Bigfoot of the Rockies - Trails To The Unknown S1E4

  • Published on: 26 August 2021
  • Episode 4: This long-term investigation takes place on 40 acres of private land inside Roosevelt National Forest near Loveland, Colorado, and focuses on reported interactions, sightings and activity believed to be related to the creature known as Bigfoot,

    Trails To The Unknown: A Paranormal Road Trip follows three paranormal explorers as they investigate some of the creepiest locations in the United States... ALONE. As the adventure of the day shifts to night, what supernatural beings will they find in the darkness? Season one takes viewers along with the team to investigate reports of Bigfoot, UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, and other paranormal happenings.
  • Runtime : 30:24
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  • Terry Cogan
    Terry Cogan   2 days ago

    Why weren't you using trail cams at the gifting spots? It would cancel the presupposing.

  • A Vapor
    A Vapor   4 days ago

    Next time you gift try apples and tie them up with fishing line so other animals can't get to them.

  • A Vapor
    A Vapor   4 days ago

    Trail cams are the worst way to get a picture because they give off a light the bigfoot can see. The best way is when you feel dread just pan the camera around the area you're standing in.

  • Candellasteelerectors Candella

    Need to be quiet sit and bait with meat that's got stink or can s of cat food trust me you will see them not so much moveing around sit tight watch

  • Candellasteelerectors Candella

    Tellyou all what you want to see bigfoot my price to bring him in is 20000 supply of ammo and weapons cause when there pissed trust me not nice sight never see one doing wtf yous are doin

  • Saqua2289
    Saqua2289   1 weeks ago

    Bigfoot isn't psychic interdimensional, or a spirit. Whyte folks often confuse shapeshifters with Bigfoot. Bigfoot is a fully living biological being. They eat, sleep, defecate, urinate, and have offspring. Shapeshifters do not. Shapeshifters are non-human spirits which can take on physical form.

    RAM JAM   1 weeks ago

    I'm reading the ones with the biggest most arrogant comments and behind the computer tough guy for the majority haven't even been on a trail much less in the deep woods or dad had me out in the woods as a kid with a flash light carrying a bucket full of trout lines and a pack of beef stew cotter hunting and frog wouldn't believe some of the things we heard out there walking around the edge of a pond in the middle of the a kid I always felt safe with my pops .he was a man's man.rough and tough man ! But what a great dad I had told me he loved me everyday taught me so so much.sorru I rambled..I just don't get the smart asses .why...Sonya fell empowered or tough .everyone is. So disrespectful these days.

  • Ryan Mcfadyen
    Ryan Mcfadyen   1 weeks ago

    These guys encounter Bigfoot every single time they go in the woods! 😂

  • B4
    B4   1 weeks ago

    And here we have another show with lots of bla bla bla and FA happens. Jesus Christ how many waste of time shows are they going to coming up with.

  • Ryan Mcfadyen
    Ryan Mcfadyen   2 weeks ago

    I wanna believe Bigfoot is real but these cunts make it hard! “I had a female in ‘my research area or whatever he says’. Push over six aspens cos she didn’t want me near wen she was in labour! I’m buckled 😂was she shouting this to u while she was getting wheeled into the delivery room on a reinforced gurney 😂😂😂😂 guy heard owls woodpeckers grouse etc etc but every twig or branch break is Bigfoot! It doesn’t seem so hard nowadays get a top of the range night vision camera goggles etc build a blind overlooking a ‘hotspot’ and literally don’t leave that blind for a week I bet ud see some strange shit! But what do I know I’m an armchair researcher lol I’m not takin the piss out genuine Bigfoot ‘hunters’ it’s these guys with stories that kill me! Anyway that’s me done I’ve passed down my wisdom to the next generation of gobshites I mean Bigfoot researchers sorry lol Uve been great YouTube thanks for listening I’m here same time every night 😋 catch ya later fuckers 🤙🏻

  • Lori Love
    Lori Love   2 weeks ago

    Where are the trailcam videos?

    RAM JAM   3 weeks ago

    After watching hundreds of these different searchers videos and antics they do..knocking and yelling around..I find only a small handful worth the time..I find the shows with the big bucks are worthless..the guys out there Beeing respectful and aren't making big dollars and have there heart in it are what I wanna see..randy grissom is a great one to watch love the land he walks

  • Jason Aponte
    Jason Aponte   3 weeks ago

    les straud confronted this best.. questioning the dudes who happen to always hear woops and knocks when no one else did. its because they want to hear woops and knocks and hear rutsling around your gear whether something is or not.

  • Karen Goori
    Karen Goori   3 weeks ago

    Why doesnt anyone offer our giant hairy relatives food, tell them who you are and who your families are and offer them food..In our country the little hairy men gave gold to people, they protected the young and were attracted to marbles and sparkly gems. Please offer them food - fish is everyones fav

  • Fox 8ball
    Fox 8ball   4 weeks ago

    things that make sense to a human wouldn't to an animal.

  • Deborah
    Deborah   4 weeks ago

    Why don’t you people leave this creature alone and mind your own business how would you like somebody coming into your house and invading it !!!

    JOÃOPONEIS   1 months ago

    every American who was born 100 years ago and their descendants are already born with Bigfoot DNA.. That's why they come and hear Bigfoot, everywhere 😁😁😁😁🐈🐈😁😁😁

  • Texas Saltwater Life
    Texas Saltwater Life   1 months ago

    It amazes me everyone knows trail cams rarely work if ever IR is like shinning a 1000 lumens flashlight in someone's eyes to a Sabe

  • piggyduff
    piggyduff   1 months ago

    "But....there was no Bigfoot" That came as a complete surprise to me. Was sure it would be THIS time... 🙄

  • James Smith
    James Smith   1 months ago

    A bear out of hibernation in the winter?

  • Scottrick LaRoque
    Scottrick LaRoque   1 months ago

    That dude did the absolute WORST Bigfoot yell out of all the people I have ever seen try. I'm fully aware that there are different calls but that sounded like NONE, not even close, to any I have ever heard, and I've heard a lot, both in the wild and on videos, once you've heard a real one you can instantly tell a real one from a fake with no problems at all. The short yelps and long drawn hollers each have a signature upturn, usually in the middle or the end and as I said, once you have heard one you have no problem telling a real one from a fake in an instant. Every time I hear a real one on a video it brings me back to my first time being in the woods alone and hearing one, it will put a fear in you like nothing else when you're young and alone as I was my first time. If he thinks that will fool a Sasquatch in to thinking he's one of them he's a total frickin loon. He may get a response but it won't be because he fooled one in to thinking he was one calling out, it will probably be a Bigfoot saying to his friends, hey, watch me get these guys all excited, or possibly one pissed off thinking he's trying to mark his territory, his stupid attempt at trying to get a response might get a response he doesn't want and will wish he didn't get. What dumbasses most of these "researchers" are.

  • Gracie G
    Gracie G   1 months ago

    What about your trial cameras? Anything?

  • GodOfThunder
    GodOfThunder   1 months ago

    Joe Rogan said it best. Bigfoot hunters are a bunch of unF&$kable white guys. And stop whooping for christs sake. If Bigfoot is so rare don’t you think they would recognize their fellow bigfeets calls.

  • Dave Edson
    Dave Edson   2 months ago

    This is, ironically, a case study in how so many humans WANT to believe in a boogeyman in the woods. There is nothing scientific going on. The more skeptical you are, the better your case when you do collect evidence. There are so, so many logical possible explanations for every single thing they suggested was a Sasquatch. If you want to prove something, a vastly different approach is needed, otherwise it's embarrassing.

  • DOCDOOM730
    DOCDOOM730   2 months ago

    Lmfao a bigfoot hair infused drum

  • Tom Ortale
    Tom Ortale   2 months ago

    SIMPLETONS they ''set there camera bout waist high=then all the animals can walk up chew on it ect ALWAY Set it up way high /pointing down so big foot doesnt see an grab it or destroy it u want to catch him by suprise not waist high rite in plain sight/boy are these guys dumb need military training [stealth]

  • Hangfire
    Hangfire   2 months ago

    Put mics on everyone in an interview, then learn how to layer audio tracks, then we can hear what's happening too lol

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous   2 months ago

    The fact that Bigfoot has created an entire industry where people make a living and get true enjoyment out of life should be celebrated. I don't believe in it in any way, but it's a celebration of human imagination.