Gelatin Opens the BFB (Red Screen)

  • Published on: 18 April 2021
  • Runtime : 5


  • Flower BFB
    Flower BFB   3 weeks ago

    make one without the sound of the bfb

  • William Perez
    William Perez   3 weeks ago

    I was eating cereal then when the bfb turn red gelatin said woah. I starting laughing as hard as hell😂😂😂😂😂

  • Blu The Hedgester
    Blu The Hedgester   3 weeks ago

    Now if only IMovie let you use a green screen but any color instead of Blue and Green both at the same time.

  • gabriel rodrigues
    gabriel rodrigues   3 weeks ago

    What about a green screen, or a blue screen. fun fact: most of YouTube uses green screen.

  • GordWP
    GordWP   3 weeks ago

    When the gelatin is greenWhen the ground is blue"Guess I'll die red "

  • BeefBaconBiscut
    BeefBaconBiscut   3 weeks ago

    I'm gonna make a better version of this with the flas cause gelatins arm is weird

  • eutrader74
    eutrader74   4 weeks ago

    Relatable cuz red is my favorite color

  • Dark Light _YT
    Dark Light _YT   4 weeks ago

    Omg!1!1! Gelatin opens RED SCREEN! (Not clickbait) (Must watch)

  • Four
    Four   4 weeks ago

    Gelatin is watching “yo dudes, the empire is pretty chill, maybe you can like join it or something”

  • Kirbz xd
    Kirbz xd   4 weeks ago

    This could be the perfect definition of a meme. I'm gonna go make one meme of this on my ALT channel in June.

  • Malachi Wright
    Malachi Wright   4 weeks ago

    When the YouTube logo pops up on full brightness

  • mathguy37
    mathguy37   4 weeks ago

    This is good news.Why?WellAs you seeWhen PaperMarioParty uploads modified clips of the latest episode without a ytp, there is a ytp with those clips coming.

  • Loida Bernardo Orcino

    The B. F. B. Prize is a memory of previous B. F. B. Episodes. + My favourite is Profily.

  • 3 s t
    3 s t   4 weeks ago

    When bfb is sus