • MiguelMem
    MiguelMem   1 months ago

    1:51 Thank You So Much For Playing My Game

  • The Doge King
    The Doge King   1 months ago

    0:22 I sure want to win nothing it looks so cool!

  • LeafyJr - AMP
    LeafyJr - AMP   1 months ago

    “That was great, but also kind of great.”

  • KD
    KD   1 months ago

    This is The first episode I saw of bfb and tmmr might be the end which is fantastic and all the memories. But I’m pretty sure I stopped watching at one point in bfdia but I’m glad I came back but this ytp is awesome!

  • Zaviuan Phelps
    Zaviuan Phelps   1 months ago

    Even without the new edits this ytp is still funny in either way