BFDIA 5e: The Long-lost Yoyle City

  • Published on: 02 August 2013
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    Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

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    Featuring voices provided by AnimationEpic (Nickel) and Graham Taylor (Gelatin).
    "Backed Vibes (Clean)"
    "Hero Down"
    "Moonlight Hall"
    "Call to Adventure"
    "Full On"
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Download the caption file here:
  • Runtime : 13:12
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  • Drenz 152
    Drenz 152   9 hours ago

    6:25 no one was talking about that sick saw spinning move Ruby did

  • AirborneArt3
    AirborneArt3   17 hours ago

    7:57 the background and paths is roblox

  • Retro Ryan
    Retro Ryan   1 days ago

    It’s almost been 7 years and we still haven’t gotten a new episode.

  • ho matthew
    ho matthew   1 days ago

    Firey, gelatin, puffball, TB, GB, rocky

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star   1 days ago

    3:37-3:43 is perfect and I love how coiny is made

  • Ethan Roblox
    Ethan Roblox   1 days ago

    Pencil? You STILL haven't learned your lesson from BFDI 2?

  • Hyper Driver
    Hyper Driver   3 days ago

    0:54IT’S RAAining money, form out of the sky.RAAining money, no need ot ask why.Jsut bee-come ri-i-ich, no need to ask why

  • Mark Jayzee Ortega
    Mark Jayzee Ortega   3 days ago

    use grass walk sounds as grassmcraft1.wav, grassmcraft2.wav, and grassmcraft3.wav

  • leo
    leo   4 days ago

    all episodes at (234) BATTLE FOR DREAM ISLAND [ALL EPISODES] - YouTube

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