Bigfoot of the Rockies - Trails To The Unknown S1E4

  • Published on: 26 August 2021
  • Episode 4: This long-term investigation takes place on 40 acres of private land inside Roosevelt National Forest near Loveland, Colorado, and focuses on reported interactions, sightings and activity believed to be related to the creature known as Bigfoot,

    Trails To The Unknown: A Paranormal Road Trip follows three paranormal explorers as they investigate some of the creepiest locations in the United States... ALONE. As the adventure of the day shifts to night, what supernatural beings will they find in the darkness? Season one takes viewers along with the team to investigate reports of Bigfoot, UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, and other paranormal happenings.
  • Runtime : 30:24
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  • Laugh Feed
    Laugh Feed   6 days ago

    It's impossible to find Bigfoot if you are looking for it. It show up when you're not.

  • Steve's Gardening Adventures

    I will say it is beautiful country but that last howl has me laughing my ass off the one that sounded like he had sucked his tongue down his throat at the end of the call. Give me a break.

  • Willie Payne
    Willie Payne   1 weeks ago


  • Willie Payne
    Willie Payne   1 weeks ago

    Sometimes gifts works but to get better results just let me know SERIOUS inquiries Only!

  • Willie Payne
    Willie Payne   1 weeks ago

    If they really want to get a bigfoot to come to them well this video shows they're close but still need to out smart a Sasquatch I know how they can get better results just ask me!

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison   1 weeks ago

    yea a female he visited often rite.Found her on POF

  • Custom ebike Shop
    Custom ebike Shop   1 weeks ago

    You bought a lot of land, good idea to stage Bigfoot sightings, hope you made a lot of money . Not hard to work this out is it . You spoil it for real investigations

  • Jason Booth
    Jason Booth   1 weeks ago

    Leave big foot alone and concentrate on your own family how would you feel if someone was coming after your family

  • Michael Baxter
    Michael Baxter   1 weeks ago

    Bothers me when people pretend to believe and put out BS like this.

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown   2 weeks ago

    I think the Last 30 that people Had search die them should make clear that there is No Bigfoot Out there .i knew a Lot of people wish they real but No

  • Ryan Barker
    Ryan Barker   2 weeks ago

    Big foot walking in and out of portals.

  • Anthony Sears
    Anthony Sears   2 weeks ago

    You bozos have some imaginations! Lol! Better start learning about animal tracks! Hysterically stupid!

  • Anthony Sears
    Anthony Sears   2 weeks ago

    Ok. So you guys look like missing links. Callin bull sh! Lol!

  • David Godley
    David Godley   2 weeks ago

    Did you determine what sort of bones they were?

  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000   2 weeks ago

    Now we're into 'PORTALS" are we? Great "research" ... NOT!

  • Sid Stevens
    Sid Stevens   2 weeks ago

    Someone very wise once said that religion is like a blind man looking in a dark room for a black cat that isn't there but he claims to have found it. Do you see where I'm going here ?

  • Patricia Guenette
    Patricia Guenette   2 weeks ago

    If your not careful you could be mixed in with that pile of bear shit that's how uncle Fred ended up when he was buried it was three piles of bear shit and a couple bones

  • william watkins
    william watkins   2 weeks ago

    seems like to me that they can see the red light blinking and they are smart enough to avoid the cameras.

  • enock Ashish
    enock Ashish   2 weeks ago

    They cud smell human form hundreds kilometres, they cud smell human activities things that human touched human placed , they cud see clearly in pitch black , we can't find them ever the only way to find them is accedently or they want to see u.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee   3 weeks ago

    Humans: we've been knocking and heard a few knocks too I think it's a big foot..Big foot: we've been knocking and heard a few knocks back..I think it was humans. We need to go

  • Florida Swampbooger
    Florida Swampbooger   3 weeks ago

    The phenomena of Bigfoot is real and very apparent despite what closed minded people think. What they are where they come and go from has yet to be resolved.

  • Green tip
    Green tip   3 weeks ago

    Me thinks that statement in the intro EXPLAINS ‘EVERYONE’S’ “jumping on the bandwagon” with “Bigfoot” searches: “It’s the journey..” meaning NOT THE FINDING OF (A) Bigfoot, Sasquatch, etc. It’s getting a social media FOLLOWING to “make movies” on searches..

  • Crypto Queen
    Crypto Queen   3 weeks ago

    Your vocalization attemps including wood knocking suck! Be serious and call correctly.

  • Corina
    Corina   3 weeks ago

    Hearing tree knocks are just other people knocking back lol

  • Claire Ellis
    Claire Ellis   3 weeks ago

    They detect cameras, use portals, invisibility and telepathy. If they want to see you, you will see them. If not, no.

  • Sling Shot
    Sling Shot   3 weeks ago

    Sasquatch sees the infrared lights from the trail cam. Think outside the box, the hooping and hollering and knocking on trees is just sending people round and round and round getting them nowhere.

  • gaz riley
    gaz riley   3 weeks ago

    Ok before i watch this do we actually get to see a real Bigfoot? if not forget it

  • the imaginator
    the imaginator   3 weeks ago

    they are just as curious of us as we are of them, leave them alone.

  • the imaginator
    the imaginator   3 weeks ago

    they can be right behind you and you would not really ever know it as they can cloak , ( invisible to us )

  • the imaginator
    the imaginator   3 weeks ago

    Furthermore, you never want to harm one of them, you may never be found if you do.

  • the imaginator
    the imaginator   3 weeks ago

    for starters, bigfoot, is real, but they are not what you think, they are from another dimension, they can detect us on the ground from a mile away, they know when we are even close to them, they will never be captured as they can leap from dimension to dimension as fast as we can blink,they are as that of aliens, they do not want to know us, earth is a place they come to for relaxation, as in like a resort,leave them alone, it will be safer for you.

  • Don
    Don   3 weeks ago

    Went to visit a female without a camera...come on.

  • Maryj
    Maryj   4 weeks ago

    So why didn’t you put a camera up sowing the whole camp?and a mouse or other rodent or even a bird could have taken the feathers for nesting. And as far as whooping into the night…it’s Colorado, the locals will whoop back at ya. LOL! 😆 am I skeptical? Yes…why? Because you all say you have proof and share none of it then make videos like this which show nuttin…everything is a cliff hanger.

  • Misguided Angel
    Misguided Angel   4 weeks ago

    Trail cameras don't work you are much better off using a female who is menstruating as a bait. Have her stay out in an area by herself and build a blind near by or even be hidden way up in a tree stand. If a menstruating female is unavailable its then good to grab a hold of a few used Tampons (the fresher the better and keep them sealed in a baggies till deployed) and hang up in so e trees with either fishing line or just with some tacs or hooks. Bigfoots are very attracted to menstruating humans or other menstruating bigfoots. You might laugh at this but it's actually a tested, tried and true technique, always draws in any male Bigfoots in the area

  • Misguided Angel
    Misguided Angel   4 weeks ago

    Oh ya trail cameras don't work on Bigfoots, it's pretty much common knowledge. The Bigfoots can see the infrared that tbe cameras give up from a mile away and avoid them like the plague.