Discovery of a Strange New World

  • Published on: 06 February 2021
  • Perhaps it's a part of what makes us human, to explore the next frontier, to seek out new worlds... Today, we're excited to share a new planet discovered outside of our Solar System by the Cool Worlds Lab - HD 183579b. Join us to hear about the new strategy we developed to find this object, and why this is a particularly valuable planet discovery.

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    ::Our paper::
    ► Palatnick, S., Kipping, D. & Yahalomi, D., 2021, "Validation of HD 183579b using archival radial velocities: a warm-neptune orbiting a bright solar analog", The Astrophysical Journal Letters, in press:

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    ► The LCES archive used in this work is publicly available at:
    ► The HARPS archive used in this work is publicly available at:

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  • pnutbutta jelly
    pnutbutta jelly   1 days ago

    an intelligent civilization migrated the planet into a habitable zone you will find signs of life with the JW just as in my opinion the greatest anomaly to date is our own moon hollow shallow impact craters suggesting a hardened shell like an alloy and being at the perfect distance from the sun to appear exactly the same size during an eclipse complimented with ancient written and oral history of the time before the moon which should have Merritt and consideration in science that the evidence weighs more towards an artificial structure than natural creation it is almost an impossible probability that the moon is natural by its own existence and mathematic qualities in our solar system and to sustaining a comfortable climate for life to thrive on our planet specifically human life us earthlings should be investing in a drill for the moon than can go at least 100 kilometers with a HD camera capable of capturing video in multiple spectrums the fact that we with out a doubt suspect the interior of the moon to be hollow with seismic tests and other tests in the past that there is massive structures contained with in and perhaps technologies mankind could not fathom the may indeed be a ancient ship just as umuamua is suspected of being a ship as well conspiracy theory or just theory the evidence and data collected over the decades demands the resources to definitely come to a conclusion on this theory as the moons existence is not a settled science by any means and we view the hypothesis as fact when the mainstream theories have yet to be proven the moon may contain technologies for the sustainment of a healthy environment for the longevity of life on earth and to reach the cosmos

    DME EMD   1 months ago

    you should have millions of subscribers.. ...grant it, having a higher quality (aka open-minded, hungry for knowledge, etc.) beats out a bunch of viewers that don't try to really take in what you guys do!Be safe out there everyone and stay hungry for knowledge (of all kinds) 😊

  • Alejandro Betancourt
    Alejandro Betancourt   1 months ago

    Very Cool and exciting video. So, out of hundred of thousands of data entries in the archive, only 18 turned out to be worthy of looking in detail? Or did you guys take a sample of the entire database? If so, what's the % of the sample? Will you teach the method to software programmers so they can go through the entire database with a.i machine learning? Thanks and keep up the cool work!

  • 10 O'Swords
    10 O'Swords   1 months ago

    Verbose, needs heavy editing. Focus on the science not your personal love of science.

  • seneca ryan
    seneca ryan   1 months ago

    Why aren’t there investors to simply build new massive telescopes to help eliminate competition and increase productivity?

  • Omer Karacay
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  • Gregor Samsa
    Gregor Samsa   2 months ago

    to outline the path for maybe exomoons do name it "kerberos" or "Cerberus" That is the dog in Greek mythology at entrance of hades ... as it could have many heads (moons) and guards the hot hell/sun. The number of heads for cerberus is uncertain it is 2,3 or many more.

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    Congrats to all, especially Skylar, on a job well done! 👍

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    I have been watching your videos from time to time. I am a big fan of your research field but I have no scientific background. Thanks for making those videos so easy so understandable. I can learn a lot whithout having a PhD about it.Keep the good work.

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  • Matthew Mueller
    Matthew Mueller   4 months ago

    This is a great discovery. We must wait for more data to understand the universe further...

  • JC
    JC   4 months ago

    Who cares? This guy doesnt believe that there is intelligent life outside of Earth. Used to like watching these video but shortly started to realize this guy is super negative about the outlook of life in the universe.

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