Wild Animal Fights Caught On Camera (Wildlife Documentary) | Caught In The Act | Real Wild

  • Published on: 24 February 2018
  • What goes on in the animal kingdom now caught on camera.

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  • Runtime : 50:6
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  • Lemual Poot
    Lemual Poot   1 days ago

    Why do otherwise intelligent human beings, gotta keep goin in the ocean, and fucking with those big ass fish? I mean, c'mon chilluns, you must know what a food chain is;; right? People are listed on their food chain!

  • Future Infiniti
    Future Infiniti   2 days ago

    I love how at 31:40 the giraffe never stopped chewing πŸ˜‚ mines well enjoy this my last meal face ass

  • Frontbattles
    Frontbattles   2 days ago

    8:00 that's just not true when i lift 3 tons half off the ground, what does that make? 3 tons? more life 1,5 at max didn't you go to school or only went smoking in maths class?

  • Albert B.
    Albert B.   1 weeks ago

    Detective: why did I kill that man.Shark: mannnn no cap, I didn’t know it was a human thought it’s was seal 🦭. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ’€

  • Star Track
    Star Track   1 weeks ago

    Love to watch those lions and Haines in a war.

  • Happy Smart City Forum

    Hopefully we can build more sustainable cities to protect our wild life. There's so many life lessons we can learn from the animal kingdom.

  • Wally Watts
    Wally Watts   1 weeks ago

    They should separate the bugs, snakes and fish for those interested. I'm only interested in animals not any of the other things

    KIM SMITH   2 weeks ago

    It was mind chilling & suspenseful but i really HATED the part where the lioness killed the cheetah not so much if u didnt keep showing it over & over some of the other 1s u showed just told the viewers it was a bad outcome 4 1 animal instead of showing it all the wy through also w/zebra killing the foul & the hienas killing the lioness i can garantee that 90% of viewers feel the same as i do but other than that it was very good filming i know i couldnt do it cuz the much love i have 4 all animals CATS r indeed my favorite( CHEETAH) IS NOW BUT WAS THE LION & LIONESS 4 A LONG X TIL I STARTED WATCHING ZOOS PUTTING CHEETAH CUBS W/DOGS

  • 01MIDWAY
    01MIDWAY   2 weeks ago

    Well I would have watched whole thing but these interruptions suck!!!!...way too many adds!!!

  • Terry Bell
    Terry Bell   2 weeks ago


  • Ancient Karma
    Ancient Karma   2 weeks ago

    If you have the means to intervene to stop the savage death of an animal you should, pathetic to watch and enjoy rhinos fighting like that, you are human you have the ability to intervene if you are able to, what a senseless fool to not intervene, I know the old saying, but I say if you can intervene then do it. It was not killing that Rhino to eat it. Some people are so blindly evil.

  • TheEminemOwns
    TheEminemOwns   2 weeks ago

    I was starting to expect that lizard guy to start beating the shit of the lizard by the end there. He just seemed to get more brutal to it every time the camera turned back to him. It's almost as if he's been with so many lizard for such a long time he's starting to assume their boring to everyone and hence he has to really handle them brutally to make it interesting. And I'm not gonna lie, I started to chuckle quite a bit as I envisioned him just pulling his tail and ramming the lizards head on a rock to show us how the eagle sometimes drop their pray or something

  • Jackson Casey
    Jackson Casey   2 weeks ago

    Sharks aren’t killers they are more scared of you than you are of them that’s why they attack.

  • CodeTheArtist TV
    CodeTheArtist TV   2 weeks ago

    Okay but why the fuck did this guy man handle the monitor lizard like that. That pissed me off od

  • Henri
    Henri   3 weeks ago

    South Africa represents !

  • Brandon Horlback
    Brandon Horlback   3 weeks ago

    πŸͺ¦ too all the animals that have died in the wildlife world πŸ—Ί

  • MP Rabie
    MP Rabie   3 weeks ago

    that's a wildebeast my friend, not a ganool or whatever you called it

  • Tradon Allgood
    Tradon Allgood   3 weeks ago

    Yet divers wear seal costumes around great whites....

  • Steeze Austin
    Steeze Austin   4 weeks ago

    35:58 that cheetah left his boy hanging! Didn’t say anything about the Lion pulling up πŸ˜‚

  • MsRose
    MsRose   1 months ago

    OMG😳😳😳 if I open my front door and see a group or just one baboon i wouldn't be going anywhere,I thought I had it bad with raccoons😳😳😳

  • Iron Born
    Iron Born   1 months ago

    Bull shit 30 seconds... assholes

  • Iron Born
    Iron Born   1 months ago

    Poor shark...what low life's

  • Animals Channel
    Animals Channel   1 months ago

    very good video Very meaningful Nature is amazing Very good animals Thanks for bringing this great video Come to Animals Channel to explore the animal world

  • Victor Miguel Ramsey
    Victor Miguel Ramsey   1 months ago


  • Titus the Fool
    Titus the Fool   1 months ago

    That rhino getting lifted into the air by his anal cavity was absolutely horrifying to watch... The image keeps flashing in my head and makes me want to jump in my seat.😢

  • Titus the Fool
    Titus the Fool   1 months ago

    What is the point of having a cage if the holes are that big. I know close to absolutely nothing about diving or sharks but right off the bat my first thought was "wow it looks like a smaller shark could just swim right into there"...... I'm honestly surprised they wanted to be on tv seeing as how idiotic they were in that situation.

  • Oliver Walker
    Oliver Walker   1 months ago

    I want to see the video of how they released the great white undamaged and alive after they put that cage in the water and got it trapped after luring it straight in with bait, they were intirely responsible for that situation happening , all for a better shot. It was a good video though, thanks.