Facing the Storm - Multiday OneTigris Hot Tent Adventure with Bushcraft Table Build

  • Published on: 27 May 2021
  • As a cold front pushes into the Mountains of NC, Luke the Lone Wolf is out for an adventure and this time, he's in a HOT TENT!

    Heavy Rain and Strong Winds are battling against him as he builds a bushcraft table in this Wild Camp Adventure.

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    For this trip, here are the big items that I used.

    Gear List :
    OneTigris Iron Wall Tent : https://amzn.to/2SdkzxK
    OneTigris Stove : https://amzn.to/342cDSK
    OneTigris Stove Jack : https://amzn.to/3u9w1I3
    OneTigris Folding Chair : https://amzn.to/3yr40Po
    Granite Gear Chief Backpack :
    Alps Mountaineering Cot : https://amzn.to/3f7rkdj
    Snugpak Jungle Blanket : https://amzn.to/3oCkaB0
    Fjällräven Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants : https://amzn.to/3ytuwYw
    SCARPA Men's Kailash Trek GTX Hiking Boot : https://amzn.to/342zFcd
    Stanley CookSet : https://amzn.to/345nVFL
    Toaks 750ML Pot with Bail Handle : https://amzn.to/3ywOpOw
    TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl : https://amzn.to/3vcItrL
    Esbit 1100ML Stove : https://amzn.to/3u4YJcY
    Esbit 27g Fuel Tabs : https://amzn.to/3oBrRY5
    OneTigris Chair (Coyote Color) : https://amzn.to/3yr40Po
    Sven Saw 15" : https://amzn.to/3oEXAbd
    Bank Line : https://amzn.to/3hLY7qm
    Carman Canvas Tarp : https://amzn.to/3v9PNED
    Fenix HM65R-T Headlamp : https://amzn.to/2QEatFF
    Kershaw Cryo II Folding Knife : https://amzn.to/2Sej6aD
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  • Runtime : 29:34
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  • Elizabeth Ingram
    Elizabeth Ingram   5 days ago

    I enjoy your videos, but something about the stove inside the tent sets off red flags for me. Also, the synthetic fuels scare me as well, aren’t those things highly toxic, then burning them inside the tent. I know that you’re very safety conscious, and you set up your tent for good ventilation, but yikes. Oh well. :)

  • Bob Helwig
    Bob Helwig   2 weeks ago

    why would you use a floorless tent in extreme wind conditions

  • Joe Rohrbeck
    Joe Rohrbeck   1 months ago

    Be a good series if you start working on that shed and do a winter multi day camp after you get it buttoned up

  • Lynn Frost
    Lynn Frost   2 months ago

    Glad to hear coffee on your channel. The others I try to watch,it's always beer..

  • Brian Solomon
    Brian Solomon   2 months ago

    makes me laugh no groundsheet but wood burner to keep warm even tho tent doesnt even come to the ground thank god im in the uk where we have sewnin ground sheets

  • Luke L
    Luke L   2 months ago

    Hey Luke, I would like to see you use the luxe twin hot tent. Love your videos dude!

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore   2 months ago

    Words of wisdom here. When you look at the amount of wood you've collected and think, yeah, that's good. That's when you multiply by at least three of what you have. I've camped for well over 40 years and learned very early on that more is better than less.

  • TheGreenArrow82
    TheGreenArrow82   2 months ago

    Never mind the mining to get to the mineral for the battery then you have to think about the environmental cost to just dispose of said batteries. Now imagine all the batteries needed if everything is switched to electrical.

  • Douglas Walker
    Douglas Walker   2 months ago

    I have to ask, aren’t you ever freaked out about the insects and spiders that can creep into your tent at night ?

  • Ben Law
    Ben Law   3 months ago

    Yep, I grew up poor also in the mountains of watauga county, in the 60s and 70s....no running water, spring water, no bathroom, outhouse, woodstove...yes was socially awkward, no toys, the outdoors, nature was my playground and animals my friends.....😊👍

  • Barry Jenkinson
    Barry Jenkinson   3 months ago

    He's playing Russian Roulette with that viewer sent food.

  • Kendall Navstar
    Kendall Navstar   3 months ago


  • Blake Burnette
    Blake Burnette   3 months ago

    Wiped with sticks and a pine cone 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

  • Mia S
    Mia S   3 months ago

    Well, I have autism, so socially awkward is in my nature. I'm pretty good at masking though. But sometimes it shines through when I'm slow to get a joke or sarcasm.

  • Jean Tetreault
    Jean Tetreault   3 months ago

    I’ve been cutting my own hair, for the last twenty five years and sometimes I do get the same type of interaction with people, about my hair, but i just don’t let others bother me with that anymore. Anyhow, i personally think that your hair style looks absolutely great! The key idea is not to be to self conscious about it. Strength and honor, Johnny

  • Jean Tetreault
    Jean Tetreault   3 months ago

    Luke, as a coffee drinker, i was going to ask you a question. When i was a kid, we use to have a special american coffee brand that was called Chase & Sanborn Coffee. Now! do you have any idea, if they’re still marketing or selling Chase & Sanborn coffee, out in the States, by any chances? Thanks Johnny, from Canada 🇨🇦.

  • DONTworryIgotTHIS
    DONTworryIgotTHIS   3 months ago

    Maybe stick to camping, nobody clicked your video looking for misinformation about electric vehicles.

  • bevis 316
    bevis 316   3 months ago

    Having the tent with no floor, was there any problems with critters? or was it too cold?

  • Ramnokri
    Ramnokri   3 months ago

    how can you sleep in such a tent with no floor, open to all sides when you are afraid of spiders as iam? nothing would get me to sleep in that tent! :D

  • DirrtyGaming
    DirrtyGaming   3 months ago

    i have the new version of the Iron wall, love it, but im' actually waiting right now for delivery of the new Rock Fortress 4-6 man, comes with snow skirts, 2 doors, and the stove jack is near the top. havent seen any reviews yet for it. so the anticipation is building up lol i know lone wolf left these guys behind, but i cant knock the quality of the tents. these are really good tents, been through everything Canada had to offer in terms of weather.

  • Steve Kitner
    Steve Kitner   3 months ago

    I miss living where it was actually cold enough to use a stove in May lol Where I live you don't need one year round.

  • Diane Walker
    Diane Walker   3 months ago

    The luxury of a hot tent is the ability to actually cook healthy meals and not rely upon those dehydrated meals, which gets expensive.

  • Michael Hannon
    Michael Hannon   3 months ago

    Love my Sven saw! It has never let me down! Going to try some of those biscuits and gravy too!

  • Anthony U.
    Anthony U.   4 months ago

    Social awkwardness or is that wit?

  • jman4206969
    jman4206969   4 months ago

    So when the temperature cools off again I think that you should get ahold of lonewolf902 and borrow a pomoly t1. Then you and the wife go do a winter snow test. And if you want I will provide my updated Ironwall so you can do a review on the updated version

  • Bill B
    Bill B   4 months ago

    Do you recommend those tents from one tigris? I have been eyeballing a setup like you just had. Thanks

  • SifuSas Do
    SifuSas Do   4 months ago

    Cool Video 👍Thank U for the Info and the Links 👍

  • Scott Schaefer
    Scott Schaefer   4 months ago

    I would love to see a one tigris solo homestead camping tent review. keep up the great content!!

  • Steve Sidare
    Steve Sidare   4 months ago

    Coffee is where worlds collide. Creatives are often "socially awkward," or at least feel so.

  • Parabellum 1988
    Parabellum 1988   4 months ago

    If I could support myself in the woods I’d live there 🤣

  • David Bee
    David Bee   4 months ago

    Are you the only socially awkward person? heck no!!! I have never learnt how to take a compliment in over 30 years. I still don't know how to react or what to say.. It's got me stuffed why but I guess it is what it is.... I just had a thought, maybe it's not us, but everyone else who has the problem :-)

  • 9mil
    9mil   4 months ago

    I am also very awkward around people,the only difference is that I ve always had very public careers.I freaking hate it.another couple of years and I am moving to the bush and retire like I ve always wanted to be:ALONE!!! Well with my wife...

  • Fiona G
    Fiona G   4 months ago

    Yeah plant based, they r trying to get rid of r meat!!

  • anthony monroe
    anthony monroe   4 months ago

    out of all the videos I've seen I like your video the best

  • Suanne Dorman
    Suanne Dorman   5 months ago

    Socially awkward, that's me. I always offer up more info than is necessary. Maybe that's why I've done so well the past year and a half. All by myself. I wanna be, All by myself...

  • Anteres
    Anteres   5 months ago

    I have gone from social butterfly to socially depleted. At 70 my conversations are more like "this is the way it was" rather than "let me share every step I take from now on". I share on the need to know basis. lol

  • Terry Rodbourn
    Terry Rodbourn   5 months ago

    When camping in Okinawa while in Army having rain protection especially during the Winter months! The coldest it ever because was during the last Typhoon it low as 50 degrees!