Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long (Nickelodeon VS Disney) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on: 18 May 2020
  • Go ghost and dragon up as two mystic teenagers duke it out!

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  • Runtime : 15:1
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  • Robert De La Vega
    Robert De La Vega   5 hours ago

    Lol, i was like "Yo those kids are going to kill each other" no I was wrong it's PG

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones   5 hours ago

    And add Constantine to the Death battles, please that would be wickedly awesome!!!!!!

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones   5 hours ago

    Chucky vs Annabelle , show everyone who the best possessed doll is!!!!!

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones   6 hours ago

    Jack sparrow vs captain hook would be good one!!!!!

  • Jed Odom
    Jed Odom   1 days ago

    That cat looks just like my cat Lucy!

  • Ethan Pinto
    Ethan Pinto   3 days ago

    Slim Shady versus Dr. Seuss ...wait wrong YouTube channel sorry

  • Roby Balde
    Roby Balde   4 days ago

    Danny and Jake could make great friends

  • C R E M Z Y
    C R E M Z Y   5 days ago

    Fun fact: Danny phantom is Timmy turner but older

  • GigaBorisBladerTV
    GigaBorisBladerTV   6 days ago

    Well I Thought Disney Is Ruined Everything. I Always like Danny Phantom More😊

  • Emmett Schimpl
    Emmett Schimpl   6 days ago

    lets not forget that Jake was about to murder a teenager for "stealing" without actually asking for the story.

  • Aaron Daniels
    Aaron Daniels   1 weeks ago

    I enjoyed this I used to watch Danny Phantom A LOT when I was younger and when I saw this video I freaked out I was really looking forward to it and I'm happy Danny turned out on top!

  • Raul Taveras
    Raul Taveras   1 weeks ago

    dad: can you stop screaming? it's just a video game.also dad during football games: 3:37

  • ZACK
    ZACK   1 weeks ago

    jake is not long enough

  • Kendarius Steen
    Kendarius Steen   1 weeks ago

    red knight vs keen-r ( power knight vs cowboyball ) [death battle

  • KSCG Guy
    KSCG Guy   1 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Death Battle should have an episode where Jenny Walkman should be one of the fighters? I've seen how she can do all kinds of battles with a wide variety of transformations and weapons.

  • Anthony Salvino
    Anthony Salvino   1 weeks ago

    Coming back and watching this, what I like best is the dialogue from the two. The writers really made it feel like you're watching a crossover episode rather than a Death Battle. Like you could actually hear Danny making puns like this if he ever met Jake.

  • TheMightiestSon
    TheMightiestSon   2 weeks ago

    Yeah Danny Phantom is better than American Dragon character wise, strength wise and was a way better cartoon back in the day that theme song was cold

  • irene delica
    irene delica   2 weeks ago

    I would agree if I hadn’t loved Disney

  • anime_ lover
    anime_ lover   2 weeks ago

    if danny lost i was gonna sue death battle

  • Nataleigh Hughes
    Nataleigh Hughes   2 weeks ago

    I love your videos!! You should do Raven vs. Scarlet Witch!

  • wolfiyee
    wolfiyee   2 weeks ago

    I'd kinda like to see Finn the Human vs Star Butterfly

  • Alex Pohl
    Alex Pohl   2 weeks ago

    When it shows them on the other side of the Red vs. Blue sign, was that an easter egg for the Red vs. Blue death battle this year?

  • Christian Peter
    Christian Peter   2 weeks ago

    Started rewatching Danny Phantom on HULU. Its soooo funny.

  • Olivia Nixon
    Olivia Nixon   3 weeks ago

    Are you I want Dragon am I see you just go to go nothing on me do you fit the versus the phantom phantom phantom phantom I’m

  • Lord Drαgo
    Lord Drαgo   3 weeks ago

    They foreshadowed a future death battle with this fight and it makes you wonder how much foreshadowing that they have in these things

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony   3 weeks ago

    Fun fact vlad was danny's real dad🤔also rose was super fine

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony   3 weeks ago

    Stopped watching another video the second I seen this one the perfect fight we all wondered about lmao

  • Yuki Naruto
    Yuki Naruto   3 weeks ago

    Not bad for our first Nickelodeon Death Battle that wasn't Avatar. I look forward to more Nick combatants.Suggestions for Nickelodeon vs CartoonNetwork:XJ9 Jenny vs RobotboyPatrick Star vs EdJimmy Neutron vs Dexter

  • sonny nerd
    sonny nerd   3 weeks ago

    why dose the guy at the start look like he cried to the star wars trailer