Attacked by a Thunder Ice Storm in the Middle of the Night - Budget Gear Camp

  • Published on: 04 March 2021
  • In this adventure Luke is in a remote forest to test out some budget friendly gear from NatureHike when an Ice Storm Begins to cover the area.

    As the ice forms and begins weighing heavy upon everything, MAJOR problems present themselves with the gear and Luke must make some hard decisions....

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    I'm going to do my best to put gear lists into all of my videos since everyone is asking for them all the time.

    For this trip, here are the big items that I used.

    NatureHike UltraLight 65L Backpack :
    NatureHike Sleeping Pad :
    NatureHike Vik Tent :
    Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket :
    Outdoor Research Helium II Rain Pants :
    SCARPA Men's Kailash Trek GTX Hiking Boot :
    Fjällräven Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants :
    Helikon-Tex Numbat Chest Rig :
    EKA Nordic W12 Knife :
    Sportneer Chair :
    MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove :
    Toaks 750Ml Pot with Bail Handle :
    MSR Small Cup :
    Toaks Long handle Spoons :
    Enlightened Equipment Convert Sleeping Bag Quilt :
    Fenix HM65R-T Headlamp :
    Nite Ize Lantern :
    100% Agenda Free :
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  • Runtime : 43:43
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  • calutzubv
    calutzubv   2 days ago

    Come on man, you have a big fire and you heat the water on that gas stove?🤦🏻‍♂️

  • France MP
    France MP   6 days ago

    The snow skirt version of naturehike is are the 4 season 1..

  • Graham Brierton
    Graham Brierton   1 weeks ago

    Respect to you for your safety consciousness and skill at what you're doing. Great video

  • Darrell Roush
    Darrell Roush   1 weeks ago

    Video quality seems better than earlier videos.

  • Michael Horn
    Michael Horn   1 weeks ago

    A smart man knows a 4wd doesn't make any difference on ice

  • Michael Horn
    Michael Horn   1 weeks ago

    I can remember in the 70s when the French broad river here froze solid and my aunt had to get water brought in 50 gallon barrels from the national guard

  • arne servatius
    arne servatius   1 weeks ago

    On camp site not true! Something else happen. Your not reading the signs. You are in a dangerous area. Keep moving not worth it.😎🇺🇸

  • James Brace
    James Brace   1 weeks ago


  • James Brace
    James Brace   1 weeks ago

    I think they left that mess because the got a visit from a dogman or bigfoot.

  • Robert Tolley
    Robert Tolley   1 weeks ago

    Let air out of tires 18 lb double traction, tractor secret

  • Robert Tolley
    Robert Tolley   1 weeks ago

    Is a new tarp not a good way to stop rain entering top of tent??

  • Brian Orellla
    Brian Orellla   2 weeks ago

    it silence because big foot is around chop chop just joking

  • Fajar Sulman
    Fajar Sulman   3 weeks ago

    Coffee Kopiko branded from Indonesia my country

    ERIC CARTMAN   3 weeks ago

    At 8.06, I was convinced you'll find a person or at least a body 😂😂

  • Teresa Corrigan
    Teresa Corrigan   3 weeks ago

    Are you going to walk out in the dark if the freezing rain comes?

  • Len Mueller
    Len Mueller   3 weeks ago

    The quality of the video looks good.Questions: how do you navigate in the woods when you have no cellular reception? Paper map & compass?Do you always eat freeze dried food when camping?If you think your weather is bad where you are (I think NC), don’t think about driving in Chicago.As usual Luke, another outstanding vid!

  • The other Dave
    The other Dave   4 weeks ago

    when it snows where I live, you cant hear the roads. Traffic is lower of course but that stuff just...absorbs sounds. During these times you can just..listen to the silence.

  • Tom Ortale
    Tom Ortale   1 months ago

    poor souls that go all way in forest n ''do meth'' pathetic...they gotta be runnin on empty ..sicko's

  • Livin'Large
    Livin'Large   1 months ago

    Cool story about Great Grandpa, and since most of them passed along similar stories, "brutal winters" and people working all year to prepare, plus we kids had similar frozen creek stories: it all adds up to winter being different these days. I bet Grandpa had a big old canvas roll, a wool blanket, and maybe a mule.

  • Livin'Large
    Livin'Large   1 months ago

    Good sound: that water pouring into the cookpot. Yeah...too bad those disrespectful folks trashed the wilderness. Probably some drunk adolescents.

  • Michael Horn
    Michael Horn   1 months ago

    I can remember when I was young, the French broad river froze completely over, which was a major river around here, and everyone's water froze and the national guard had to bring water around for people in 50 gallon barrels.

  • Dave McMahon
    Dave McMahon   1 months ago

    Can you tell me about your chest pack. I've seen you wear it often. I think its really cool piece of kit!!

  • Vaishali Patel
    Vaishali Patel   1 months ago

    So Beautifull.........❤😊 From:India.......

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson   1 months ago

    Video was cool it just showed me how much better off is a 64 year old Man to stay at Home during expected ice storms inclement weather. In too old for that but I think We can some glamping LOL in a Popup.Take Care God Bless

  • mark holbrook
    mark holbrook   1 months ago

    Car door opened right up.. Conditions werent too bad.. I've been in storms where car doors would not budge whole vehicle encased in thick ice!! I would of considered those conditions very doable.. But we NewEnglanders are a hearty bunch!!

  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil   1 months ago

    No respect the way people leave all that trash and hack up trees for no reason. Spoiling great wilderness. It's sad how far poor excuse for humans can reach.

  • Daetyme
    Daetyme   1 months ago

    if you are by yourself who is taking the video?

  • ViolenceWerkz
    ViolenceWerkz   1 months ago

    Hey man, what is the brand name and name of that pack strapped to the front of you in the beginning of this video?

  • TooFast02
    TooFast02   1 months ago

    "i have no idea what the weather is going to do". Next sentence: "There is a winter storm on the way". Love your videos!

  • David Vaughan
    David Vaughan   1 months ago

    You were lucky, 5 degrees colder and that ice is thick

  • Leila Müller
    Leila Müller   1 months ago

    Hi 🖐😎🇦🇹 I’m a new subscriber from Vienna 🇦🇹 Austria . EuropeThank you so much for your very informative videos 👍🤝👏🏻 very appreciated.

  • Steve P
    Steve P   1 months ago

    BTW: what year is your Tundra ?Any mods done to it ?