Are These Shoes REALLY Indestructible?

  • Published on: 29 October 2019
  • Today we're taking the self claimed Indestructible Shoes and putting them to the test. How strong are they really, and can we break them down?

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  • Runtime : 12:27
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  • Kuybii
    Kuybii   3 days ago

    What's the website

  • Dalton Barrett
    Dalton Barrett   4 days ago

    I love the Grant picture in the background. Even in death, he’s still the true king of random ❤️

  • J GW
    J GW   4 days ago

    For something from China, it somewhat held up...

  • ForbesyGames
    ForbesyGames   6 days ago

    Get them on a Skateboard and i'll destroy them

  • Rtsasser08
    Rtsasser08   6 days ago

    DemolitionRanch did a whole video of those shoes vs all sorts of guns, give ya 3 guesses who won.

  • NH Treasurehunter
    NH Treasurehunter   6 days ago

    The problem with most steel toed shoes is that the manufacturer uses the same size steel cap for many shoe sizes. A size 9 and 12 have the same cap. That's why it squished your toes.

  • Funtime Foxy Fan 영원히

    “They showed hitting them with a hammer on the steel toe, they showed stomping on some steel nails and flatting them down, they showed the toes getting run over by a car, they had a grinder going at the steel toe”Ya know, normal things

  • The Real VAMOUZZ
    The Real VAMOUZZ   1 weeks ago

    I watched the video like i didn’t already know what was going to happen 😂

  • Tristan Kitchen
    Tristan Kitchen   1 weeks ago

    Oh yeah my mom had got a on Amazon wallet and it’s been five months and she just got them

  • denise krause
    denise krause   1 weeks ago

    How well do they hold up to insulation? Can you do tests for that?

  • Darean Grant
    Darean Grant   2 weeks ago

    You guyshave these links not one of them is for the shoe

  • Loge Doge
    Loge Doge   2 weeks ago

    Bought this shoe thinking it would protect against a car driving over it, as I repair cars as an independent business and now my toe is broken and would be much better with my normal shoes as the steel stayed pressed down. Don’t buy it for that purpose.

  • James Aseltine
    James Aseltine   3 weeks ago

    Puffy tungs yes please fill them with hemp if you cant afford cotton

  • James Aseltine
    James Aseltine   3 weeks ago

    Indestructible or not are they comfortable easy to balance in able to be put on fast?

  • NobyMac04
    NobyMac04   3 weeks ago

    You should have order from amazon

  • MultiGidster :D
    MultiGidster :D   3 weeks ago

    You guys should make a shoe completely made of Kevlar and strong stuff

  • jetbeast2000
    jetbeast2000   3 weeks ago

    2:01 this is in 2020 and we buyed some of THAT GUD stuff online and IT TOOK A MONTH AND A HALF

  • Rob
    Rob   1 months ago

    So I actually owned a pair of these and used them as work boots. They lasted 3 months. other brands have lasted me for years

  • GhostCrowGamer
    GhostCrowGamer   1 months ago

    someone make a Diamond Shoe, I guarantee you will be noticed on the field and anywhere else, but not only that, I don't think nails will puncture it or for that matter, the saw test.

  • Jahleye Davidson
    Jahleye Davidson   1 months ago

    by bashing the toes and running them over for a demonstration, they are going to form weak spots which want to fold/bend, same principle with elon musk repeatedly hitting his hardened glass, eventually it will break. look up motorcross boots cutting off toes, and you wouldnt want to take the risk. i like my toes

  • 1crow 2crow
    1crow 2crow   1 months ago

    The shoes trashy, I can make it better.

  • Todd Gilmore
    Todd Gilmore   1 months ago

    how do you sleep at night with all the OCD in your head!!

  • Scorp
    Scorp   1 months ago

    wha , we dont get to see the ending of the burnt shoe ? >.>

  • Muss Mozem
    Muss Mozem   1 months ago

    Thanks for putting grants picture on the wall R.I.P

  • ecalzo
    ecalzo   1 months ago

    We really miss Grant .. :-( very sad ,, nice to go ahead with the video

  • Rxberttt
    Rxberttt   1 months ago

    Guys if you have this shoe make sure to not keep your foot in a metal foundry for 5+ seconds

  • Dido
    Dido   1 months ago

    never seen anyone use the angle grinder backwords before now i know you need the shoes cuz it just slips to much on you

  • DrPepperBlizzard
    DrPepperBlizzard   1 months ago

    My father once had a huge roll of I believe it was some sort of cable (not positive) roll over his foot. He had steel toe boots on and it definitely saved his toes. They’re a little messed up, but he still has all of them. I wholly suggest steel toe boots to anyone working on or around construction.