Facing the Storm! - Nor'easter at 6,000FT - Overnight Adventure

  • Published on: 07 April 2017
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    A major winter storm develops and...

    The temperature drops...
    Snow begins to fall...
    The Lone Wolf Heads Out!

    This is Luke's latest Overnight Adventure; Nor'easter at 6,000FT!

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  • Runtime : 1:1:26
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  • SDR 2034
    SDR 2034   1 weeks ago

    I would like to see more adventures off of lone wolf mountain. Not that I dont like lone wolf mountain. Its great to see you face other challenges

  • SDR 2034
    SDR 2034   1 weeks ago

    facing the storm 6000 feet. Great adventure. when will you do more videos like this?

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith   2 weeks ago

    Dude, you need spikes in that crap, and trekking poles to take a bit of weight off that knee. Bring a knee brace or compression sleeve, too. Take it from someone with a destroyed knee.

  • Spider Reed
    Spider Reed   1 months ago

    Those weather forecasters rarely get things right. I remember when Doppler radar came out and meteorologist said finally we'll be able to give accurate forecasts, LOL, we'll,Doppler radar became just another expensive toy for weather guys.

  • Pam Ritchie
    Pam Ritchie   1 months ago

    You tube got you no doubt it was a struggle

  • Keith McFaul
    Keith McFaul   1 months ago

    This was my first time to watch this video. Was wondering while you were at the shelter for the first night, did you ever think about sleeping in the loft where you would have been protected from the winds on all sides and wouldn't have been snowed on during the night.

  • chris gerbert
    chris gerbert   1 months ago

    out of the can into the man,.. out of the bag, into the f*g.. just kidding folks, i’m 1/2 a f*g here…….🤠

  • derrick walker
    derrick walker   1 months ago

    I’m a maintenance TL in East Tennessee that produces aircraft parts and sometimes I have time to kill and love watching your videos. It may sound silly but I just put myself in your place and try to journey along with you. I don’t have much time to go on trips like this much but when I do I really helps to unwind. I joined the Army in 98 when I graduated and then in 01 OIF went off and was down range 18 months. Wish your daughter the best in her military career!

  • Philip Butler
    Philip Butler   2 months ago

    Trekking poles are also a safety feature I would recommend in slippery conditions.

  • Philip Butler
    Philip Butler   2 months ago

    Adarondaks are nice but a tarp over the open wall helps shed the wind and precip.

  • kitty
    kitty   2 months ago

    Extrem dangerous

  • Nancy Robinson
    Nancy Robinson   3 months ago

    It amazes me how you navigate your way thru all that. Great job.

  • Sheila Butterworth
    Sheila Butterworth   3 months ago

    You need to carry a surport bandage and pain killers Luke it would help ,take care .

  • Jim Kennedy
    Jim Kennedy   3 months ago

    You needed goggles and naproxen for this trip.

  • Stuart Crane
    Stuart Crane   3 months ago

    My MSR Pocket Rocket deluxe boils a cup of water in 1 minute! I use a Trangia mini when it gets very cold, takes longer but very reliable

  • Geoff Blight
    Geoff Blight   3 months ago

    All to yourself aren’t you lucky 🍀 you’re blessed 😇 with luck they’ll have to drag you out of there by the ankles !

  • Roger Spencer
    Roger Spencer   4 months ago

    You talk to much and keep repeating everything

  • Doug Haga
    Doug Haga   4 months ago

    That's my backyard. It's a great place but it will kill you if you don't take care and watch what you do . I camped many times all over this place . Some friends of mine and myself stayed a week in Nov. In deer season. It was a hard camp n hunt , but worth it. Grayson highlands state park is a great place . Where he started at Lewis fork is not in the park . It's on white top Mt. And it earns its name . A great part of Virginia . P. S. Ice is what you need to watch out for

  • KantoBoy
    KantoBoy   4 months ago

    Your a good person with a good and blessed soul who loves the outdoors and loves sharing that with the world, and we thank you for that. Stay safe and blessed Luke.

  • KantoBoy
    KantoBoy   4 months ago

    I wish I live near you Luke, I’d love to go tag along with you camping that is if you wouldn’t mind, I love the outdoors, and nature, I’d be at ahhhh every turn I make…

  • indria drayton
    indria drayton   4 months ago

    I think of how the Native Americans roughed these conditions out.

  • indria drayton
    indria drayton   4 months ago

    Anazing adventure, but curious. That shack could use a door, I think......

  • Barrie Fitzgerald
    Barrie Fitzgerald   4 months ago

    Minus 11 in uk must be different in America because I would have all everything that I own on and you got a light jumper

  • Grant Becker
    Grant Becker   4 months ago

    Late to the party but this was awesome!

  • The Rogue Scientist
    The Rogue Scientist   5 months ago

    When he said "How many people wish they were here with me right now" at the cabin I literally raised my hand ✋ lol 😕

  • O.N. Rider , Christian author.

    Second time I've watched this one.Your even more amazing the second time around. I was born and bred in New England but that was brutal. Thanks for this channel.

  • BMWRider
    BMWRider   5 months ago

    I think I'd make and carry a spear. Just in case.

    RICH LOVIN   5 months ago

    Another video without captions. Not much good for us deaf people.

  • Damian Perez
    Damian Perez   5 months ago

    best one is the legalize weed part. we in 2021 SMOKING BIG DOINKS NOW 😜👌🏽

  • Dar
    Dar   5 months ago

    Dark Eyed Junco.

  • Duncan
    Duncan   6 months ago

    I always plan my trips. I take maps and have double or triple of them.

  • Seamus McBride
    Seamus McBride   6 months ago

    Imagine the forefathers who did this in animal skins with muzzle loaders....