Harry Styles - Fine Line Live at the Forum BTS (Presented by American Express)

  • Published on: 13 February 2020
  • HARRY STYLES. LOVE ON TOUR 2020 DATES: https://hstyles.co.uk/tour

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    Director: Alex Bittan
    DP: Drew Bienemann
    Producer: Molly Hawkins
    Editor: Jorge Sandoval
    Executive Producers: Holly Harding, Julia Ochsenreiter, Rik Green
    Production Companies: Caffeine Films, Pulse Films
    Shoot Date: December 13, 2019

    #HarryStyles #FineLine #AmexExperiences
  • Runtime : 13:21
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  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown   4 hours ago

    Why is his car EXACTLY what car I expected him to have😂

  • Dina Maheri
    Dina Maheri   10 hours ago

    I wish I could see him one day or be in his concert.literally it’s one of my life goals.just imagine being at same place as him and listening to his art in live.definition of happiness😭💕

  • haley
    haley   10 hours ago

    uhhh... so yeah i did cry

  • Carolina Yael
    Carolina Yael   14 hours ago

    Omg!!!!! Necesito verlo pronto en Uruguay!!!!! I love you soooo much! ❤️🇺🇾😍😘👏🎶🤘

  • Vanshika Sharma
    Vanshika Sharma   19 hours ago

    zayn's hand .......wishing his husband good luck for the show with that high five ..............................awww zarry

  • Alanood
    Alanood   1 days ago

    I want to cry now🤍

  • Natalie Smith
    Natalie Smith   1 days ago

    I am in love with this man no cap and no one can change my mind no cap. Periodt and that’s on Harry Edward Styles

  • holly mason
    holly mason   1 days ago

    comes with a tshirt, takes 3 minutes to change that outfit...

  • Evelyn Lorena
    Evelyn Lorena   1 days ago

    Love this human being so much with all my heart and soul ❤️

  • xx_izzy_xx
    xx_izzy_xx   2 days ago

    9:27 andrew is my spirit animal LMAOO

  • xx_izzy_xx
    xx_izzy_xx   2 days ago

    imagine how good that would be though, less than two weeks to christmas with all the happiness and then seeing HARRY STYLES at the forum like how luckyyyyy

  • Jezz Gaming
    Jezz Gaming   3 days ago

    shit army's be like : Dont use BTS for fame

  • Paulina Valtierra
    Paulina Valtierra   4 days ago

    so all those people are the reason why I couldn’t get tickets for an affordable show in my hometown😭

  • Nathalia Carvalho
    Nathalia Carvalho   4 days ago

    can you please TOMAR VERGONHA NA CARA and post a fine line live version PLEASE cause i got no money to see you live so a video would made us HAPPY? thanks have a nice day

  • ruchita
    ruchita   6 days ago

    I am a true directioner .i always wanted them to come back badly. But now when I hear Harry styles songs. I think he has a different kind of taste in music which many many of the singers don't have. He makes music one of its kind. And this is one of biggest benefit we directioners could get to get to know each one of them more to know their music which kind of music they like. So this was a good decision for them to be apart. Now I want to hear more of Harrys songs.

  • Meghan Just Meghan
    Meghan Just Meghan   1 weeks ago

    I really hope I can get enough money to see in him concert like this man has saved my life. I know it’s weird but like if I was sad or angry and couldn’t take it anymore but when I see/hear him I just get happy:) hopefully see you soon luv💗

  • Carolina Miranda
    Carolina Miranda   1 weeks ago

    Being on one of Harry’s concerts (I hope more than one) become part of my bucket list

  • Denisse San
    Denisse San   1 weeks ago

    how lucky the people that appear in the video of the Harry's ✌️

  • Luisa Lima
    Luisa Lima   1 weeks ago

    Amo essa música 💕🎵🎶🤗🤗

  • Cecilia Wang
    Cecilia Wang   1 weeks ago

    11:45 Fans: JUST LET ME ADORE YOU! Harry: All right calm down.. lmao i love this guy

  • Dulce Alvarenga
    Dulce Alvarenga   1 weeks ago

    I can’t even start to describe how proud I am of him. He deserves everything he has and much MUCH more. I am so happy for him. 💕 I love you Harry ❤️ We love you.

  • Natalie Tanno
    Natalie Tanno   1 weeks ago

    ok its been like 6 months and i still watch this everyday it just brings me joy

  • Liliana
    Liliana   1 weeks ago

    there is literally nothing funnier than hearing the crowd sing low in adore you when he does

  • Carmen Payma
    Carmen Payma   1 weeks ago

    I cried watching this video like if I was there, that's the feeling ❤️

  • Maren Leyva
    Maren Leyva   1 weeks ago

    harry: sing it! crowd: singsharry: alrigh chill out

  • Estrella Rios
    Estrella Rios   1 weeks ago

    Agradecida con la vida por haber nacido en la misma época del Harry ❤️🔝✌🏻