WE GOT MARRIED! **Cody & Zoe's Official Wedding Video**

  • Published on: 12 February 2020
  • Watch till the end. We wish this could be real, but we wanted to try it out. We're too young, and definitely need more time. Just remember, one day it'll actually happen. We hope you all enjoyed the video! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you did enjoy even a little. It'd mean the WORLD to US! I do this for you guys, every day of the year. I'll see you guys in the next video. Until next time cows.. MOO!


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    WE GOT MARRIED! **Cody & Zoe's Official Wedding Video**
  • Runtime : 10:14
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  • Jenny Ngo
    Jenny Ngo   4 days ago

    This was when Cody was a normal guy but now he’s a clown a very abuser person that is a rat :)

  • Emi
    Emi   1 weeks ago

    They both so ugly

  • Ruby Chavez
    Ruby Chavez   2 weeks ago

    Why did you touch her like that that's why I think your a abuser and that's why you brock up whit her and she was happier whit her ex that died

  • frank mosquera
    frank mosquera   2 weeks ago

    You know tiktok follow me my acc is yasmine_amberly pleaseeee

  • Alexthegamer Girl
    Alexthegamer Girl   3 weeks ago

    Who’s here when they broke up forever ———————>

  • auxoria
    auxoria   3 weeks ago

    whos watching this after they broke uplike if u are :b

  • Lexany Malik
    Lexany Malik   3 weeks ago

    om i cant ok welli wanna cry and my sis b day tomorrow itsmy baby steped sis i wishshe was my real sis but im mit cry tomorrow for herb day bc ghes going to be 1

  • Julia Piwonska
    Julia Piwonska   3 weeks ago

    Why did he say 24 hours in the video and on the title official wedding

  • Jovanni Flores
    Jovanni Flores   1 months ago

    Oh so you married her and now you abuse her you’re a fucking bitch

  • reina dbouk
    reina dbouk   1 months ago


  • Gab Tha pillow
    Gab Tha pillow   1 months ago

    How can u marry someone who cheated. And apparently u hit her. Like u both are not good for each other ur not good for anyone u guys are psychopaths! Also the thing u said about her being differ got me laughing bc she is like every white girl...

  • Emilia Kate
    Emilia Kate   1 months ago

    My friends: OMG THERE GETTING MARRIED!!! Me: he marring ‘iM tHe mOsT FaMoUs PeRsOn On TiKtOk’

  • Sophia Mercado
    Sophia Mercado   1 months ago

    Yes yes you’re getting married finally I’m like a fan

  • Sophia Mercado
    Sophia Mercado   1 months ago

    What you’re getting married how old are you guys